BEAUTY | Review: Lamora 7pc Eye Brush Set

Detailed Pencil/Precise Shader/Angled Detailer
Blending Brush/Angled Shader/Classic Shader/Small Shader

I don't really know why, but I don't want to put too much money on makeup brushes. I understand some beauty products have to be on the more expensive side if you want quality (especially skincare and haircare), but I will never put 30€ on a single makeup brush. Honestly, except if you've got a horrible Poundland brush that loses its hairs all the time, every brush does the same job and you don't need to go for Mac or Make Up For Ever to find good quality brushes.
I spotted this Lamora brushes set on Amazon and I thought they looked quite nice and professional, so I pressed the 'put on your basket' button... And I was right to do so! This set is composed of seven brushes of all shapes and uses, this is everything I need to do my makeup. I've been thinking about getting a proper collection of eye makeup brushes for a while but buying them one by one was annoying, and this set was perfect because that's all you need.
It comes in a small box, quite handy even though the box in itself looks a bit tacky if you ask me - but it doesn't matter, I store my brushes elsewhere, but I'll keep this box because it might be very useful for travelling!
The brushes all have names on them so that you've got an idea of what they're used for. I was hoping that the brushes would be really soft and precise, and I'm happy to say they are! All the brushes are really soft and pleasant to use on the eyes, and the hairs don't fall at all when you wash them. My favourite brushes are the Angled Shader, that I use to apply eyeshadow on the outer corner and the crease of my eyes or to apply highlighter under my brows, the Blending Brush, and the Precise Shader for inner corner eyeshadow. The Angled Detailer is great to use under the waterline, I have yet to try it with eyeliner but it is quite thin and precise so I'm sure it'll work well too.

I am really happy to have given a chance to this set. Most of the time when you see a product that's from a brand you've never heard about and that isn't approved by all the beauty bloggers/YouTubers you know, and when it is a cheap product too, you tend to be suspicious and not go for it. But really you can discover cool products when you search a little, especially on the Internet!

This kit was £9.99 on offer, which is amazing considering its quality and the number of brushes you get. If you're interested you'll find the kit on Amazon (click here!), it is now on offer at £11.95. Believe me, these brushes are worth the try!

Did you know about this Lamora set? Where do you buy your makeup brushes?


  1. I'm the same! I don't like to spend a whole lot of money on the brushes, so I usually buy cheap ones from H&M.
    Thank you for this review!
    Much love,

    1. H&M brushes can do very well too! You have a lot of cheaper brand that make nice brushes actually :D xx

  2. lovely review ! :)
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    1. Thank you! You have a nice blog indeed :) xx