PARIS | On the Rooftops of Notre Dame

"bateau ivre" means "drunk boat". I'd love to know why the owner called it that!

For my first post about Paris, I think I chose a great spot to share with you. The cathedral of Notre Dame is one of Paris' most popular features, and it's easy to understand why - even though it is not the biggest, nor the most original building, it surely is awe-inspiring as you look at it from below. And once you're up in the towers, you can see how small we actually are! 
I love churches, not because of religious beliefs (I'm an atheist), but because they are wonders of human creativity and skill. I like to think about the good things men and women make, there are so many things going wrong at the moment in the world but if we focus on the good, beautiful things, it makes life a little brighter for all of us!
Visiting the towers really gives another perspective on Paris. The area around the cathedral and boulevard St Michel is so crowded all the time, from up there you can see it better. The Seine gives a picturesque atmosphere to the area, and thanks to the sun that day the water did not look as brownish as it usually does! 

So if you come to Paris, go and check out the inside of the cathedral, but also its towers - you won't regret it! But be prepared, there are lots and lots of stairs! :P
And I have to warn you as well, as a practical advice: if you come in the area and some girls or women approach you to make you sign a form for a charity for the deaf, PLEASE don't go to them, just say no and make sure they don't stick around. I was shocked at how many of these women there were in the area of the cathedral, and they are not part of a charity at all - as hard as their situation might be, they are thieves and know what they're doing - so watch out. I had to tell you, because many people don't know about this when they come to Paris.
Nevertheless, I hope you like the photos and appreciate the beauty of the place. While I was up there, I realised how much I love Paris - even though I often complain about it!

Have you ever been to the cathedral? 


BEAUTY | My Summer Essentials (Beauty, Makeup, Accessories)

To me, summer is a time for bright colours, flowers and fresh scents. There's nothing nicer than enhancing a tan with pinks and corals (but be careful, we should all use suncreams no matter what because we don't want to treat our skin badly!), and it's always pleasant to use accessories to give more personality our plain vest-and-shorts outfits that we usually wear on holiday. 
I've selected a few beauty, makeup and accessories essentials that will follow me throughout the whole summer. Let's start!

~ Huile Prodigieuse Or, Nuxe: this golden version of the Prodigious Oil is my favourite body oil for summer. The shimmer it gives to the skin is wonderful, and on a tan the effect is amazing. Just like the regular Prodigious Oil, the product is not greasy at all and sinks into the skin very quickly. If you don't want to spend so much on an oil, you can find similar ones in Sephora, The Body Shop, and probably in Boots for UK readers.
~ Invigorating Fragrance, Clarins: this is another body product, a fresh scented water that I apply after having a shower on super hot days. When it's too hot, I can't put body creams on because I'd instantly feel sticky. This body water is very refreshing, smells great and will make you feel fresh and clean during hot summer days!
~ Born in Paradise, Escada: this perfume is the best perfume ever for summer. It smells quite sweet, with vanilla and coconut. I feel that it smells like holidays, beach and sun. You should really go and smell it, I'm sure most people would love it!
~ Coins necklace, H&M: I love everything that looks antique or ancient, so of course I love this style of jewellery. I bought this necklace last year, but I'm sure you can still find similar ones these days. Because it has this Roman inspiration, I feel like wearing it mostly in the summer - it reminds me of Pompeii and sunny Italy ♥.

~ Flower crowns, New Look: I love putting flowers in my hair, either on crowns or small individual pins. I wear them mostly in the spring and summer, so I've selected my two New Look flower crowns to show you. They are the same, only the colour changes. You can find flower crowns everywhere at the moment, since it is a highly fashionable accessory - Primark, Claire's, Asos, H&M, etc.
~ Nail polishes, n°385 (the blue one) and n°506 (the pink one), Kiko: I love wearing bright shades on my nails during the summer, so I've picked these two from Kiko. By the way, I didn't match them with my flower crowns on purpose! :p Kiko nail polishes are great value for money, if you have never tried them I'd recommend you to do so!

