LIFESTYLE | Bonjour Paris

I thought you'd like to know I'm now back in France. The academic year is over, so I've had to leave the UK and come back home. I'm not as sad as I thought I would be, because I'm really happy to see my family and friends again - and I have to say, I did miss Paris!
Here's just a quick outfit of the day, photographed during my first day back in the French capital. I went for a cream dress with birds printed all over it. With the shoes, I think the whole outfit has a sort of 50s vibe to it. I really have to get a short petticoat though - the dress would look a lot better with more volume!
We took these photos at the Louvre, one of my favourite places in Paris and a museum I'd 100% recommend because it's just the best. Now that I'm in France, you won't be seeing Boots hauls and typical British landscapes anymore on the blog for a while (although I do have a post on London planned) - but I hope you'll like what I'll show you of Paris. Doesn't everybody dream of Paris? ;)


TRAVEL | A Day in Brighton

Brighton is one of the cities that I've liked the most, from all the cities I've visited in England. It has an atmosphere of its own, which can be really different depending on where you are in the city. My favourite place has to be the seaside because I hadn't been there for a few years - it pains me just to think about it! - and I've had the chance to get my feet in the water, which is the most exciting thing I've done in a while haha. 
Also, I need to share my love for the Brighton Pavilion. It is such a wonderful work of art, it looks like a fairytale castle from some Disney film! The inside is amazing as well, and if you have the opportunity make sure you go there and visit it because it is definitely worth it!

In the North Laine, my friends and I went to this little coffee house called Cloud 9 (pictured above), they had the most amazing rainbow cake I've ever seen - but I decided to try their special Daim cake, which was so yummy. Their coffee is really good as well, and the place is really cute and pleasant to stay in. I love the atmosphere in these little streets full of vintage shops and bunting. Brighton is really cosmopolitan and eclectic, and I understand why young people love it so much - it must be a fun place to go out at night. 

Have you ever been to Brighton? Tell me everything about it in the comments!


BEAUTY | The Best of British Beauty

There are some makeup and beauty brands that I couldn't get hold of in France, and that I've had the chance to try in the UK. I feel like here you've got so much more variety in terms of beauty brands, that's so unfair! But now that I've tried quite a few products available here, I thought I would do a post to share my favourite discoveries. 

~ Batiste Dry Shampoo: I know everybody has already heard of this brand of dry shampoo, but I still had to mention it! Batiste has several ranges and prices so that it is easy to find exactly what we want. I usually stick to the basic dry shampoo, and I love the cherry scent - but the oriental one is also great. Dry shampoo is really useful when you don't have time to wash your hair, and Batiste dry shampoos do the job very well!
~ Mattifying Gel Cream, Botanics (at Boots): I had heard good things about the Boots skincare range, so I decided to try out this face cream, targeted at oily skins. I'm quite impressed with it, especially because it does make the skin look matte straight away! The gel texture doesn't seem really moisturising at first, but it is enough for my type of skin. You did well, Boots!
~ Stay Matte Powder, Rimmel: as I've said before, my skin is quite oily so I'm always looking for a good powder that will help my skin stay matte during the day. I've tried many powders and I've never been entirely satisfied with them; until I found the Stay Matte by Rimmel! It mattifies the skin for quite a while, I apply it in the morning and usually I just touch it up a bit in the late afternoon and I'm good for the day! It comes in several shades, but it's really not a foundation so you won't feel it on your skin at all. Great powder if you struggle with oily skin!
~ Lasting Perfection Concealer, Collection: again, a product that we've all heard about. And I can understand why! This concealer is really good at hiding imperfections and areas of redness on the skin. It can also be used as a dark circle eraser, although if the dark circles are too... well, dark, it probably won't be enough to cover them completely. However for the price (not even £5), it is well worth the try!
~ Facefinity All Day Flawless Foundation, Max Factor: I know this is an American brand, but I've discovered it in England because it is not sold in France - so I thought I would include it in this post nonetheless. I fell in love with this foundation, which I mentioned in my current favourites post recently. I love that this foundation helps evening out the skin and covered imperfection, but that it doesn't feel weighty on the skin. It stays on all day, and is good for oily skins because it is light and has quite a matte finish I'd say.
~ Barry M Nail Polish in 'Rose Hip' & Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener: I love Barry M especially for their nail polishes, and I've bought many of them because how could I resist them?! They are easy to apply, dry quite quickly and stay on the nails for a few day without chipping. The colour range is amazing, and new ranges are brought out quite regularly. The 3-in-1 base and top coat is great and super cheap, I'm at my second bottle of it and I'll surely buy it again!

What are YOUR favourite British brands and products? I'd love to have opinions and advice on new products to try out! :D


LIFESTYLE | Being A Frenchie In England

 ~ Windsor ~ 
Lately I've been thinking a lot about England and my stay here, as the date of my return to France is getting closer and closer (I want to cry just thinking about it!). Since September, I've had time to get accustomed to the way of life and I can safely say I'm used to living here now, I could see myself stay forever!
However, I still feel very French amongst my fellow English neighbours. Here are some funny things that I noticed about being French in England, I'm sure other of my compatriots feel the same!

When you're a Frenchie in England...

~ ... You're often shocked at how many other French people there are in England. Especially in London! We criticise you a lot (well, not me obviously but French people in general), but in the end the love is stronger ;)
~ ... You're always slightly surprised when you see some people having dinner at six. Definitely not the same rhythm of life!
~ ... You smile every time you see a French café or bakery. I never knew how the typical Parisian style was popular here - see Pâtisserie Valérie, Café Rouge, etc. That's quite flattering to be honest - although not all our cafés look like that, unfortunately!
~ ... People always try to speak to you in French when they learn where you come from. That goes from the usual "ça va ?", to the "parlez-vous français ?". It's often cute, and if can tell you a secret I love it when English guys talk some French ;)
~ ... You slowly give up baguettes and charcuterie, and turn to more English food. Since I'm here, I've eaten more baked beans than ever and I haven't eaten baguette in months (note that when I'm in France, I eat some baguette bread pretty much every day).
~ ... You can't help but laugh at English students trying to get drunk on cider. Then you see the prices of alcohol here, and you suddenly understand. (I still prefer wine though!)
~ ... You want to make all your English friends realise how lucky they are to live in the country you love so much. At least that's what I feel, but maybe not every French person loves England as much as I do!

I'd love to know if any of you has ever been to France, and what you thought about us French people and about the country! :D