BEAUTY | Review: W7 Absolute Lashes & Chunky Eyes Pencil

I had never heard of the brand W7 before not so long ago. But when I learned they had a dupe of the They're Real by Benefit (and that it costs less than £5), I knew I had to try it! So I quickly made an order on Amazon. I bought the Absolute Lashes mascara and, because I was curious, I also got a Chunky Eyes pencil, in the shade Cappuccino. The colour was lovely and the product seems to be a dupe for the Chubby Sticks from Clinique, so I thought why not!

When I saw the mascara, I was amazed by how it looks like the They're Real. The packaging, the wand, they look identical! However I could still see a difference between the two once it is applied. I didn't like it at first, but now that I'm used to it I have to say I really like the Absolute Lashes. With two coats, my lashes look quite long and voluminous. I still prefer the They're Real, but the Absolute Lashes is great considering its price!

Now for the Chunky Eyes pencil, I am not as satisfied! The colour is amazing, it doesn't show well in the photos but it is a cool-toned brown shade, perfect on its own for light makeup days. However, it goes in the creases of the eyes SO QUICKLY. Really, only two or three hours after I've applied it, the colour fades. It looks like I've had the eyeshadow on for days, when actually it's been a few hours only! This is really annoying, because I have to keep putting more product on to smooth out the creases... And even when I use an eyeshadow base (the Stay Don't Stray by Benefit), it does not make it last longer. This product has disappointed me greatly, and I know I won't be using it a lot because of that... I would not recommend it at all.

Here is the state of my eyes after a few hours... eww!
I'm not really sure what to think of W7 as a whole. I really like the mascara, and I would suggest you trying it if you're looking for a cheap but good mascara. However the deception I felt with the eye pencil doesn't make me want to buy more products of the brand. I may try another product one day, but definitely not for now!

Have you ever tried these products, or other products from W7? I'd love to hear what you think about it!

Face: Facefinity 3 in 1 Foundation, Max Factor | Lasting Perfection Concealer, Collection | Stay Matte Face Powder, Rimmel | H&M Blusher, shade "Sweet Rose"
Eyes: Chunky Eyes (shade Cappuccino), W7 | Super Liner, L'Oréal | Absolute Lashes Mascara, W7
Lips: Chubby Stick in "Pudgy Peony", Clinique


FASHION | A Hint of Retro

The vintage style is one that I think is quintessentially feminine and beautiful. And although I do not feel confident enough to start wearing purely vintage outfits, I do like to inject some vintage-inspired touches to my outfits from time to time.
This look is pretty simple, I took the first things that came to hand in the morning; and weirdly enough I quite like this minimalist and comfy outfit. Leggings are hated by some, loved by others, but nobody could deny they are so so comfortable and easy to wear on days when you just don't want to bother too much (we all have these kinds of days, don't we?). The trick is to pair them with an item of clothing that looks a bit smarter, like a sheer shirt or a peplum style top. This time I went for this (old) bird print top, that I like mainly for the little knot at the front.
What do you guys think about leggings? Let me know your thoughts!

Top: New Look
Leggings: New Look
Shoes: La Halle aux Chaussures (French shoe shop)
Bag: Gémo


LIFESTYLE | How To Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home ?

Today I'm trying a different kind of post. The idea just came as I was looking around my room: I'm living in a hall this year, and it is the first time that I've got my own space (obviously I have my room in my parents' place, but I mean it's the first place where I live on my own). It can be quite difficult to make a very random room look familiar and homey, and since September I've found a few helpful things to feel more at home in my uni room. 
I wanted to share with you a few tips, in case you're still trying to figure out how to arrange your room or if you're going to live in halls next year. 'Better be prepared! ;)

1 ~ Photos, because memories keep you happy

Of course I had to mention photographs. When you move away from friends and family, all you want is to remember them and keep them close to your heart. If you feel homesick, just look at these pictures on your wall and you'll feel better! You can also add pretty photo frames, you can find them for quite cheap in Primark. Photos aren't just fit for Instagram, you may want to print them and have them around you!

