BEAUTY | Winter Moisturisers

My secret to soft skin.

Moisturising is a big step in my beauty routine. In fact, I can never have a shower without using a body moisturiser afterwards. It just feels wrong. And let me tell you, my skin is super soft. My boyfriend's still impressed. 
Thus today I thought it would be helpful to share with you the different moisturisers (body, face, and so on) that I am using this winter to protect my skin from the cold.


I got to (finally) discover Bath & Body Works last summer, and I have been using their body lotion ever since! They have an amazing variety of scents, and Moonlight Path caught my attention - it is a very clean scent that I find great for this time of year. I am on my second bottle now, and I don't seem to get tired of it! Although it's a body lotion, it is thicker than your usual lotion and leaves the skin super soft and hydrated. It sinks into the skin quite well too and doesn't feel heavy or sticky at all.
Of course there are quite a few nice body lotions in Boots, like Garnier which is one of my favourites, but the scent range really makes me go for this brand so if you ever get the chance, check out Bath & Body Works. It's not just about the candles!


Now this cream has been a firm favourite of mine for years now, and it has probably already been featured on my blog a few times. Nuxe is an amazing skincare brand and you can never go wrong with their products, and I have found that this face cream works amazingly on my combination skin. It is soft and you don't need a lot of product to cover your whole face, which is great because it will last you months and months. The Crème Prodigieuse moisturises the skin and leaves it super soft, and if you have little dry patches (I often have some on my nose or forehead) apply just a little more cream on there and they will disappear. I am not in a hurry to try another day moisturiser any time soon as this is still the best to me.


The Rose Oil Blend has also been my go-to night moisturiser for months now, and I have mentioned it before on the blog. Pixi products are generally quite good, and this is one that has really caught my attention because it moisturises the skin beautifully and whenever I stop using it for a few days, I instantly notice that my skin gets a little drier. Thus this product is a lifesaver!
Although it is quite oily when you first apply it and it will make you shine (I don't recommend using it before makeup for example), if you use it at night the product will sink into the skin and you'll wake up with hydrated skin.


My mum gave me this lipbalm because I was desperately looking for one at home, and I ended up really enjoying it. I had stopped using stick lipbalms after falling in love with the Nuxe Rêve de Miel lipbalm in the glass jar version, so I was a bit snobbish thinking that a stick balm would not do much for my lips. Avène is a really good skincare brand though and I have been loving this lipbalm, it is very moisturising and does a great job. I use it day and night, and also under any lipstick and it works wonders. I already have another stick waiting for when this one runs out!


Back to Nuxe again! The Rêve de Miel range is one that I could never recommend enough, all the products are amazing - and the hand cream is just as good! First of all it smells amazing, and the texture is not too thick nor too greasy (I hate greasy hand creams.) It sinks into the skin when you massage it in nicely, and leaves the hands soooo soft. So soft. It has prevented my hands from suffering this winter and is now an essential in my handbag!

What are your favourite winter moisturisers?


FASHION | The Camera Bag with Monnier Freres

That moment when you make an amazing deal in the sales and you feel as proud as if you'd just run a marathon or something.

Camera bags are a popular item at the moment, mostly due to bloggers and vloggers turning cameras into a must-have accessory. Although I don't vlog or take my camera with me all the time, I find that camera bags are really useful when you only need the essentials (phone, wallet, keys) and don't want to carry around a bigger bag. The classic YSL camera bag is for example one that I could see myself wear and use a lot - if only it was more in my budget!

Luckily, as I was browsing the sales section of the Monnier Frères website, I found this gorgeous little camera bag by Karl Lagerfeld and fell in love with it. It is now mine!

It is the K/ikonik Pearl camera bag by Karl Lagerfeld. Admittedly, I am not a fan of the designer himself (he can be quite controversial) but because I am weak, I loved the bag and decided to get it anyways. I've been loving the pearl trend at the moment (still looking for the perfect pearl-adorned jumper for spring) and this bag has it all: double texture effect, pearls, gold detailing. And even better, it was in the sale!

I got it from Monnier Freres, a French luxury retail website recommended to me by a friend. It was 50% off, but here's a tip for you if you find something you fancy on the website: subscribe to their newsletter and you'll get 20% off more, which also works on the items on sale. Thanks to that coupon code, I got the bag for £108 (RRP £255)!

