FASHION | Gingham & Stone

I don't do as many outfit shoots as I'd like. My fellow blogger friends will know, these posts need a lot of preparation - planning the outfit, finding a good location, having just the right weather and sunlight, finding an angle, posing, going through dozens and dozens of pictures, with sometimes people passing by and looking at you like you're some kind of weirdo... That's a lot of work! Also, you have to find that one person that will take your photos for you. A partner, a friend, a parent... I'm pretty sure most bloggers don't have a professional photographer at hand when they go somewhere nice with a cool outfit on! So as it is bloody hard work, these posts don't appear very often on my blog. But when they do, I'm really happy to share them with you!

When I went to visit Senlis with my parents and little brother, I thought the little medieval town would be the best backdrop for my photos. So of course, I kept harassing my mum the whole day to take photos for me (well, she was actually really understanding and I asked her nicely, she knows how much blogging matters to me). And I love how these photos turned out. I'm wearing one of my new favourite dresses, and the background is just the cutest. Let's talk a little more about both!

Senlis is a little town in the north of Paris, and classified as a medieval town. A lot of the buildings are centuries old, there is a Gothic cathedral (one of the first built in France in the 12th century), and even a Roman arena - of course not medieval, but that shows how ancient the town is. To discover all these gems, we followed a trail that led us all through the main points of interest of the city, through little cobbled streets and along the old defensive walls. I really liked Senlis, it is just so pretty and these old stones have so much to tell. I loved the quirky houses, the narrow staircases and pretty façades. 

Because I do like to blend with my surroundings (as someone has told me recently), I wore this beautiful strapless gingham midi dress from ASOS. I am honestly in love with it. I spotted it on Rosie from The Londoner a few months ago, but only got it in the sales a while after - I am so glad I waited! Rosie just looked fabulous in it, and she is goals (as the saying goes) so I decided to grab it. I have to say, I did feel amazing in it! It's so perfect that it gives you that little bit of confidence we all need. It feels very vintage as well, and would probably look great with a petticoat underneath! I paired it with nude sandals, which I think are a great staple to have in the summer.

And there I was, exploring the cobbled streets, looking for pretty doorways and beautiful old houses... Mind you, we had a map of the town to avoid getting lost in that maze of ancient stones!

Discovering Senlis was really interesting and made me realise how many of these little gems we must have all around France - so much more to explore!

Do you have medieval towns or villages near you? What's your favourite country escape?


TRAVEL | ¡Hola! from Madrid

I feel like recently, my blog has been filled with travel diaries. I haven't posted much else apart from photos of my little trips away, and I wonder if you're getting tired of them or not haha! But I have never travelled so much as I do at the moment, so I'm taking every opportunity to document it as I go! Hopefully, it makes you discover places you've never been before, and I could help you find your next destination! ;)

At the end of July I went to Madrid for a few days, and although I didn't choose to go there (I would have preferred Italy, as you must know by now!) I am SO glad we went there. Madrid was such a beautiful surprise, I loved every moment and everything we saw. It's just packed full of sunshine, culture, nature and Pokemons. (yes, Pokemons - if I had a pound for each person we saw playing Pokemon Go, I would be rather rich by now!)


All of these photos were taken in the Parque del Retiro, which is probably the most incredible park I've ever been to. There's beauty at every corner and the place is huge, you could take a whole day just exploring, having lunch and ice cream, and maybe take a nap in our of the quiet oasis of greenery. Some of my favourite areas of the park are the Rosaleda, a beautiful rose garden in full bloom, in which the French garden pattern is arranged around beautiful fountains; and the Jardines Cecilio Rodrìgez and its tiled floor, oddly-shaped bushes and colony of peacocks - if you're lucky, you'll even see little ones in the shadow of their mothers. 
The Jardines del Sabatine are also wonderful. Located at the back of the Palacio Real, these French gardens (we all love a good French garden don't we?) are beautiful and the view from there on the façade of the palace is worth a visit. What I loved the most about parks and gardens in Madrid, is that they weren't crowded at all and it feels like you're totally out of the city. The smell of pine trees, the sound of the locusts and the warm August air really made me feel like I was on holiday.

The only thing I'd say is to skip the Royal Botanical Gardens, they aren't as impressive as the public parks of the city, which is a little sad because they seemed promising; the result just wasn't there.

If you want to see the more cultural side of Madrid, there are quite a few places that you would enjoy. My favourite was the Palacio Real, which is the Royal Palace (yeah I know, my Spanish skills are amazing) - although the royal family doesn't like there. You can only visit part of it, but the whole building is huge, I've never seen a palace as big as this one. The interiors are lush, with gold at every corner, beautiful ceiling paintings, there's even a room that's completely covered in porcelain, on the walls, the ceilings, everywhere. There's a room containing quite a few Stradivarius violins, which means we were literally surrounded by thousands of $$. Unfortunately you're not allowed to take photos inside, so I can't show you, you'll have to go and see by yourselves! ;)
There's also the Museum del Prado of course, which has amazing collections of medieval and 19th-century Spanish and Italian paintings. I'd also recommend just walking around, taking in the views, the amazing buildings, and of course stopping once in a while for coffee or tapas!

Have you ever been to Spain? Where do usually go in the summer to catch some sun?


BEAUTY | Review: Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs

If you ever go to Reading, Berkshire, be sure to check the magical shop of dreams in the Broad Street Mall : Home Fragrance Store, where you'll find a complete wall full of Bomb Cosmetic products, and all the other walls are covered in Yankee Candles and Village Candles. I told you, the shop of dreams! While I was there, I decided to pick up two Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs to try out. I'd heard good things about the brand before, especially about their candles, so I was super excited to try new bath products - especially because I've only ever tried Lush bath bombs, so this opened a whole new perspective in the field of bath experiences haha. 
It was really had to choose because all the bath bombs were super cute and smelt amazing, but I finally brought Tweetie Pie and Urban Princess home.

Tweetie Pie is a cute bath bomb, the nest of a little blue bird (Twitter, the bath edition?) on its glittery branch. The top notes are geranium and cedarwood, and it is full of oils so it's really good for the skin. It fizzes super quickly in the water, and although it doesn't give any colour to the bath apart from a very faint blue hue, it smells amazing and leaves your skin smelling great, as well as the whole bathroom!
Urban Princess is a lovely pale pink bath bomb, with pink glitter and a cute rainbow in the centre - which I think has changed now, as on the link to the website you'll see there is a little fairy on it instead, which is just as cute! It is made of coconut and ylang-ylang oil, which are two amazing products to soothe and moisturise the skin. The scent of this bath bomb is not a strong as the other one, but it is still really pleasant. The water turns a very slight pink colour, and the glitter adds a little fun. I was a little disappointed after using Tweetie Pie, so I would recommend that one more; Urban Princess isn't a must-try. 

I wish I had bought more of them though, I'll have to try out other products from Bomb Cosmetics in the future and keep you in the loop!

Have you ever tried Bomb Cosmetics? Do you like using bath products as well?