LIFESTYLE | Feel Good November: A Cosy Primark Haul

Now that October and Halloween festivities are officially at an end, it is time for us all to get in the mood for winter and - obviously - for Christmas! I might be a bit early, but I am so excited guys. SO EXCITED. However, I did not want to throw Christmas stuff at you right away, because I know not everybody is as fond as I am of this time of year. Instead, I've decided to create a series called Feel Good November, in which I will share with you heart-warming, relaxed posts to get you through this month, as the weather gets colder, the minds heavier with work and a longing for festive holidays, and as we all want to have some comfy, cosy time. So every Sunday this month, get ready for a new Feel Good November post!
Primark hauls are a blogger and YouTuber's best friend. Everything there is so inexpensive, and I think they always have very good bits for the autumn and winter season and festivities. When I lived in England I used to go to Primark almost every week, but now that I'm back in France, I don't go so often. We only have a few Primark shops, and they're always crowded, packed full of people, families with crying children especially. You think the Oxford Street Primark is hell? Well, just come to French Primarks and you'll change your mind!

I went there a few weeks ago to get some bits, I had no idea of what I'd get, but I'm quite happy with the things I found. I noticed they're all quite cosy, homey items. They fit perfectly in my Feel Good November series - let's see what they are!

~ Fushia pink cable knit jumper, 14€: the beautiful colour of this jumper caught my eye. I don't have anything of this colour, and I don't have many winter jumpers either - so these were good enough reasons to pick it up. It is not a cropped jumper, but it isn't long either. It would look super cute with a collar popping out! They had several colours as they always do, like black, navy, white and light pink if I remember correctly.
~ Fluffy owl slippers, 5€: how cute are these? I was hoping to find nice little slippers in Primark, are they always have some nice pairs and I needed one. These are so fluffy on the inside and cute on the outside. I love that they are closed at the heel, it makes it even more comfortable to walk in than regular slippes which fall off the feet all the time.
~ Winter Warmer socks, 3.50€: these are again for the house, and I love how cute they look! They are so soft and warm on the inside, they could totally be used instead of slippers. 
~ 'Best buddies' pyjamas, 9€: I was looking for a new pair of pyjamas and I was actually disappointed by the choice that we had. They had a lot of super warm pyjamas, but it can get quite hot in my house because of the heating so I don't want anything too warm. I went for this cute cotton pair of pyjamas, I love the design and the colours!

~ 'Triangle Dreams' duvet cover set by Velvetghost, 16€: I was surprised to see Gaby's range in a French Primark! I didn't know this duvet set was from her range at first, I noticed after I picked it up. I have to say the design is quite nice, I love the pastel colours because they go quite well with the colours in my room, and the cushion cover is so pretty!

Have you been to Primark recently? And do you also pick up lots of cosy clothing for this time of year? :D


  1. I love Christmas too!! I'm so excited for Christmas, every year!!
    I love the things that you got at Primark. The jumper is really cute and such a nice rich colour. The pyjamas are super cute! I want it, and for that I'm sad there is no Primark where I live. I love Primark and all their nice and cheap stuff.
    This is the time for cosy clothing and stuff, so I too pick up cosy stuff at this time of year.
    Much love,

    1. YAY for Christmas!! The best time of the year :D I didn't know there aren't any Primark shops in Sweden! If ever you go to England, be sure to stock up on all the cute pj's then :D xx

  2. Sadly there isnt a primark where I live because honestly i would buy all those items because they are so cute and affordable :)


    1. They should open Primark shops everywhere! They would actually do very well financially because everybody wants to go there :D xx

  3. Ooooh I do love a good Primark haul!
    You managed to find some lovely items, I ADORE those pj's and the slippers oh and the jumper too!
    I'm also super excited for Christmas and I'm really looking forward to Feel Good November now, it's a fab idea since November is a fairly quiet month so your new series will be something to look forward to before the run up to Christmas :D


    1. There were many cute items, Primark has the best homey things! Thanks for your opinion on Feel Good November, I do hope you'll like the other posts I've come up with! xx

  4. You've picked up so may cozy autumnal items! Lovely haul <3
    xo, Jessie | Bear and Berries | Instagram

  5. I've missed Primark so much since coming back to the US from my semester abroad, and this amazing haul just makes me miss it even more! Everything looks so cute and comfy. :)


    1. I know what you feel! There's no other place like England to satisfy all your Primark cravings! xx

  6. Need to take a trip to Primark now! please check out my blog www.justaddgloss.blogspot.co.uk

  7. Where is your "Ryan stole my heart" PJ? :P