2 ~ Fairy lights, so Tumblr-inspired

Who doesn't love fairy lights? It is just a joy to have them around your bed area (if you're lucky enough to have a headboard, which I don't!) or around your desk. Again, you can find some for around £2 or £3 in Primark, what a bargain! 
At Christmas I had cute reindeer lights, and now I've switched them to standard white fairy lights. Cute and comforting!

3 ~ Teddy bears or cuddly toys - no, we're never too old for that

Maybe you don't like teddy bears, but I've never seen anybody who doesn't have at least one in their room. So if you take your favourite cuddly toy with you, you'll always feel comforted and secure! I've got quite a few of them, so I've chosen just one - my Flounder that I got in DisneyLand Paris, because he's so cute. I also got a tiny squirrel in a shop in Hyde Park, London, because since I'm in England I've fell in love with squirrels. Aren't they the cutest?

4 ~ Books or DVDs, for cosy days in

When you're at uni, you tend to go out a lot, night and day, and maybe your room isn't the place where you spend the most of your time in. But when you do stay in on lazy days, you should always have something to look forward to to keep you busy! Of course you could do your homework and be all serious and stuff, but you may as well take some time to snuggle up in your bed with a good book or a film. Having them on your shelf, instead of just getting them on your laptop, is a way to add some personality to the room.

5 ~ Be organised, because living in a mess is definitely not helpful

Makeup bag/storage: Primark

We tend to struggle with tidying our rooms in general, and having everything at its right place. But truly, it is worth spending some time organising your things, creating small spaces for everything, so that you don't get lost in a stressful mess. I'm sure it is scientifically proven that we feel more at peace in a place that's neat and that looks put together. And, we'll all agree it's always better to have a nice room for when you have people unexpectedly visiting you!


So these are my ultimate tips to get a bit more homeliness into my uni room! 
I'd love to hear your own tips on the matter, what do you do to feel like home in your uni hall? Tell me everything ;)


BEAUTY | My Current Favourites

As I don't get to try new products that often, I unfortunately can't make monthly favourites posts - even though they're one of the categories that I like the most in blogs and YouTube channels. However I've decided to do favourite posts from time to time, when I've got things to show you that I particularly like. Today, I've assembled a few of my most used things at the moment - makeup, jewellery, and more random favourites. I like when bloggers add more than the usual beauty products, it's always nice to see what people enjoy in general!
Anyways, my current favourites are:

~ Max Factor, Facefinity Foundation: I've featured this foundation in my beauty haul a few months ago, and I've been using it since! It's a really good product that stays on all day, with a medium coverage I'd say (it is buildable if you need more coverage), and a pretty finish. It is said to be 3 in 1, but you still have to add concealer on imperfections. Nonetheless it's a really good foundation, a friend of mine has it as well and loves it so you've got two good opinions about it ;)
~ Benefit, Roller Lash mascara: I know everybody has already said how good this mascara is, but I need to emphasise it again! The wand is tiny but gives a lot of length to the lashes, and this is what I'm looking for in a mascara. It is not targeted at volumizing the lashes I think, but it still makes your eyes pop and it's really the best mascara I've ever tried!
~ Andoer, Flat blush brush (via this link on Amazon): this brush is a real dupe for Real Technique's brushes, and a lot cheaper! It's not even £2 and the quality is truly amazing. The brush is soft, of good quality, you honestly can't tell it's not a real one. There are a few different ones on Amazon, I can't find the exact same one as mine but follow the link and you'll have some similar. You won't be disappointed if you get it, trust me!
~ Nspa, Raspberry Rich Body Butter: I bought this body butter in Asda, and it's a great product considering its price! It's only £3 and works wonders. First off the smell is amazing, so fruity and fresh; and it actually moisturises the skin very well. As you can see I've almost finished it, and it makes me want to try other smells from the brand!

