BEAUTY | Review: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

... aka the best foundation I've ever tried. 

Do I really need to tell you that the Magic Foundation is great? It is not going to come as a surprise. Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most-praised beauty brands at the moment, and it's easy to understand why. Luxury, quality products with a real sense of femininity (as defined by some specific standards that I happen to share, that is). 
All I have read about this foundation appeared to be positive, so as I was looking for a new, good quality foundation to invest in, I decided to pick it up. It is quite important to choose your foundation wisely, and for this one I was lucky enough to try it out before I got the full bottle - I used my cousin's for a couple days during our vacation in London, and I was so impressed by the finish and the longevity that on our last day in the city, we went to the Covent Garden shop and I finally bit the bullet. 
So, let's see bit by bit why this foundation is the best I've ever tried...

Application and Finish

I always use a beauty sponge to apply my foundation, and this works great with the Magic Foundation. You don't need a lot of products to cover the whole face, and it applies really easily. The finish is super natural - it genuinely looks like you're not wearing anything. The coverage is quite light, but could be medium if you build it up a little. It covers little imperfections but if you have scars or bright pimples to hide, you'll need to top up with concealer. 
What I like about the natural finish is that it gives your skin a bright finish - not glowy or overly radiant, but just... well, natural, as I already said twice before. See how impressed I am by natural finishes. I'm not a fan of the whole heavy makeup/Kardashian look, so this foundation is simply perfect for me.


If you have combination or oily skin, you know the struggle of finding a product that won't make your skin shine bright like a diamond after sitting two hours on your skin. I'd say if you go towards high-end brands, chances are foundations will work better with oily skins that drugstore foundations do (this might not always be true, but that's what I found in my experience). The Magic Foundation has an awesome staying power, it doesn't move at all on the skin. Of course, oily skin will get a bit shiny, that is unavoidable, but it doesn't look as bad as you'd expect it.

Packaging and Shade Range

Glass bottles are my favourite when it comes to foundation, they feel more sturdy and clean than plastic packagings. The pump is really practical because it saves you from creating a mess, and it helps measure the quantity of product you need - two pumps of foundation are enough to cover my whole face. 
When I went to get the foundation, I really wanted to get the closest match to my natural skin tone. It's always been a struggle because for some reason, tan shades always come out orange. That bugs me a lot. And I surely didn't want to spend £30 on a mismatched foundation! The range is quite good, you have different undertones, although there is a lot more choice for lighter skins. Always make sure you pick the right undertones for you - whether you have yellow or pink-toned skin does change everything. Also, if you can, don't order online and go to the shop to see for yourself. I went to the Charlotte Tilbury shop in Covent Garden and tried two different foundations on my cheeks to see what was the best. Also, the light in shops is always, always rubbish - don't be afraid to go outside and check at day light what the foundation looks like on you. I literally had a sales assistant come and hold a mirror for me outside the shop on a freezing February day, but it was all worth it because I got the perfect shade for my skin haha. Anyways, if you're considering to get the Magic Foundation, don't worry about shades: you'll most likely find the good match for you!

I am really happy with the Magic Foundation so far. It's all I thought it would be, and it was well worth the investment! I do think now that investing in the right products can make a big difference. A bottle of foundation often lasts a while, so if you want a really good product that you'll be happy to use every time you do your makeup, this might be just the one for you!

Charlotte Tilbury, Magic Foundation, £30 (I own shade n.6)

Have you tried the Magic Foundation? What's your favourite foundation at the moment?


BEAUTY | Makeup Review: Purple Haze

I've been feeling a bit crazy about purple recently. Although I generally started turning to darker shades as I experimented with makeup more, I had never ventured on the purple side; this all changed this year as I got my first purple lipstick and nail polish. I've enjoyed wearing them together to shoot for this review as the two colours are actually matching. Let's see what these two products are all about!

I'd been tempted to get a purple lipstick for months now, and MAC was my brand of choice for that: they have a few different purple shades, all of them are gorgeous and it took me a while to finally pick Investigator! I went for this one because the finish is matte and the shade is quite dark, exactly as I wanted it. As with all MAC lipsticks, Investigator has the perfect texture, it doesn't dry out the lips even though it is matte, and it lasts for ages. One thing to mention: the colour starts fading in the middle of the lips first, so the colour gets lighter there as the hours pass. It can get a bit funny as this is really noticeable when you speak, so you'll have to reapply some colour there after a few hours.
Other than that, it is an absolutely gorgeous colour, and would suit most skin tones, from pale to black skins!

I may have a big collection of nail polishes, I had never gotten a shade like Vintage Plum. This is the perfect purple nail polish to me, a sort of purple equivalent to the famous Rouge Noir by Chanel. What's more, I got it half price in the winter sales back in France! Luxury nail polishes are my weakness, but I'd rarely get them full price. The quality is of course very good, and you'll go a few days without any chipping. Two coats are the best to get the most of this beautiful, deep shade. I don't generally wear top coat (mainly out of laziness), but I'd advise you to add a coat of it to give it more shine to the nails. 

