Terrorism can't win.

On Friday night, horrible events happened in Paris. You'll have heard all about it, some things that are true, maybe some others that aren't. Even we, French citizens, struggle to understand it all and know for sure what did happen and what did not. We don't know exactly who is dead and who survived, people are missing, families are suffering. This is something that we did not think would happen last night - but the threat and atmosphere of non-safety is not new to those who live in Paris or commute there every day. After the events of January, we thought things could not sink into horror even more, but we are reminded now that it can. And will, probably. Let's not pretend that a war is not going on, it has been going on for a while before, not only in France but also in other countries who are fighting against the Islamic state right now. These attacks are the first success of many other attempts, I'm sure, at wounding the heart of the country - its people. 
I am sad, I am numb, I feel helpless and my heart aches for all the people who died, those who lost a loved one in these attacks, or who are injured and hoping to recover. At the same time, I am so thankful for still being alive and well, able to think, and write, and stand firm to oppose the terrifying ideology that lead to these attacks. I am afraid, so scared that anything could happen again, and that I, or anybody I know, could be a victim of acts of terrorism. Our President, François Hollande, has declared that this is war. Measures will be taken, actions will be done, and us civilians cannot do anything but stay, support, not lose our minds, and be hopeful. This is the beginning of tough times, in the whole world. For months now, we've all felt a shift in how these worldwide conflicts are going. But eventually, terrorism will lose its strength because a hateful ideology like that cannot win, it cannot lead the whole world because we are millions who will stand for freedom, humanity, respect and love. Today, we are all as one people, as one person, and if you go in the streets, if you look around, all you'll see is love and support. As it should. And as it will always be, because ultimately we can't live in fear and hatred, we don't want to and we'll fight not to.

I won't be posting until I'm feeling better, and until France recovers (if we can recover at all, which is a sad euphemism). I'll just ask you to spread love, strength, solidarity and, no matter where you are, stay safe and alert, because we never know what will happen next. Don't fall into hatred, don't blame Islam. Just live and love. Let's hope that in the end, everything will be alright and that all wrongs will be punished.


Toutes mes condoléances aux familles des personnes décédées, courage aux blessés, courage à Paris et à la France, à nous, son peuple, et à ses dirigeants qui gardent la tête haute. Aux forces de l'ordre qui nous protègent et qui sont prêtes à agir à tout moment. Gardons espoir, ayant confiance en l'avenir et ne cédons pas à la Terreur. La France résiste.


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    1. Thanks Mona, this is much appreciated ♥

  2. Amazing post dear! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?.. :)


    1. I wanted to simply delete your comment but you know what, I'm gonna leave it right there, for all people to see how rude and ridiculous this is. You won't gain genuine, interested followers by doing that. Please read my post again and tell me what is amazing about it; I'm still wondering, really.

  3. I was alarmed to when I heard about the news about Paris. Hopefully everyone will be okay although I know most aren't. I hope you and your family too are fine. Sending my prayers to Paris.

    Have a nice day!


    1. Thank you Shaira, my family and I are safe, luckily. These words really mean a lot to us, and all the support we get from all over the world too. ♥

  4. The events of Friday are so very sad to say the least. I hope that you, your family and your friends are all okay Julia. Keep safe xx