BEAUTY | My Retro Makeup Look

I am fascinated by the world of vintage and retro. I'm in love with past decades and centuries, so obviously I love everything old even in the fashion and beauty departments. I thought I would show you my try at a retro makeup look inspired by the 40s and 50s - a little disclaimer for those who are passionate about this style, my makeup isn't strictly accurate to the time periods to which I refer, I just took inspiration from it. I'll look more into makeup techniques of that time in the future to improve my skills!
I've made a photo tutorial, along with some explanations to make sure everything is clear - I hope you'll like it! ;)

 |The Tutorial |

| Face |

Step 1 ~ Apply medium coverage foundation on the face and neck, same colour as the skin – or a bit lighter if you have fair skin and want a more 'authentic' vintage look. I apply my foundation with a beauty blender, it gives a very natural result without using too much product.
Step 2 ~ Afterwards, apply concealer on tiny spots and under the eyes to make the skin look more even. The skin has to be as flawless as possible - did you ever see Rita Hayworth with a spot somewhere? ;)
Step 3 ~ Then to finish the face, I fill in my eyebrows with a black pencil. I know in the 40s and 50s women had thinner eyebrows, but I can't push the look too far because I'd strongly regret it afterwards! :p 

| Eyes |

Step 1 ~ I start by applying a shimmery beige base with my Maybelline Colorband eye pencil. It gives more depth to the eyes and brings light to them. I use the pencil all over the lid, then blend it with my finger because the texture is rather thick.
Step 2 ~ Then, on the corners of the eyes, I use the colour 'Buck' of the Naked palette, which is a matte brown shade, to give definition to the outer corners. I apply the eyeshadow with the eyes open to see where the crease is, and blend it out. It can be really defined or quite subtle, depending on your daring you are.
Step 3 ~ Then comes the trickiest part: the eyeliner! I use a black liner by Kiko and draw a thick line with a rather long wing. The colour has to be really black and intense, so gel liner must be the best to use for that. Afterwards I apply my mascara, I used a mix of the Roller Lash by Benefit and an  Agnes B mascara (no longer sold), to give both length and volume to the lashes.   

| Finishing Touch |

Step 1 ~ For the rest of the face, I put some Stay Matte powder by Rimmel – the ultimate step that I always do when I wear makeup. Then I apply a pink blusher on the apples of my cheeks only, I don't blend it out too high on my cheekbones to keep a natural look. Of course, you can add highlighter under the eyebrows and on the cheekbones, but I decided to skip this part.   
Step 2 ~ On the lips, I went for a bright red shade with a hint of orange undertones, from Kiko. Of course, red lipstick is forever associated with vintage beauty, so I had to use this colour for this look.

For the hair, I styled it with the pin curls technique – on wet clean hair, separate the hair in several pieces and, rolling it on your finger, create curls and pin them with bobby pins directly flat on the scalp. To protect the hair during the night, using a light scarf or a t-shirt is a great idea to keep the curls in place a limit frizz. The next morning, take the pins off the hair, and start brushing the hair lightly to loosen the curls, and using hairspray or wax, style the hair just as you want it to fall – you can either keep it loose on your back, create some victory rolls, or also pin it on the sides as I did and add a flower or two (preferably big ones, but just have small ones) on one side. Add pearl earrings, and the look is complete!  
I'm also wearing a vintage dress! It was made by my mother, who used to be a seamstress. It's got a beautiful tropical print, but I still have to be brave enough to wear it in the streets!

I'd love to know if you guys liked this tutorial! Are you also a fan of vintage looks? :D
Inspiration photos: Grace Kelly (left) and Max Factor add, from glamourdaze.com (right)


TRAVEL | The Holiday Post #2: Around the Lac Léman

In the summer, there's no need to go to the seaside to feel properly on holiday! On the borders of the Lac Léman (separating France and Switzerland), you'll find beaches, harbours, ice cream shops and lots of sun! 
We first went to Thonon-les-Bains, one of the major cities of the area. There, you can see Switzerland at the other side of the lake. It is a busy place in the summer, and the beaches can be full of people very quickly! But I loved walking along the water to the harbour. You can get on boat tours of the lake to see it from all angles, and of course enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants of the area - and eat some fish coming directly from the lake! In Thonon, you can also find the château de Ripaille, a pretty castle built in the 15th century and used and transformed through time until today. The outside of the castle is really worth seeing (you have to buy a ticket to go there though), with its beautiful yellow stone and picturesque towers. However the inside is not as captivating, unfortunately: like many castles from this era, the château de Ripaille is not extremely well furnished. We did not arrive in time for a guided tour, but I guess that if you visit the castle with a guide, it all makes more sense and gets more interesting! Also, they have some good wine apparently ;)

Afterwards, we went to the small medieval village of Yvoire. It was not planned at all, but a friend told me about it and when I saw the sign saying that it was a medieval village, I urged my father to drive us there. And I was so right! Yvoire is the cutest village you could find. Bluest water ever, flowers at every corner, collection and artisan shops full (from the antiques shop which sells old books and schoolboy toy cars to the minerals dealer who also proposed for sale a homo sapiens bone and some mammoth bones too - yep, you read well).
It surprised me to see how many tourists there were, speaking so many different languages. The streets were full, but I guess this is what helps the village to live. The lake there is really nice, with ducks swimming around the boats lined on the harbour. It was a joy to walk around the small streets, discovering new flower arrangements, new quirky houses and new unexpected shops. Also, I had the best caramel-strawberry ice cream I've ever had there! If you're visiting the area, don't miss this small village, it is a beautiful place and you don't find these spots everywhere, I'm telling you!

