BEAUTY | Undress Your Makeup

Generally, we tend to associate our makeup with our clothes – say, if you're wearing a cute retro dress, you'll most likely wear black eyeliner and a bold lipstick. But why not wearing makeup depending on what lingerie we are wearing?
I'd never thought about the idea to be honest, but wearing beautiful lingerie and amazing makeup can make you feel super powerful and feminine. In collaboration with the website Adore Me, I decided to work on makeup looks that can be worn with pretty sets of lingerie. I have selected two sets from their winter lookbook, and created two makeup looks around them. These are looks that I could totally see myself wear along with pretty lace underwear, so let me show you what I've come up with:

~ Breakfast in Bed: A Touch of Retro ~

Face: Clinique Age Defense BB Cream | Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer | Rimmel Stay Matte Powder | Agnès B. Poudre Croco Bronzing Powder
Eyes: Kiko Precision Eyeliner | Urban Decay, Sidecar Eyeshadow (Naked Palette 1) | YSL Effet Faux Cils Mascara
Lips: Carmex Original Lip Balm | H&M Lipstick in Marooned

This set immediately caught my eye. I love black lingerie, I think it always looks super chic without too much effort. This set looks very retro, especially the knickers. This is why I went for a makeup look featuring eyeliner and a red lip, because to me you can't do better than that ! To brighten up the eyes I added a line of beige eyeshadow on the top of the black liner. This is a really easy look to create, but it instantly adds a little something to the classic liner look. Instead of a bright red lip, I went for a darker red, not quite burgundy, with brick red undertones.
I also styled my hair in vintage curls, although these didn't turn out as well – my hair is still a bit too short for pin curling! By the way, I might do a blog post about pin curls one day, I really love this method to create retro hairstyles and I'd love to share it with you.

This makeup look really matches the lingerie set I think, and they would make a perfect combination for a fancy breakfast in bed! ;)

~ Let's Fall in Love: Dramatic Pink ~

Face: Clarins Instant Light Complexion Base | L'Oréal Infallible 24h Matte Foundation | Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer | Rimmel Stay Matte Powder | H&M Blusher in Sweet Rose (old)
Eyes: Urban Decay Blackheart (lid), Liar (outer corner), Burnout (inner corner), Factory (waterline) and Strange (brow bone), Naked Palette 3 | Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Lips: Carmex Original Lip Balm | Kiko Smart Lipstick n°914

To me, pink lingerie is also super feminine. I love all shades of pink, but because of my tan skintone bright pinks work better on me. This set is beautiful, the lace details at the bottom of the bra are great, because there is nothing prettier than lace against bare skin! I was inspired by the pinkness of this set to do my makeup, and went for a matching lipstick (although you can't really tell in these photos, the colour does look a lot like that of the lingerie). For a change, I thought a dark, smokey-type eye makeup would do. I never use the Blackheart shade from the Naked Palette 3 because it is so dark, but gorgeous - a black base with loads of purple and pink glitter. The key to dark eye makeup is blending - it does take a while, but the result is worth it! I also used my sample of the Clarins Instant Light base, which is meant to highlight your face and give it a nice glow. I don't use highlighting bases generally because of my skin type, but I have to say the result of the Clarins base is amazing, it gives a slight shimmer to the skin without being too glowy. A great product to use for special occasions! 

What do you think about these makeup looks? Do you enjoy wearing fancy lingerie?
This is not a sponsored post. All views are my own.


FASHION | The First Haul of the Year: Sales!

January is often synonym of... Sales! In the UK it starts right after Christmas, but in France we have to wait until the beginning of the new year to get all the good deals and discounts of the sales. I've been shopping here and there during the past few weeks, and I have decided to share with you some of the items that I got! I left out some items of clothing that are only sold in France and that you couldn't fint in other countries, but this is about all I've found. Let's dive in!

