BEAUTY | Review: Lamora 7pc Eye Brush Set

Detailed Pencil/Precise Shader/Angled Detailer
Blending Brush/Angled Shader/Classic Shader/Small Shader

I don't really know why, but I don't want to put too much money on makeup brushes. I understand some beauty products have to be on the more expensive side if you want quality (especially skincare and haircare), but I will never put 30€ on a single makeup brush. Honestly, except if you've got a horrible Poundland brush that loses its hairs all the time, every brush does the same job and you don't need to go for Mac or Make Up For Ever to find good quality brushes.
I spotted this Lamora brushes set on Amazon and I thought they looked quite nice and professional, so I pressed the 'put on your basket' button... And I was right to do so! This set is composed of seven brushes of all shapes and uses, this is everything I need to do my makeup. I've been thinking about getting a proper collection of eye makeup brushes for a while but buying them one by one was annoying, and this set was perfect because that's all you need.
It comes in a small box, quite handy even though the box in itself looks a bit tacky if you ask me - but it doesn't matter, I store my brushes elsewhere, but I'll keep this box because it might be very useful for travelling!
The brushes all have names on them so that you've got an idea of what they're used for. I was hoping that the brushes would be really soft and precise, and I'm happy to say they are! All the brushes are really soft and pleasant to use on the eyes, and the hairs don't fall at all when you wash them. My favourite brushes are the Angled Shader, that I use to apply eyeshadow on the outer corner and the crease of my eyes or to apply highlighter under my brows, the Blending Brush, and the Precise Shader for inner corner eyeshadow. The Angled Detailer is great to use under the waterline, I have yet to try it with eyeliner but it is quite thin and precise so I'm sure it'll work well too.

I am really happy to have given a chance to this set. Most of the time when you see a product that's from a brand you've never heard about and that isn't approved by all the beauty bloggers/YouTubers you know, and when it is a cheap product too, you tend to be suspicious and not go for it. But really you can discover cool products when you search a little, especially on the Internet!

This kit was £9.99 on offer, which is amazing considering its quality and the number of brushes you get. If you're interested you'll find the kit on Amazon (click here!), it is now on offer at £11.95. Believe me, these brushes are worth the try!

Did you know about this Lamora set? Where do you buy your makeup brushes?


LIFESTYLE | The Birthday Post: I'm 21!

Dress: New Look
Cardigan: Primark
Bag: Gémo (French)
Shoes: La Halle aux Chaussures (French)
Necklace: New Look

As you're reading this, I'll officially be 21! October 25th is my birthday, and I'm so excited because next year I'll finally be able to sing Taylor Swift's song without cheating! (joking)
I know some people hate their birthday, because they don't like the idea of getting old; and some people love it, because they want to be older and start their adult lives properly. I'm in neither position: I'm not particularly looking forward to having responsibilities (who else wants to be a young and carefree student forever? :P), but I'm glad to be a little older. I feel like I've really seen myself growing up and positively changing these past years, and I just hope things will stay that way and that next year, I'll be even happier with myself than I am now.
No big celebrations this year, as usual. I'll be having a good time with my (big) family, I'd love to throw a party at my house to celebrate with friends but my parents would never ever allow it - and I'd totally understand because it would end up a complete mess, I know myself and my friends well enough so I can admit that! 

I don't know yet where I will be next year on this exact same day. I haven't talked about it at all on the blog, but study-wise, this year is a big waiting room for me. I've stepped out of my academic path because I had to, but I hope to be back on the right track next year. (England, I'm looking at you!)

So all I have to say is, let's just wait and see! And enjoy along the way :)

Now, I know most of my readers are around my age, but I'd love to know. How old are you? And how do you feel about your age and where you are right now? Tell me all about it :)


PARIS | The Père Lachaise Cemetery

When I was a child, I felt very uncomfortable around cemeteries and I was afraid that the dead would come and chase me because I disturbed their sleep. I know, I have probably watched too many films! Today, I can appreciate better the beauty of these places. I like cemeteries that are picturesque, full of greenery, and old - I enjoyed visiting the churchyards of Edinburgh a few months ago, fascinated as I was by the wonderfully carved tombstones.
The Père Lachaise is the biggest cemetery of Paris, and you probably know it because a lot of famous people - composers, musicians, authors, actors, and so on - were buried there. You can find them all by looking at a map at the entrance of the cemetery, because if you try to find them as you go along, you'll probably get lost as I did when I went there!
The place is huge, and you just can't see everything in one go - except if you spend the whole day there I guess. There are many levels and many small alleys: choose a path and see where it leads you! No matter which way you go, you'll find old 19th-century tombstones and more recent ones, stone and marble, flowers, beautiful statues. Some stones are real works of art! My favourite ones are the mock Greek temples, because how cool would it be to have a freaking temple as your resting place? 
There are some guides that ask you if you want a tour of the cemetery, most of them are not officials hired by the city of Paris but just people who really know the place and can show you the most famous tombs along with anecdotes. I haven't done a guided tour so I can't tell you what it's worth, but I guess it can be interesting and can do no harm even though the guides are not officially registered.

