LIFESTYLE | The Best Things To Do In The Autumn

No pumpkin spice lattes will be involved in this post.

It would be very difficult for me to pick a favourite season. I love them all, and each season brings a new mindset, new hobbies, and every time I find new things to make me happy. Autumn is here, and now that the leaves have turned orange and scarves are out, it is time for me to share with you what is making me happy this autumn.
These past few weeks I have been feeling very creative, and I fuel this creativity as much as possible. It makes me appreciate the present moment even more, and experience this season in a totally different way. So without further ado, here are my favourite things to do this autumn...

Turn on the lights
The most depressing thing about the end of the year is that days are shorter and it gets dark very early in the day. A lack of light may make you feel unmotivated, sleepy, moody... So my best tip when autumn arrives is to turn the lights on! You can find really cheap fairy lights in Primark, and adding a couple of strings of fairy light in your room can be a game-changer. Think about where you want to put them too: around your bed and your desk are the best areas, because it is where you need a lot of light. Everything will feel so cosy and special!

Go outdoors
In the autumn, we should appreciate the days where it's not grey and rainy. This is why whenever the sun is out, and lets out that beautiful, golden light, we should run outside and enjoy it! There is nothing more satisfying that the autumn sun. It always feels like a privilege when you have a sunny and (somewhat) warm autumn day, and there are so many things to do outside at those times: leave and pine cone picking, walking in the park, a day trip (Winchester and Wells, UK are awesome cities to see in the autumn) or even, if the cold doesn't bother you at all, a picnic in the park with warm drinks and comforting foods!

My favourite places to go around London in the autumn time are the outside area of Covent Garden (you can always pop in Whittard's for a warm tea or delicious hot chocolate!), St James' Park and the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park. Autumn colours, and squirells galore!

Play with makeup
The autumn is my favourite season to play with makeup. It makes me want to get out all my dark lipsticks, my shimmery eye shadows and it gives me inspiration to create new looks. Often in the spring and summer I prefer lighter makeup looks, but in the autumn, my Naked palette is out again, and so are my glitter nail polishes! It is also a good self-care moment, - am I the only to feel like applying makeup is super relaxing?

I will soon be creating a blog post all about my favourite autumn look this year. Every year, I create a new makeup look on the blog. You can have a look at my previous looks by following these links: my 2015 autumn lookmy 2016 look and last year's more subtle look!

Take it slow
While in the summer we tend to be outside all the time, staying out for hours in the evening, going for drinks and spending a lot of time socializing, to me autumn is a time of centering yourself back. Find the time to listen to yourself, do things on your own a bit more, spend a rainy day at home relaxing and practicing mindfulness. There is nothing wrong with stopping from time to time, and letting go of the fear of missing out (but that is a whole other topic...)
My top tips? Spend a few hours doing exactly what you want. And if that means watching a silly TV show to get your mind off stress, then do it. Do something relaxing.

Since September, I have started stretching out once or twice a day, in little fifteen-minute sessions. I put on relaxing meditation music (you can find lots of these videos on YouTube) and think about nothing. It helps me unwind, especially before I go to bed. At this time of year, we can start to be tired. We have accomplished a lot, we have spent busy months working and enjoy holidays, and to make it through to these last days of December, we need pick-me-ups. Read books, watch comforting shows or films, cook hearty foods, and don't rush when you take time for yourself. You deserve it. Make it a weekly thing that you look forward to. And just like that, autumn will have flown by - and you'll be ready to attack winter strong!

What are your favourite things to do in the autumn?


FASHION | Why You Should Wear What You Want

Especially if it involves cute animal prints.

This post is inspired by an old story of mine. A few years ago, possibly four or five years, when I was in high school, me and a friend spent a lot of our free time browsing the shops after school. One day, we went into an Etam store (it is a French brand, but still linked here if you are curious). I found the most adorable long-sleeved shirt. It was soft, cream-coloured, and best of all: it has tiny sausage dogs all over it. Now, I swooned over the shirt, but as I showed it enthusiastically to my friend, she said it was kind of ridiculous. Don't worry, she's great though and I am happy to say we are still friends to this day (and she still questions my fashion choices from time to time.)
For a few weeks, I debated whether I should get the shirt or not. My heart said yes, my friend's advice was no. I ended up never getting the shirt. And as sad as it may be, I still think about this cute little sausage dog shirt from time to time, mentally slapping myself for not getting it because I would still love it today.
I wanted it, it made me happy, and these I think are pretty good reasons to wear something. That it makes me feel happy and confident.

So when I saw this cute pug blouse in Bershka, I fell in love instantly. I mean, tiny little pugs hiding behind the stripes of the shirt and showing their butts, what else could I ask for? So I decided to get it straight away. However, as I was trying it out, I thought about the pros and cons (well, more the cons) of wearing this shirt. Am I too old to wear a shirt with pugs on? Will I look silly? Will it clash with my usual style?
Then I checked myself and realised that the second-thoughts I had were nonsensical. I was held back by what others might think about what I wear - which, in my book, is the silliest thing to worry about. We feel our most confident when we wear outfits we like, that bring out our identity and allow us to express ourselves. The way we dress can be part of who we are. So, as we should never be afraid to show our personality and our true selves to those we interact with, we should never refrain from wearing the clothes we enjoy, and that would make us comfortable and happy. I smile every time I see this little shirt, and will keep wearing it. So if you like wearing all the colours of the rainbow, do it. If you want to wear all black all the time, go ahead. And if you like shirts with quirky animals all over, wear them too. We would twin and that would be awesome. 

What is the one outfit you have that makes you happy?