Is Blogging Dead? My Thoughts on Blogging Today

Not to sound like a bitter old lady, but...

Any blogger out there that has been active online for years will tell you: blogging is just not the same as it used to be. Which is totally normal after all, because with time everything changes - trends, people, interests and media. However as someone who creates content and shares it online, the effects of those normal, unavoidable changes can be a tad frustrating. For some time now, like many of you I am sure, I can clearly tell that blogging isn't as popular anymore. I can see it even at my (very) small level, in my views and engagement. Personally, I still enjoy blogging, though I have considerably less time to put into it now that I am not a student anymore. Lack of time aside, I can't help but be affected by this change in the world of blogging, and here are my thoughts and ideas about blogging today and how we can make the most of this hobby still.

There are many reasons why blogging isn't as popular as it once was, but there are two main reasons I will highlight here. All of this is of course my own opinion, not proven fact, so feel free to disagree or add to the conversation in the comments! 
The first (and I think main) reason for me is the rise of instant social media blogging. By that I mean outlets such as Instragram and Snapchat, which have both been rising through and through over the years and are now on everyone's phones. It's easy to see why users would consume more Instagram content than blogs: it pops up on your phone, it's mostly photos so you can go through more content is less time. I for one am totally falling in that category: I love Instagram because you can have beautiful and creative pictures, meaningful captions that basically are shortened blog posts, and - another things that blogs can't do as well - you can interact with bloggers so easily, via DMs and comments in one tap of the finger - much easier than sending an email or filling in name/email/site boxes to send a comment. 

In this day and age, we're always running around to get stuff done, be productive and successful, and for a lot of people that means less time sat in bed with a laptop to check out on bloggers and online content, and more time to do so on their phones, during their commute or on their lunch break. Online content creation is forever evolving, and though there are still people like you and me who still enjoy reading blogs and taking the time to leave comments to support other bloggers, it's easy to see why social media is overtaking the creative space.

The other main reason I see as to why blogging isn't so attainable anymore is profit. Let me explain: blogging started out mainstream online content creation, way before Instagram gave us the words 'influencer' and 'content creator.' Bloggers created their blog posts from A to Z: ideas, text, photos, and so on. Today, content creators on social media do the exact same thing. And the growth of blogging and content creation has brought in monetization, profit, collaborations and marketing, which is great because it almost legitimiszes the craft. The thing when money is involved though, is that content creation largely becomes a race: who will get the most followers, who will take the most incredible pictures, who will collaborate with the most prestigious brands, and so on. Thus social media platforms have become more profitable than old-school blogging, because as I mentioned it's easier to reach out to people and to have a wider audience. I do not thing this is necessarily a bad thing, however I do think this is one of the reasons why blogging isn't what it used to be anymore - for small bloggers who write as a hobby, but also for bigger names who used to blog a lot but have now turned to more profitable platforms, i.e. Instagram, mainly. I would love to hear any thoughts on this as I truly find the topic fascinating!

Yes, even with all these changes going on, I still love blogging no matter what. After all, I've had this blog for years and years and this is not gonna change any time soon. What I like about blogging and that I can't find in social media, is the ability to use words more thoroughly than in the caption of a photo. I also love taking the time to read blog posts, instead of scrolling through a social media feed waiting for a photo to grab my attention. I am sure whoever is reading this and is also a blogger feels the same - if it's for you, you just know it and you carry on through and through because it makes you happy!

We may not be able to reverse the social media revolution, but there are many ways in which you can keep the flame of blogging alive, whether you are a blogger yourself or just a reader. 
Supporting the bloggers you read. This is what you can do best of course! Commenting, interacting, and showing that you enjoy their content. I love going through my Bloglovin' feed and reading what's new, and I really like posts recapping a blogger's favourite recent reads, because they help me discover new blogs and new people.
Writing the blog posts you love. As a blogger, people can tell when you're writing because you love it, or just as a mechanical action to keep up with your schedule. I personally choose to post less often than I used to, but I love all the posts I write and I hope they are all helpful to those who read them. 

Think positive and spread the blog-happiness! If you're still an enthusiastic blogger, sharing your interests with your friends and family can only shed a positive light on blogging. Your excitement and dedication will show others how great blogging is, and it is thanks to this dedication that blogging will keep being an amazing way to create content online and connect with others.

What are your thoughts on blogging today? Do you think blogging will survive the popularity of social media?