~ Cream Cable Knit Jumper, Topshop (26€ instead of 52€): I couldn't find a link to the Topshop website for this jumper, because I got it from the Galeries Lafayette department store. I guess you can find it in usual Topshop stores. It is a cropped cable knit jumper, and I love it! It is just what I was looking for - a cream jumper with buttons on the shoulder. This is a timeless piece, that can be work with anything: a pair of jeans, shorts, or even with a skirt. A winter staple!
~ White Lace Cropped Top, Mango (17.99€ instead of 35.99€): I can never resist a pretty lace top... Lace is my favourite thing in the world, and I fell in love with this cropped top. It has a sort of flower pattern, and a really delicate detail on the bust area. Obviously one has to wear something under it, but it gives a sophisticated, somehow vintage look.
~ Brown Buckle Boots, New Look (29.99€): for years, I've only been wearing ankle boots, because I find them easier to style and more comfortable. I was actually looking for a pair of brown ankle boots when I saw these ones in New Look, I found them really pretty and decided to get them after all! It makes a nice change for me, and don't you think this pair is super pretty? :) 
~ Orange Check Scarf, New Look (5€ instead of 12.99€): I got a new coat for Christmas (I'll probably show it to you in an OOTD post) and I really wanted a new scarf to match. As my coat is beige, I've decided to go for this burnt orange, red and greyish blue scarf. I love check prints on scarves, and this one is quite different from what I go for generally, in terms of colour. It is really long and warm, I love it!
~ Cinders and Yog Nog Bathbombs, Lush (5.10€ instead of 10.20€): after Christmas, the Lush Christmas range goes on sale, and that's always when I pick up some products - because after all, bath bombs are not a necessity so paying half price for them is always appreciable! There weren't many left though in my usual store, so I only got Cinders (which I love, it has a great cinnamon scent) and Yog Nog, that I've never tried before. They'll come in handy for hot baths these days!

These are all the things that have joined my collection in January. However there are a few beauty picks as well, but wait until February to read my first beauty haul of 2016! I still need to get one or two items that I've wanted for a while, this is happening soon! ;)

Did you find good deals in the sales this winter? 


LIFESTYLE | Winter Beverages with Chantler Teas

Although I'm a big coffee drinker, one of my resolutions for this year is to try and reduce the amount of coffee that I somehow manage to gulp down every day. I've decided to switch for tea, which is a healthier drink to have when you want to have it in large quantities. I am not a tea addict, but I do like to have a mug once in a while, and as I had no tea left at home, I thought I would order some from a company that I discover last year and that I really liked.
Chantler Teas is a small Welsh tea company, that produces a variety of different loose leaf teas; produced regionally and that guarantee the best of quality. I discovered them last year at the Cardiff Christmas Market in the National Welsh Opera, where I got a bag of their Christmas Spice tea. All the teas smelled amazing, and I was not disappointed in my choice - I loved this tea so much that I got it again this time!
I chose three very different teas, because I wanted to explore more of what Chantler Teas had in store, and I thought I'd share these with you as I really like them all.

Chantler's Christmas Spice: this is my favourite tea of the three. It is a black tea in which orange pieces, cinnamon and cloves add a wonderful taste of Christmas, as the name suggests. I quite like strong teas, and this one does have a recognisable taste. The orange is what comes out the most in terms of flavour, and it is nicely associated with the cinnamon. I recommend drinking it without any sugar if you really want to experience its taste.
Winter Marzipan Rooibos: I was recommended this tea by a friend of mine, who got it in Cardiff too and loved it. I was right to pick it up! From the moment you open the bag, the smell of the almond is amazing. This tea is composed of rooibos (decaffeinated tea), almond pieces and different nut oils (almond, hazelnut and walnut). This is perfect if strong teas are not to your taste. I'd never had rooibos before, and I like how light it is. 
Vanilla Spiced Chai: I was drawn to this one as I like the idea of vanilla and spiced together, it sounded like a good, comforting flavour for a winter tea. It is made with vanilla black tea, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and clove. If you like spicy teas, this is for you! As advised on the website, I brewed the tea with hot milk, to make a chai latte - I'd never had one of these before, and I quite liked it. I think it is good to add a lump of sugar in the milk to give it the sweetness that may lack if you take it without anything. It is indeed really spicy, and I find that the vanilla is left behind all these spices a bit. You can of course brew it with boiling water, and in that case you can taste the vanilla a lot more than in the chai latte.