The Père Lachaise is not what people come to Paris to see first, but take half a day of your trip to go there and discover something different, far from the bustle of the busy areas of the city!

PS: these photos were taken in late August, that is why I was walking around in a sleeveless top and without tights, don't worry I'm not just casually going outside in summer attire under our mid-October weather! :P

I'd love to know if you too like to visit cemeteries, please tell me I'm not the only weirdo who finds it pleasant to wander around these quiet places! :D


BEAUTY | My Autumn Makeup Tutorial

We all know that during the autumn, our makeup habits shift quite a lot from the summer months. Because the light gets dimmer, we tend to go for darker, warmer shades in general. I've seen many autumn tutorials before, and it has made me want to show you my own. This look is my go-to autumn makeup look, with my beloved Dark Side lipstick - but more about that later. This post might be long because of the whole tutorial process, but I hope you'll read 'til the end and like it of course!

| The Tutorial - Face |

STEP 1 | I apply my foundation, the L'Oréal Infallibe 24h-Matte, with a beauty sponge (I'd say Beauty Blender, but I'm actually just using a very good dupe). I don't apply my foundation any other way, the sponge creates a very natural look, and you don't need a lot of foundation to cover your whole face.
STEP 2 | I add concealer to the areas where I need it most: under my eyes (I can never get rid of dark circles, do you know any good dark circles eraser that could work for me?), on scars and spots. My concealer is the Lasting Perfection by Collection, I don't need to tell you how good it is because you must have heard about it!
STEP 3 | Having oily skin, powder is a necessary step for me. If you have dry skin and want to go for a glowy look, you can skip powder, but otherwise it is highly recommended. I use the Stay Matte powder by Rimmel, which has been a favourite of mine for years now.

STEP 4 | Finally, I add a warm pink blusher with gold shimmer and undertones, because warm tones are perfect for autumn to me. My blusher is the n°3 Upper East Side by Beauty UK, and it is very nice and pigmented enough - you can find the brand in Superdrug. I added a very light touch of bronzer, which is something I don't usually do. I used a sample of Givenchy bronzer that I love because it is very warm toned and has very nice, glowy shimmer in it. I apply it under my cheekbones and on my temples, to warm up the skin and give it a glow.

| The Tutorial - Eyes |

STEP 1 | Using an eyeshadow quad from Sephora which I got from the shop as a birthday present, I take the darkest shade, 'It Bag' (the one in the middle of the photo), and I apply it all over the lid. It is nicely pigmented and I'm quite surprised of the quality, considering it is a present! It is a warm brown shade, that comes out almost orange in the photos but it does look browner in real life. I also use this shade in my waterline.
STEP 2 | I use the brown shade on the right ('Be on the A-list') on my crease, to create a shadow and a gradient effect. I'm so annoyed that this doesn't show really well in the photos, but I liked using the lighter brown on the crease instead of the darker brown, it adds a sort of highlight to the side of the eyes as it is a cool-toned shimmery brown shade.
STEP 3 | I use 'Movie Popcorn', the light gold eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eyes and on the first third of my waterline, to add light and open up the eyes. This shade is really pretty, and works really well as a highlighting eyeshadow, it is very pigmented and shiny.
STEP 4 | I use my Vibrant Eye Pencil from Kiko n°603 as an eyeliner. It is again a cool-toned brown, very creamy and easy to apply and work with. I prefer not to add black eyeliner to this look, as I'll be wearing a dark lipstick I want the eyes to stay quite simple - actually, I could have put brown mascara instead of black too! only I don't have one :P .

STEP 5 | My last step is of course mascara! I'm using the They're Real by Benefit, it gives volume to my lashes, and length too. I do find that the more you use it, the more it tends to dry quicker, and it can be hard to work with sometimes, I struggle to apply two coats without making my lashes look clumpy. However I managed quite well here, I'm happy!

| The Tutorial - Lips & Finished Look |

On my lips, I always use a lip balm before applying my lipstick. I'm using the Carmex lip balm, only a light touch because it is super glossy, I have to apply only a little of it, otherwise my lipstick doesn't stay on so long.
My lipstick is Dark Side by Mac. It is a dark burgundy shade (it is darker in real life than it is in the photos), with red undertones rather than purple and an amplified creme finish. I try to apply it in two or three coats, blotting my lips between each coat, so that it stays on for hours and hours. I've been reaching for this lipstick a lot these days, that means autumn is definitely here for me!

So this is the complete look! I tried to give you a very detailed tutorial, I hope this was helpful and gave you ideas to create your own autumn look.

Now tell me, what is your go-to makeup look for autumn? What colours and products do you use the most?