LIFESTYLE | Tips On Keeping That Motivation High

Motivation is the key to reaching your goals.

I find that this time of year is one of the worst when it comes to motivation and focus. It's cold, raining, all we do is wait for spring to arrive and try to keep it together with work and our personal new year goals. Sounds like a struggle, right?
However, these past few weeks I've come up with a few ways of keeping your motivation levels up. I've decided it was time to stop whining, and actually work by butt off to make the positive changes I was just miraculously waiting for until then. Here are a few things worth considering if you want to stay motivated and get back on track!

Set up a daily timetable and stick to it

Nothing can be achieved without a little organisation. Planning isn't just a stereotypical blogger thing - it's actually a great way to keep focused and know where you're at, and what you have to do. I make to-do lists every week, and recently I have started to do daily timetables. I plan them the day before, writing down every moment of my day from the time I wake up to the time I can finally chill in bed at the end of the day. I use slots of time to cut my day into the different tasks I have to do. In between tasks like 'writing a blog post' or 'cleaning my room', I always add in a break or two that I call 'reading breaks', in which I just sit in bed and read my current book for fifteen to thirty minutes. Because yes, you have to stay focused, but it's hard keeping up the rhythm without doing something relaxing from time to time!

It's not all about chores

There are always things that we wish we didn't have to do, but simply have to. Grocery shopping, going to work, answering to emails... All these tasks can be a little off-putting and lead to a loss of motivation. This is where balance comes in handy: in-between the annoying things which use up all your energy, you should always add a couple fun tasks that you'll enjoy accomplishing. It's perfectly fine, after you've spent the day at work, to come back and take an hour to watch an episode of your favourite TV series, or catch up on your favourite YouTube channels. It is not time lost, it is time you make for yourself and that allows you to feel content and ready to get on with your goals!

Keep your expectations high and know that you can do great things

Don't be afraid to have great goals. We are only in February, you have ten more months to make 2017 the year where you achieve all that you've set your mind on. Writing a novel? Learning a new language to a decent level? Become vegan or adopt a strictly healthy diet and lifestyle? You can do anything you want if you believe in yourself. As cheesy as this may sound, it is true. Don't go for the small, 'second best' goals. If you don't push yourself, you will never realise how far you can go!
Think about how proud you'll be when you achieve what you've set your mind on. How strong and confident you will feel. Simply by starting to think that you can do it.

Do not give up - Rome wasn't built in a day

Consistency is key. Finding a rhythm you can stick to is already a big step in managing your time and motivation. If you burden yourself with pressure, you'll get scared and give up (which is a perfectly normal reaction to pressure and stress). Take it in steps, breathe, have some breaks along the way, and do not expect immediate results. It takes a while to go from one stage to another, so take it as a journey. There's no need to rush and overdo things, progress takes time and actually, if you take your time and listen to yourself, you will get to know yourself better. Know what you are capable of, hold on these powers and keep improving, being a better you. It's all about progress, not drastic change. Celebrate the little achievements, they will take you to your goal!

What are the ideas that keep you motivated? Where do you find the strength to reach your goals?


BEAUTY | Review: Pixi Skincare

Let's overlook the fact that I took these photos at Christmas, shall we? ;)
During the Black Friday sales, I spotted an amazing gift set from the brand Pixi in Marks&Spencer - best part is, it was reduced from £70 to an incredible £30. I literally jumped on the occasion and got the kit straight away. I've wanted to try out Pixi products for months, and I interpreted that as a sign of the blogging gods begging me to do so!
The kit was composed of four products, and here are my thoughts on each of them.