These teas are all really good, and I'm happy with all of them. They are great for winter - and this is one of the reasons why I chose them. I couldn't hope for a better quality too, for a very cheap price as well! If you like tea, I really recommend you to check out the Chantler Teas website - they have so many different types and flavours, and because tea is obviously lightweight, the shipping costs are reasonable. This is not a sponsored post at all, but I wanted to speak to you about this tea company in case you had never heard about them!

Do you love drinking tea? What is your favourite flavour and brand to have?


BEAUTY | The Manicure Moment: Dark Glitter

For some people, glitter nail polish is only reserved for festive periods and nights out, but I don't agree at all - for me, every day is glitter day! Adding a touch of glitter is also a super easy way to make a manicure look more sophisticated and fun. Today I want to share with you a simple way to wear glitter during the winter time!
As many of you I'm sure, I tend to wear darker shades around this time of year. It just matches the weather I guess! I love this shade by Chanel, it is the n°509 Paradoxal. I've had this for a few years now, and the formula of Chanel nail polishes wasn't the best then - it chips very quickly, which annoys me a lot because the colour is beautiful and I love having it on my nails. However I think they've changed their formula now and I've read many great reviews of new nail polishes, so I'll have to try out a new one to see if they've done a good job. This colour is very hard to describe, I see it as a deep purple with a grey undertone, and tiny tiny shimmer in it, that you can barely see. I'm not a fan of purple nail polish for some reason, so muted tones like this one are my favourite.
On my ring finger I am wearing the OPI All Sparkly and Gold, which is one of the most beautiful nail polishes that I own! It is pure gold glitter, that sparkles under the light and looks simply gorgeous. I put two coats on, and it dries very quickly and stays on forever.

I think the gold enhances the dark nail polish and adds a little something - dark and light, plain and glitter! Also because the main colour is dark, I find that it looks quite chic and minimalist as well.

Do you like wearing glitter on your nails? What is your typical winter manicure?


LIFESTYLE | A French Tradition: the Galette des Rois

On the sixth of January, France celebrates the Epiphanie, which commemorates the three kings which went to the stables after Jesus's birth, bringing him presents. Although I'm not a religious person, I quite like that day because in France we have a sweet treat that's been a tradition that I haven't seen anywhere else: the galette des rois! Basically the 'Tart of Kings' - I have been struggling to find an accurate translation as this is something proper to the French, but in short, it is like a pie filled with marzipan. Like the Twelfth Night cake, it has a little token inside it - originally, a bean was placed inside, but in time it's been replaced by cute little porcelain figures. The person who finds the figurine is named king or queen, and has the honour of wearing the much-coveted crown on their head! This is a fun tradition to celebrate, no matter if you're religious or not. To be honest, the galette doesn't hold a particular religious meaning actually - it's just an excuse to eat a yummy treat again! :P
So I'm sharing my recipe with you today! It was my first time using this recipe, and the galette turned out really soft, and the marzipan is super tasty but very light at the same time thanks to the custard cream that is added to the almond cream - a success!

The recipe is to carry out in different steps; follow the following and it'll be quick and simple:

~ The Custard Cream ~

~ Ingredients ~

~ 2 eggs
~ 25cl of whole milk (but works with semi-skimmed milk too)
~ 30g of flour
~ 50g of sugar
~ vanilla extract

1/ In a bowl, beath the two eggs with the sugar. Then add the flour.
2/ Boil the milk, and add it in the bowl while it's still boiling. Mix everything together, then put the preparation in the saucepan. When it's boiling again, whisk the preparation for around three minutes straight (be careful that it doesn't cling to the pan). Once the texture is thick and creamy, the custard is ready.