I hope you enjoyed this little visit with me! Do you know any beautiful lakesides elsewhere in the world? :)


TRAVEL | The Holiday Post #1: In the French Alps

Top: Camaïeu
Skirt: New Look
Sandals: Gémo
Necklace: New Look

If I've been quiet on the blog for the past week and a half, it is because I was on holiday! I went for a trip with my parents and brother to Megève, a cute village in the French Alps. It is our third year going there for our holiday, and we still love it just as much! We stayed in a flat so I could not recommend any hotel, but they have so many of them that look lush and luxurious so if you're looking for a treat holiday in the mountains, this is the place guys!
I did a lot of walking, along narrow rocky paths, along rivers, crossing waterfalls and high bridges. Even though I was dead tired at the end of the day, it was definitely worth it! Discovering the wonders of nature is always a breath of fresh air (which actually makes sense when you are in the mountains), and it is nice sometimes to take a break from life and see something different.
I've decided to feature photos of my most elaborate outfit of the holiday (most of the time, I adopted the combo vest-shorts-trainers for practical reasons), featuring my beloved glittery sandals. 

I'm going to do another post or two about my holidays in the Alps, I just want to show you how beautiful France is basically :P 
Tell me if you'd like to see more, I really hope you enjoy reading these travel posts!

See you very soon for a stroll around the Lac Léman! ;)


BEAUTY | Disappointing Makeup Products

As I don't have any real new favourite products to talk to you about at the moment, I've decided to pick five beauty products that have disappointed me. These products are not absolutely awful, but I've been disappointed for some reason or another, and I'm going to tell you all about it! But first I have to state that this is only my opinion, and that these products might work wonders for you if you're lucky! ;)

~ Nude Magique BB Cream, L'Oréal: as much as I love the concept of bb creams, I haven't found a lot of them that are really good (except for the Clinique bb cream). I had read lots of positive reviews of this L'Oréal bb cream, so was really surprised when I finally tried it out - it was ORANGE! And my skin is not the fairest either, but still - the product is orange. I've tried both the one for light skins and the one for darker skins, and both turned out quite orange. I guess if I blended it out carefully I could still get away with using it, but I really don't want to wear orange-toned makeup so I've stopped using it. Moreover, the bb cream made my skin oily super quickly, so I don't think it is adapted for my skin at all!
~ Mat Velvet + Foundation, Make Up Forever: I bought this foundation because I had read many good things about it, and I thought it would help my oily skin stay matte longer during the day. And how I was surprised with the results! The foundation did not mattify my skin longer at all, I had the feeling it became oily even more quickly than with my other foundations. Despite using it several times, in the summer as well as in the winter, it never made any improvements on my skin. And for the price (around 30€ when I bought it, it might be even more expensive now), I expected results! This is why I stick to drugstore foundations now, they do the job and don't break the bank.
~ HD Powder, Make Up Forever: another MUFE product? Yes indeed! I've tried this powder for its setting power, but I was disappointed again - the lasting power is very poor, I'd have to apply it every two hours or so and I surely don't have time for that. I've tried a Kiko powder of the same type, which is a lot better and less expensive!
~ Baby Lips in the shade 'Cherry Me', Maybelline: if you've read my last beauty post, you'll be surprised to see this product featured again, especially after having been in my summer essentials! Well, if the Baby Lips is here today, it's only because I've been slightly disappointed - but I'm still using it quite often in the summer. The only thing that I don't like is the pigmentation. Although the Baby Lips claim to be quite pigmented and colourful on the lips, I didn't find that aspect in the lip balm. I thought it would be brighter on my lips, especially after all the good thing I'd heard about the colour. Maybe it is because my lips are quite dark naturally, but the Baby Lips really lack colour to me! But that's the only thing that I don't like about it, other than that it's a good product!
~ Classic Moisturising Lip Balm, Carmex: I've had some people telling me this lip balm was great, so I decided to give it a go. And it was not what I had expected! The texture is too liquid so you'll easily apply too much product, it is glossy as a cheap lipgloss and never sinks into the lips - so no deep moisture for me! Really, I don't get the hype about this one haha.

Have you ever tried one of these? If so, what do you think of it? I'd love to have your thoughts on the products that have disappointed you!