These two products compliment each other perfectly, so wear them together for a dark, sultry look! With such a statement colour, no need for heavy eyeshadow or bright clothes. Keep it simple and let purple do its magic!

Do you wear purple lipstick? Is it a shade you'd like to try out one day?


TRAVEL | London: My Favourite Spots

Living in England and being from abroad, I've been to London more times that I could count. Even though it is way too wide and too crowded for my liking, I quite enjoy going there and spending the day with friends, visiting around and playing tourist. Because I've never done a proper post about the city (well, except from this autumnal outfit of the day a few months ago), I've decided to do one long post dedicated to my favourite areas in the city. These are the places I tend to visit again and again, because no matter how big the city is, I always go back to the same places. I'm not the only one who does that, am I?
So here are, in no particular order, my favourite London spots!

Borough Market

If I had to pick just one place to go to eat in London, it would be Borough Market. Located near London Bridge and the pretty Southwark Cathedral, you'll find a variety of products there: fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, coffee, cakes, teas, cheese... There are also a lot of stalls selling street food from different countries and regions. Ethiopian, Indian, Balkan, Italian, German, and so on. There are also vegetarian dishes, and probably gluten-free cake options!
My favourite food I had in Borough Market is hands down the Boston Sausage burger, pictured above. Brioche bun, Boston sausage from Lincolnshire, caramelised onion marmelade, rocket - and blue cheese if you're a fan, but I have it without it. One word: yummy!

If you've never been to Borough Market, please rush there for lunch next time you're in the city. You'll love it.

St James's Park

Out of all the parks in London, St James's has to be my favourite. It may be smaller than Hyde Park, less fancy than Regent's Park, and it doesn't have peacocks like Holland's Park, but there's something about it that makes me come back all the time. I like the stream going all the way through it, and crossing the bridge to go from one side to the other. When you go there, don't forget to look for the squirrels - they'll come when you least expect it, searching for food (which you shouldn't give them, but it's difficult to resist these little fluffy cuties!).
Of course, you can't miss Buckingham Palace, right at the end of the park. If you're lucky, you could even get a glimpse of the Queen herself! This is what happened to me one day, it was totally unplanned but trust me, I felt more excited than a Justin Bieber fan. No joke. #godsavethequeen

Walking around the Thames: Millenium Bridge, the Globe, Tower Bridge

This area is one of my newest favourites in London, and it is somehow surprising I like it so much because I am more into old, historical buildings than city landscapes. However, I have fallen in love with the Millenium Bridge/Tower Bridge area, around the bank of the Thames. I especially like to go there in the late afternoon and evening.. My path usually goes like this: having a look at St Paul's Cathedral before crossing the Millenium Bridge (the Harry Potter fan in be being very excited as it is the bridge featured in the opening of the Half-Blood Prince film!) and passing by the Globe, Shakespeare's famous theatre. I really hope to see one of his plays there one day. My friend Julie and I have taken the habit of stopping at the Caffè Nero right by Francis Drake's galleon: if you can, sit upstairs at the table right in front of the big window, from which you'll see the river. As night falls, the buildings of the City all light up, and the scene suddenly looks like you've stepped in a film. Everything is quieter in the evening, and I love walking along the Thames all the way to Hay's Galleria (my jaw literally dropped when I discovered this place for the first time) and Tower Bridge, covered in pink lights. The perfect relaxing walk before going back home!

What are your favourite areas in London?


FASHION | My Handmade Skirt

When I came back to France for Christmas, I got to see my auntie Lucinda. She is a seamstress, and I've always turned to her when I needed clothes to be fixed. On Christmas day, she came to me and said: 'I have this pretty fabric and I'm making a skirt for you, I just need your waist measurement!'. I wasn't expecting that at all, but I was so happy when one week later, on New Year's Eve, I saw her again and she handed me this lovely, deep blue lace skirt she'd made just for me. I mean, how pretty is it?
The belt detail is satin, and so is the underskirt, making the skirt super soft and floaty. As you must know if you're a long-time reader, I love lace and I have a quantity of lace items my wardrobe - so my auntie could not have picked a better fabric to work with! It is knee-length, which can be an awkward length sometimes but because it is high-waisted, I think it falls perfectly. Such a vibrant colour can be hard to style, but you can never go wrong with greys, blacks or beiges - the skirt would look really cute with a cream collar shirt. 

The best thing about handmade clothes is that they are unique. Nobody will ever own the same skirt as me, and of course given as a present it is a very thoughtful attention. It almost makes me want to learn how to sew - I'd go crazy with vintage clothes patterns!

PS: looking back at these photos, I look really tired and awkward! Apologies. These were taken on January 1st, and I had way too much champagne the night before. Oh well!

Do you possess any handmade clothes? Or even better, do you know how to sew?