This is a fancy way of calling their makeup remover wipes. As we all know, it is not advised to use makeup wipes very often, however these are super handy for travelling by plane. I've had the opportunity to take them with me on a couple of trips last year, and I haven't been disappointed. These wipes do a very good job at removing the makeup, even mascara and liquid lipstick - although I haven't tried them with waterproof makeup. They are really gentle and pleasant to use, and you don't have to rub the skin the remove the makeup. 
These are the only makeup wipes I've ever tried (apart from a cheap last-minute buy from Poundland) so I couldn't compare them to any other wipes on the market. However, I think it's safe to say that these are great if you're looking for wipes that won't dry out your skin.
They are £10 and you can find them here

The Glow Tonic is probably the most famous product from the brand - at least it's the product I'd heard about the most. The brand calls it an exfoliating toner, although of course it doesn't have any exfoliating beads as you can find in scrubs. I use it morning or evening, sometimes both, on clear skin. As the name suggests, it makes your skin brighter and clearer. I can definitely see a difference before and after using it: my skin seems clearer and totally clean, without being glowy or anything at all - there is no oil, so it works really well on combination to oily skins too. Even though I probably won't be purchasing it again as I want to try out other products from the brand, I highly recommend it, you'll see the difference!
The tonic is £18 and you can find it here.

So at first I thought this was the Mud Mask everybody keeps raving about, and I was so excited to try it out... Until I realised it was actually the cleanser, not the mask. Well done me! I wasn't disappointed though, as this cleanser is awesome and it is a firm favourite in my skincare routine at the moment. I use it morning and evening (sometimes switching with another cleanser so as to make it last longer!). It has to be used on damp skin, and massaged into the skin for thirty seconds. The texture is not too thick, and you don't need a lot of product each time you use it. Once you rinse it off, my skin is so soft and clear, I'm always impressed by the results even after using it for a couple months now. This has to be my favourite product of the bunch, and I might actually repurchase it one day.
The cleanser is £18 and you will find it here.

Although I never usually use oil to moisturise my face, I was quite curious about this oil. First of all, the smell is divine - some might find it granny-ish and be put off by it, but I find it lovely and somehow sophisticated. It comes in a dropper which is really handy, you can get the right amount of product drop by drop instead of ending up with oil everywhere. The Rose Oil Blend is not a product I use very often, I tend to keep it to twice or three times a week depending on how my skin feels. 
This oil doesn't make the skin greasy at all, and I have found that it helps a lot with dehydrated areas - which for me is around the nose and cheeks. It claims to make the skin luminous, and I do think this is true: combined with the Glow Mud Cleanser and the Glow Tonic, my skin has been looking brighter these past few weeks. Plus it's a product that will last you months and months, and I'd advise to use it only when you feel like your skin needs a little moisture pick-me-up.
The oil is £26 and you can find it here.

This kit has made me want to try out more Pixi products, so please do give me recommendations if you have any!

Have you ever tried Pixi skincare? Would you consider trying out one of these products?


BEAUTY | Review: Natural Eyes with Urban Decay & Benefit

Most days, I don't have much time to do my makeup. In the mornings I have to wake up early and go to work, and being in a school means I'd better avoid heavy makeup looks - I'll leave the tons of highligther to my teenage girls students! So today I'm sharing with you the eye makeup duo that has become my favourite for low key makeup days.
At Christmas, my dad got me the Roller Lash mascara by Benefit and the 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Underground by Urban Decay - well, he came with me to Sephora and waited for me pick what I wanted basically. We all know that dads are not the best with makeup haha! I picked these two products with the idea of using them together, and this is what I've been doing recently. I use the Urban Decay pencil as eyeliner and under the eye. Brown liner looks much more natural than black, and the sparkles in this particular shade Underground make the eyes pop and catch the light nicely. 

Roller Lash is my favourite mascara ever, and you must understand why! It makes the lashes quite long and separates them really well. I love the fact that it's not clumpy at all - thin plastic brushes are great if you don't want a lot of thickness. In these photos I am wearing only one coat, and this is all that's needed for natural lashes that still have some length and volume. 
To finish off the look I just added a light gold eyeshadow on the brow bone, which is a must-do if you want a bright, healthy-looking finish.

Slightly off-topic, but to complete the look I am wearing the NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick in the shade Teddy, mainly because it matches the jumper I was wearing. I wouldn't wear this shade on a school day! [Read a full review of the NYX Lingerie lipsticks here.]
If you want to go for an all natural look, a nude lipstick would be perfect. But with such a toned-down eye makeup, you could go with bright red lipstick and look fabulous!

Find out more about the products hereBenefit Roller Lash mascara & UD 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil

What's your favourite natural eye look? Do you have a favourite mascara at the moment?