~ OPI, Bubble Bath nail polish: I always love a good nude nail, and this is my favourite pink nude shade. I wear it all the time, often with glitter on top - who doesn't love glitter nails? If you want an opaque look you'll have to go with three coats, but one is enough if you just want a "my nails but better" look. 
~ Barry M, Base/Top Coat and Nail Hardener: one should never wear nail polish without a base, but I never buy expensive ones. I chose this one because it was around £3, but it's actually really good! Applied as a top coat, it makes your nail polish stay on longer, I'd say it could last around five days without chipping. I can't say about the hardening side because my nails are naturally quite strong, but even without this the product is well worth its price and is an essential to me.
~ Athena Coin Necklace (from the British Museum, London): this is so random, but I love this necklace so I had to mention it! It's a reproduction of a coin of Athens dating to the 5th century BC, depicting the owl, symbol of goddess Athena and of the city at its most prosperous time. It's a nice and different piece of jewellery to have I think, and as I love ancient History my nerdy side is totally in awe of stuff like that haha. Tell me if that's the kind of thing you like as well and that I'm not alone in this!

~ Juicy Water in Lemon and Lime: since I've discovered this drink, I swear I must have had at least twenty of these little bottles. This is such a refreshing drink to have on sunny days, it tastes so good. So good. Try it, you'll love it!
~ Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans (from the Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden): this is where I get my fangirl mode on! I went to the Harry Potter Studios on Saturday (watch out for my blogpost about it soon!), and almost went crazy. I wanted to hide in a corner and never leave. In the shop, I absolutely wanted to get a Chocolate Frog (which of course I did), and I decided to try the magical (and mostly disgusting) beans. Even though most of them taste awful, they're so much fun! I loved trying them out with my friends and guessing the flavours. It made me feel a little bit in the Potter world, and that is a lifelong favourite thing ♥

Do you have any favourite products at the moment? Tell me about all your beauty, fashion and even random/nerdy loves, I'd love to hear about it all! :D


♥ A Little Beauty Haul ♥

Today I thought I would do a haul, because over the last few weeks I've made some cool purchases. I don't know why, but since January I want to buy makeup and beauty products all the time. Boots has become the worst place ever, because I know I'm going to spend way too much money there. I have to boycott the shop, really!
But anyways, here's what I bought recently...

I've picked up three products for my face:
~ Lasting Perfection Concealer, Collection (Boots, £4.49): we've all heard about this product and since beauty bloggers and YouTubers rave so much about it, I've decided to try it. I'm really curious about it!
~ FaceFinity All Day Flawless Foundation, Max Factor (Boots, £11.90): why are foundation names always so long?! anyways, I've chosen this foundation because the swatch on my hand looked amazingly smooth and matte. I can't wait to see if it does the same on my face!
~ Blush & Brush, n°3 Upper East Side, Beauty UK (Superdrug, £2.99): I really wanted a new blush, coral because all the ones I have are pink. This one is really pretty and was quite cheap, and this is mainly why I bought it!

Of course, I had to buy a few nail polishes. I just love them too much to resist!
~ High Shine Nail Paint, shade Coconut, Barry M (Boots, £3.99): I bought this colour because I thought it was a sheer beigy white, but it turns out to be a plain creamy white. Not what I expected and I'll wear less than I thought, but it is still a nice nail polish!
~ High Shine Nail Paint, shade Sugar Apple, Barry M (Boots, £3.99): I fell in love with this colour as soon as I saw it. It's gonna be perfect for spring!
~ Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener, Barry M (Boots, £2.99): I needed a new nail polish base, and as I love Barry M nail polishes so much I thought this one might be good. And it is! Well worth the price.
~ Nail polish, shade Knebworth , Nails Inc (TK Maxx, around £3.50): I found this nail polish by chance in TK Maxx, and as it was so reduced I decided to buy it. Nude nail polishes are my favourite, and this one has a pretty pink undertone that makes it even more beautiful.

Finally, I got a skincare product from Lush!
~ Fresh Farmacy face cleanser (Lush, £5.76): I wanted a good new face cleanser, because my skin is has been drier lately (thank you, winter!) and I want to clean it without further drying it out. Fresh Farmacy looks great for a very soft cleaning, I'll keep you updated on its effect!


So this is everything that I bought! If you'd like me to give you my opinion on some of these products, ask me! I'd love to make you some reviews or even just tell you through the comments about what I think of these.