3/ Put the custard cream in a bowl, and cover it with cling film. Put it in the fridge for an hour to an hour and a half.

~ The Marzipan ~ 

~ Ingredients ~

~ 3 egg yolks
~ 100g of sugar
~ 125g of almond powder
~ 125g of butter

1/ Mix the butter and the sugar together. To make it easier, I advise you to melt the butter for around 20 seconds - you don't want it to be too liquid, just easier to work with.
2/ Once the paste is homogeneous, add the egg yolks, and then the almond powder. Mix everything together.

3/ Take the custard cream from the fridge and add it to this preparation. The custard will make the marzipan lighter and creamier.

~ Assembling the galette ~

~ Ingredients ~

~ 2 sheets of puff paste
~ two egg yolks
~ a token (or a raw bean if you want to make it traditional)

1/ After pre-heating the oven at 200°C, put the first sheet of puff paste in a round cake tin. Make the borders look even on the sides. With a kitchen brush, put some egg yolk in the outer corners of the paste.
2/ Add the marzipan, starting from the middle. Be careful not to put too much on the sides of the tin, stop at around 2cm of it. You can use a pastry bag, but the easy way, using a spoon, works great too.
3/ Add you little token somewhere in the galette - I chose a cute little crown, my mom got a set of those in a bakery recently.
4/ Cover with the second sheet of puff paste. Make sure that it looks even, and stick the borders of the paste with those of the first sheet, to close the galette. 
5/ With the remaining egg yolk, cover the galette so that it turns crispy and golden. With the tip of a knife, gently create some designs to give shape to the galette. You don't want to cut into it though, so it has to be very mild. Create two or three small slits on the sides to prevent the galette from swelling.

6/ Finally, put the galette in the oven for 10min at 200°C, then another 30min at 180°C.

How good does that look? Even though it seems to take lots of time to prepare, it is not difficult at all and it is something very different from we tend to eat as treats in general. January is the only time of the year when these are sold in stores, so we always eat loads before it stops!
If you like marzipan, then this is totally for you. The association of the crispy paste and the soft marzipan is great, and this would make a nice new experience for those of you who have never tried galette before. My French friends and I baked one last year when we were in England, and none of our housemates knew about galette. And I have to say, all of those who tried it loved it! ;)

This time, my little brother got the figurine that was inside. Next time, the crown will be mine!

Have you ever seen galettes before, did you know about them? Also, do you have any traditional food that you've never seen anywhere else?


FASHION | Winter Morning in Paris

Where has winter gone?! In Paris (and in different parts of France actually), these past few months have felt like a really, really long autumn - or a very early spring, depending on the days! Although it is pleasant to walk around without a scarf and gloves on, this situation is slightly scary if you ask me. I'm sure colder days are coming though, now that January has arrived.
However the day when these photos were taken was spent with my scarf thrown in my bag most of the time! I went to the Champs Elysées with my mum and little brother to see the Christmas Market, even though Christmas was already behind us. My mum is just like me, she loves everything Christmas related and she took photos of basically every Santa she could see. I wanted to take a few outfit photos, it has been a while since I last posted an Outfit Of The Day post! 
I love this skirt, I found it in a charity shop in Paris last year. The buttons on the front are my favourite thing! It is slightly too short though, I don't always feel comfortable about wearing short skirts when I'm here in Paris - that's not a problem in England, but here, let me tell you, being a woman makes you need to pay constant attention to the way you dress... anyways, that is a whole other story!

More about the place: the fountain that you can see in these photos is located at the Place de la Concorde, right between the park of the Tuileries and the Champs Elysées. Often full of tourists and crazy traffic, some forget that this was the place where, in 1793, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette's heads were chopped off (and many other heads too, actually!). Every bit of Paris has a story to tell!

Have you ever been to the Champs Elysées? Also, let me know how the weather is where you live! Is it winter yet? ;)