HALLOWEEN 2016 | Vampire Makeup Tutorial

To be totally honest with you, I'm not too fussed about Halloween. I've only been celebrating it two times in my life, and both were in England. Last time was in Erasmus two years ago, and this year (on the 29th unfortunately because that's Saturday and the best day to party). Last time I didn't bother too much about my makeup, but this year I wanted to make the effort of coming up with something fun. I settled for dark colours and body paint (well, body liner haha), and this is the result! A sort of vampire like makeup look. 
No need for special costume makeup to create this look, you can do it with all you've got in your drawers! So let's get straight away to the tutorial, shall we?

Halloween Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Step 1 | The Face

First off, I started with a foundation lighter than my actual skin tone, to give it that slight white, sick vampire complexion. I used the Dream Velvet Matte foundation by Maybelline, which is great because it has a medium coverage that helps to give that very even finish.
I then filled in my eyebrows with black eyeshadow, and prolonged their natural line down to the side of my eyes for a more dramatic effect. Finally, I used that same eyeshadow (which, by the way, is Creep from the Naked Palette 1 by Urban Decay) to contour my cheekbones slightly and draw lines across my nose as well. Later on, I added a touch of pink blusher on the apples of my cheek to give a bit of colour to that dreary face!

Step 2 | The Eyes

The base colour on my mobile lids is Blackheart from the Naked 3 Palette, a beautiful black shade with reddish pink glitter in it. It isn't the most pigmented shade unfortunately, so you might have to apply a lot to have a dark finish. Then I used my H&M eyeshadow in the shade Sahara Dawn in the outer corner of the eyes, and I blended out the colours up to the inner corners. These shades are really easy to blend out, and it doesn't have to be really neat - it's a Halloween look after all! On the browbone, you might want to apply a highlighter shade - I used the shade Strange from the Naked 3 Palette. I used my H&M eyeshadow on the whole waterline.

To finish the eye look, I applied some black eyeliner from Kiko, and made it pointy in the inner corner to make it look more dramatic. My mascara is the Lash Sensational from Maybelline, which I love (and you can find my full review of it here).

Step 3 | The Lips

For my lips, I wanted to go for something really dark. Because I don't have black lipstick (but now I really think I should get one because it looks kinda awesome!), I used my Kiko black eyeliner again. I lined my lips and filled them in half way, then I used the lipstick Dark Side by MAC in to fill in the centre. To make it look even, I advise putting lipstick all over, on top of the liner. It will create a natural gradient effect.


To finish up the look I decided to draw some spiders and a cobweb on my shoulder, to make it scarier. No fake blood or anything because I didn't want it to get too messy, so a black eyeliner does the trick! It's better to have someone help you out with the spiders, the result will be neater. The final look is a sort of vampire/spider queen! I am wearing an all black dress to match. And that's a wrap!

What will you be dressed up as this Halloween? Are you going to celebrate?


FASHION | Autumn in London

When my friend Julie took these outfit photos for me, I almost felt like a proper blogger. Why is that? Probably just the typical London background, and the fact that I really made the effort to put this outfit together to make it look as autumnal as possible. It's got burgundy, a cable knit jumper, boots and a scarf. Haven't I ticked off all the boxes? ;)
Note that I am still wearing a thin trench coat, but to be honest I'll have to switch to my winter coat soon. I've got a lingering cold and it's a struggle to get out of the house early in the morning because of how cold it is. However that day, wearing my new Marks&Spencer jumper layered over my dress really helped keeping me warm. It's all about layering guys!

As I said, this camel/mustard coloured jumper is from Marks&Spencer. I picked it up mainly because of the buttons at the back, but I love everything about it and I've actually been wearing it a lot in the past few weeks. I'm even planning on getting it in another colour, that's how much I love it! This dress from New Look I've had for a while, it is really comfy to wear, the print is perfect for autumn. For some reason, I always wear burgundy tights with this dress, I just think it complements it well. I really want to get back into colourful tights, they can add such a fun touch to an outfit!
Finally, my tartan scarf is the accessory I can't live without at the moment. I like to snuggle in it, and it's also really useful to use as a cushion when you want to have a nap in the train and be comfortable. Trust me on this one!

What is your autumn uniform? Do you rely on layering in the colder months?