~ La Poudre Croco, Agnes B.: I don't think you'll be able to get this product (no matter where you live, I don't think it is sold at all anymore), but I show it to you more as a type of product than as a product in itself. It is a coral-gold blusher that I only wear in the summer. It gives a nice shimmer to the skin, and looks really good with a tan. I'd suggest you to try any coral or peach blusher in the summer, it makes the skin look rather healthy!
~ Baby Lips lipbalm in 'Cherry Me', Maybelline: The Baby Lips are quite famous now, because everybody talked about them when they first came out. In the summer, you might want to wear light makeup products, and tinted lipbalms are great because they can be applied easily, they are moisturising, and they give a hint of colour to your lips. 
~ Rouge Caresse in 'Dating Coral', L'Oréal: this lipstick, even though you can't really tell from the picture, is a coral colour just like the blusher. It is quite sheer and glossy, I like this finish for summer makeup looks. You could also go for matte coral shades, but I really like the look of this lipstick for a light summer makeup!

What are you favourite products to use in the summer? Beauty and makeup, tell me all about it!


FASHION | A Floral Outfit

Top: New Look
Skirt: Vintage
Bag: Pimkie
Shoes: Gémo
Necklace: H&M

I love flower prints, and I wear them all the year round - nothing beats pretty flowers on a dress. When I saw this skirt in a vintage shop in Paris, I fell in love! The blue and green and yellow colours mingle together in a perfect spring and summer print. It was easy to find something to wear with it as well - anything plain in those colours would work. The skirt is very high-waisted, so that also means quite short. Don't forget to wear cotton shorts under short skirts, you don't want to show your knickers to random people!
I'd love to know what you think about the necklace. It is from H&M, and made of mock antique gold coins. This sort of jewellery is quite fashionable at the moment, and I wish they also made Grecian-style drapey dresses to go with it!
The best thing in this outfit is probably my pair of glitter sandals. Glitter always makes everything better, right?

Do you like flower prints? And what are your favourite colours to wear in the summer?


TRAVEL | Regent's Canal, London

When living in Reading, I was lucky enough to be only thirty minutes away from London, so taking a train to the big city was the easiest thing in the world. I've been there quite a few times, but I've never done a post about it on the blog - mainly because there are so many things to see and to show you that I never knew where to start.
But I've decided to give you an insight into one of the places I loved most in London: Regent's Canal. There, loads of cute boats are packed along the small alley that follows the canal, right after Little Venice and before Camden. There was nobody outside, and I somehow felt indiscrete as I basically stepped into people's 'gardens' and 'front doors' haha. Lots of lovely details caught my eye, such as pretty flowers in colourful pots or a wall covered in beautiful fans. A cat even came to say hello, and I wondered if he was used to tourists or if he was just happy to see someone pass by.

I hope you'll like these pictures, and that they'll take you to Regent's Canal with me!


BEAUTY | L'Oréal Extraordinary Oil: My New Hair Combo

I don't often come across very good shampoos and conditioners; most of the time they just 'do the job' and I rely on masks to give moisture to my hair. However, I've been using these two products together recently and I've really noticed a difference!
The shampoo and conditioner from the Elvive Extraordinary Oil range by l'Oréal (or Elsève Huile Extraordinaire in French, I bought the conditioner in England and the shampoo in France :P) are new, and I guess they're made after the Extraordinary Oil that came out a few years ago - and which is a very good product as well.
The products are said to be nourishing, and I think they really are! Even just after using the shampoo, my hair is super soft. When I add the conditioner, it's even better: my hair is soft and easy to detangle, and it doesn't weigh my hair down but still moisturises it. My favourite thing about this range is the smell - it is the same as the Extraordinary Oil, quite subtle but stays on the hair for a while.
These products can be found in Boots, Superdrug, and probably supermarkets like Asda or Tesco. They're really good quality products for a few pounds only, I'd say this is a good deal! ;)

Have you tried these products? Do you know any good shampoo and conditioner duos?