BEAUTY | My Favourite Autumn Makeup Products

Winter is coming, and soon we'll be invaded by sparkly red and gold makeup bits... So I thought I would talk to you about my autumn favourites before it's too late! These are the makeup products that I've been using the most these past two months or so. Lots of browns and warm shades, because this is what autumn makeup is all about for me!

~ Naked Palette 1, Urban Decay: this is an oldie but a goodie! The Naked palette 1 is my favourite of them all, but I particularly love it during the autumn time. All the shades are brown and gold-toned, so they are perfect for this time of year and will follow me through winter too. My favourite for autumn have to be Smog and Hustle. They work great together, but also separately as a single eyeshadow look. 
~ Jumbo Liner 12h Wear, Sephora (n°15 Purple): on the more purple side of things, I love this jumbo pencil from Sephora. The colour is wonderful; a dark purple with gold shimmer. I mainly use it as a liner, but you can also apply it on the whole lid and blend it out for a nice eyeshadow finish. Eyeshadow pencils are great because they're often creamy and last a long time on the eyes.
~ Single Eyeshadow, (n°80 It Bag), Sephora: another brown eyeshadow! Sorry, but I just love this colour too much for eye makeups. this is one of the shades I used in my autumn makeup tutorial (click here to see it!), and again I love using it for my everyday makeup looks. 
~ Dark Side Lipstick, Mac: I've been talking about this lipstick way too much this autumn I think! This deep burgundy colour looks amazing with a toned-down eye makeup look. It works during the day as well as for a night out look, and it stays on for hours. 
~ Mat Velvet Lipstick (shade 612), Kiko: as you can see from what is left in the bullet, I've been using this lipstick a lot! I've had it for a couple of years though, this is why I've almost finished it. It is a dark nude pink, 'my lips but better' colour. The finish does look velvety somehow, it is matte but not drying at all. One of my favourite lipsticks ever!
~ Blush & Brush (n°3 Upper East Side), Beauty UK: this blusher was featured in my autumn makeup look too. It is a dark pink with pretty glitter in it, and I use it a lot in the autumn. I prefer darker pinks rather than rosy, 'doll' pink blusher at this time of year. I can't remember how much it was (in Superdrug) but it was quite cheap, and the quality is very nice!
~ Nail Polish (Knebworth), Nails Inc.: this is a very pretty nude colour, but quite hard to describe - it has mauvy, grey-ish undertones, and it is quite unique I think. You can have a good colour in two coats, and this works so well at any time of year to be honest, but I do love wearing it more in the colder months.

~ Nail Polish in Paradoxal, Chanel: on a darker note, I love this beautiful dark purple colour from Chanel. It looks so chic and sophisticated on the nails, and again in two coats you're good to go. The only thing is that this nail polish gets chipped so quickly! For Chanel, I was quite surprised about that. But the colour is so stunning, I've almost finished it and I'm so sad about it!

What are your favourite products for autumn? Do you have any particular makeup items that you've used a lot?


  1. Loved reading this. I'm not very good with makeup so I'm always looking for good products that other people seem to like. The Mac lipstick is on my list of things to get - I just love the colour so much. So thank you for introducing it to me!
    Much love,

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post Mona! Makeup is something that you just get better at over time - I'm still not perfect with winged liner to be honest with you :P The colour of the Mac lipstick is super pretty indeed, and I'd love to see how it looks on you! xx

  2. I love the eyeshadow colors in your palette. You have a really nice make-up set. Do you literally use them all when you go out?

    Have a nice day!


    1. Thanks Shaira! Generally I'd use some of these products together yes, because all of them are quite similar in terms of shade and everything looks nice with everything, if that makes sense! xx

  3. Great pics! Love the liptsick shade by Mac x

    Lina / lina-khalifa.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you Lina! The shade of this lipstick is amazing, go and have a look online at the swatches :D xx

  4. I love NAKED ! :)
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