BEAUTY | The Manicure Moment: The Dark Night

I am definitely more of a creme nail polish kind of girl. Of course I love glitter, but nacre finishes have never been my favourite. However, I may have found the nail polish that could make me change my mind! It is this gorgeous multi-chrome nail polish from Born Pretty Store . It is so hard to describe, and even on the photos you can't properly see how beautiful and complex this shade is. A dark blue base, with pink and purples hues, and a bright, almost turquoise colour when exposed to direct light. And what better time to wear such a deep shade than in the autumn, as the days shorten and night falls sooner and sooner as we advance towards winter? 
Concerning the quality of the nail polish, I would say it is quite good for the usual standards. The only thing is that the colour is very sheer, so you would have to apply three coats to get an opaque finish (or a black base coat as suggested on the website). The product dries quickly though, so it's not a big deal. It lasted a good five days without chipping, which is great considering the price. There was a time a few years back when multi-chrome polishes were all the rage, and I never really got into that fashion, but I picked up this specific shade from the Born Pretty Store website thinking it would be something new to try out. Moral of this is, always try out new things, because you could end up loving it! And like me, have a beautiful winter sky at your fingertips! ;)

Do you like multichrome nail polishes? Have you ever tried anything similar to this one?



PARIS | A Wander Through the Gardens of Versailles...

Ah, Versailles... I could never properly put into words my love for this place. Some could say it is a place where absolute monarchy, privileges and, to some extent tyranny and pretence grew; but all I can see is the incredible potential of human creativity and skill, the ambitious embodiment of beauty. Versailles is a haven of perfect symmetry, the home of thousands of works of art, the home of several centuries of history and heritage.

I have visited the castle quite a few times already, but only went once this year. We spent the day in the gardens, and I wanted to take you along with me. 

As we went there in the summer (although the cloudy sky doesn't seem like it), the fountains were on. This event is called the Grandes Eaux Musicales, and only ever happen in the summer season at Versailles. From June to September, the fountains and water displays are all lit and baroque music comes from speakers carefully hidden in the well-groomed bushes. The music makes your walk around the garden much more grand and magical, and you just feel like you've stepped into a period film.

As you advance to the left side of the gardens, you'll get a beautiful view of the Orangerie and its impressive gardening design... French gardening at its finest.

I find it very satisfying that the lace collar of my top matches the beautiful spiral designs in the background, hehe.

Go towards the big central staircase directly facing the back of the castle, and you'll get THE view. You probably know which one I'm talking about. The infinite panorama over the whole gardens, that makes you a bit overwhelmed. Imagine Louis XIV going out for a walk with his court, stopping right at the top of these stairs and observing the territory he had built over the years to make it the most glorious royal place there is. 

After having taken in the view, time to get lost in the meander of pathways. Don't forget to get a map of the gardens, it can be very useful when looking for a particular fountain or grove. There are plenty, and all of them are worth taking a look at. My favourite has to be the Bosquet de l'Encelade, hidden in a maze of high vegetal walls on the right side of the gardens. It is rarely open to the public, in fact from all the times I've visited Versailles, this was the only time I had been able to enter the grove itself and look at the impressive fountain under all angles. Follow the signs and they'll lead you to the giant Enceladus, crushed by rocks and turning in what would become the Etna volcano.

I am always amazed by how raw materials can be carved into such beautiful, expressive, moving works of art. You can almost feel the despair of the giant in his eyes, the tension in his muscles, and the inescapability of his fate.

Once you've explored the gardens to your heart's content, there is another place that you may want to see before you return to the normal, twenty-first-century world. When you reach the bassin d'Apollon, turn right on the main big road and follow it all the way to reach the Petit Trianon and Marie Antoinette's Domain. From the awe-inspiring, richly decorated gardens, you'll find yourself transported in a haven of peace, where the infamous Queen, very close to my heart, found her little paradise. I have to say, this would probably be mine too.

Behind the Petit Trianon, follow the stream to stumble upon curious little things, such as the Temple of Love...

Is there a most romantic place for a furtive date with a secret lover than under the beautifully carved temple? 
But wait for it, there's even better. Walk along the little pathways behind the temple, and you'll find yourself in the most curious area of the Domain... The Queen's Hamlet. A dozen medieval looking cottages, an artificial fishing pond, a mill, kitchen gardens... It is fascinating to explore the grounds on which Marie Antoinette escaped the bustle of the Court, which she hated.

As I walked around the area, I could almost feel Marie-Antoinette's presence, I could picture her, ininformal dress, a bunch of flowers in one hand, feeling a sense of freedom in this perfect scenery. 
The hamlet and farm are still used to this day, and if you go a little farther, you'll see chicken, rabbits, donkeys and cows, taken care of by a very privileged team of workers. If I worked in such a place, I would gladly become a farm girl right away!

It took us the whole afternoon to explore the gardens of Versailles, and I still feel like we haven't seen everything they have to offer. It is such a magical place, and it is hard to describe the feeling you get when you are there. You are basically walking in History. Walking in the steps of kings and queens, of favorites, of page boys and gardeners...
I'd like to give credit to all the poor builders, and workmen that made it possible for Louis XIV's incredible visions to become this unique place. Without these people that we haven't recorded the names of, Versailles would have never been. However, they still live in the walls, in the paths and in the statues scattered around the gardens. Trust me, Versailles will stand and shine still, for many and many decades to come!

Have you ever been to Versailles? Or visited gardens as incredible as these?