Luxury items are not something I collect and I would never buy anything expensive lightly. It's important to take the right decision when it comes to investing in higher end accessories, and I could would always recommend to wait for the sales and buy reduced items only. Because let's be honest, luxury items are never actually worth the original price tag - you pay for the brand and (sometimes) the manufacturing, but ain't nobody got money for full price Dior bags. Unless you're quite lucky.

I will get a lot of use out of this bag. I'll try to include it in outfit photos in the future too. It is very versatile and although pearls are very much a trend now, the design is rather timeless and I see myself using it in the years to come even when the trend dies out. 
If you're interested, you can still find the bag in the sale here, and there's also a nude version. Monnier Freres is an amazing website, free delivery and shipping was really fast so I am pleased with their customer service and would happily recommend them.

Do you buy luxury or higher end items? What are your views on them?


LIFESTYLE | On Long-Distance Relationships

Why the hell did I have to get myself a boyfriend who lives in America?!

Some of you may know that I am in a long-distance relationship. I have been for over a year now, and in this time I have been able to reflect on it and what it involves. I've wanted to speak up about it in a blog post for a while now, as I am sure there are more people in a long-distance relationship that we'd think. So if you are in one, or ever have been, do read on and let me know if you can relate!

Breaking news: no, it's not easy

I won't lie, being in a long-distance relationship is hard, especially when you're very far away. I live in England and my boyfriend lives in California, so we obviously can't visit every other weekend. When we started dating, we knew this was coming and the risk of not knowing when we'd see each other again was there from the start. However, because we're two crazy individuals, we still gave it a go and I will never regret it.  
We last saw each other in July, when I went spent the month in California. Since then, it's been messages, calls and Skype. These indirect means of communication are a poor alternative to seeing each other regularly, and I can't count the times we've said 'I miss you.' But truth is there's no way around it, so being resilient and relying on each other is key. (See my post On Resilience & What I Learned in 2017) But yes, it gets hard and you might also cry a lot. I know I do. Not any groundbreaking info here, but it had to be said!

People will pity you

Alright, 'pity' might not be the word, but I do sometimes feel like that, causing 'ooows' and 'oh noooos' whenever I mention our relationship. As much as I appreciate the concern and the fact that people empathise with how rubbish the whole long-distance situation is, I don't understand some of the reactions I get. How many times have I heard 'It must be so hard!' or 'How do you do?!' when I happened to mention that we were thousands of kilometers apart? I have lost count, and now I'm always expecting that kind of response. 
So yes, long distance is hard, yes we hate it, but with these people I want to share the positive: the constant communication, the support we get from each other, the little messages that make each other smile, when he stays up incredibly late (hello eight-hour time difference) so we can call... All these little things is what I want people to think about. Because yes it's is a pitiful situation, but in a way it does make the relationship ever so special and unique.

Trust is key

One of the strangest questions I go asked t when I talked about our relationship to someone was: 'So are you allowed to see other people in the meantime?' It took me a few seconds to gather my thoughts on that one! Although we are far apart most of the time, my boyfriend and I are not in an open relationship, and never even thought about it simply because this is not our vision of things. 
This anecdote leads me onto a major point: trust. To make a long-distance relationship work, you have to trust your partner. Not in the sense of trusting them to be faithful (that comes without saying), but rather trusting their vision of the relationship, their involvement, and the effort they will put to make it work. And so should they trust you. Long-distance relationships involve trusting that both of the partners want the same thing and have the same expectations from each other. If this trust isn't there, if you are unsure about what your partner wants or thinks about the relationship and what it involves, chances are that misunderstandings could arise. Be clear from the start, be trust-worthy and supportive, and expect the same of your partner to make it work. And it will!

Engaging in a long-distance relationship isn't for everyone. That much is true. However there are ways to make it work, and the good always outweighs the bad, by far. As I tell all the people that wonder how on earth we manage it, there is so much happiness in it, and I count my blessings for being in such a supportive and loving relationship - no matter how far apart we are.

Have you ever been on a long-distance relationship? What are your thoughts about it?