Here's How You Can Improve Your Self-Care Habits Daily (+ Free Resources & Links To Help You Do It!)

by - April 29, 2020

My self care habits and tips

Turn into a self-care queen with this comprehensive guide and unique resources to help you out!

We will never say it enough: self-care is important. I really believe that the better you take care of yourself every single day, the more you will learn to feel better quicker when you're feeling negative emotions. 
We tend to put a lot of things first, instead of ourselves - our mental and physical health, but really, this should be at the forefront. That way, we will be able to give so much more to others, in our job, in society - fix yourself before you try and fix others, so to speak. I understand: we're always so busy, always thinking about the next thing to do. I feel the same most of the time, too busy to do anything for myself only. This is why I have thought hard about how we can incorporate more easy self-care into our lives. In this post, you will find intentional and easy tips to take care of yourself every single day. I have also designed free resources to encourage you practice more self-care and really create an achievable routine. I know these resources will be useful to you!

Self-care is important because only you can really respond to your needs. Sure, we can leave some of it to others, like friends and partners, with our happiness and love, valuable advice, someone to turn to - but most of your daily needs can only be fulfilled by you. Only you know when you need to relax, when you want to stay in, when you feel a certain way and need to take action on it. If you're tired, you need to let yourself rest. Someone else could be telling you, after seeing you struggle for some time with exhaustion, that it's really time for you to stop. But if you listen to yourself, and train yourself to do it better, you would not have reached the point of exhaustion before realising (or having someone realise for you) that you need to take those self-care steps to feel better. Listening to your needs helps you having a better lifestyle, will lower your stress levels, and make every day a little more special - because yes, every single day, you should do at least one thing that will boost your self-care. Which leads me to my next idea...

Now, don't take this point wrong: I am not telling you to write yet another to-do list, another bunch of chores to pile up in your week. What I am saying is that you should plan some self-care elements ahead of time, to make sure you actually do them. I have the perfect example for this: myself. Every few days, I think about how great it would be for me to do a hair mask. My hair really needs it, and it's a great way of taking care of myself. However, I haven't done a hair max in months now, simply because I am super busy all the time, and I just forget about it. Now, if I planned my self-care ahead, writing it down, I would actually remember and do it. And all it takes, is writing: Saturday, I'm doing a hair mask.

And to make this happen, I have created an exclusive self-care resource you and I can use to make sure we take care of ourselves no matter how busy we are! 
I have designed a self-care timetable, where you can write down every week all the little self-care activites that you want to do, for yourself, during the upcoming week. Breaking it down daily will help you figure out what to do when - keeping some activities that take longer for days where you know that you have more free time, and noting down some shorter activies on your busy days - when you only have an hour or so free in the evening, for example. Here's what your self-care calendar could look like:

Below you can download the empty self-care calendar template and start building your weeks around your own self-care and happiness! Along with the calendar are a few more goodies I have also designed to help you out the best I can. I promise they're worth checking out, they can totally change the way you see self-care! But before we get to the resources, I've got a few more tips in this blog post, so keep reading!

Do a yoga or meditation session before bed or in the middle of a stressful day
Spend a weekend morning in bed, reading with a coffee (or tea!) in hand
Painting my nails while watching my favourite YouTubers
Reading a book in silence if I feel overwhelmed to feel calmer and more focussed
Taking a walk outside on my own, in a quiet area or park, to recharge

Calming sounds and music videos for yoga, meditation, quiet time: deep focusbird soundsmusic with gentle rain soundsgentle music and birds singing in the backgroundCeltic-inspired musicStudio Ghibli piano musicgentle guitar music
Yoga and meditation videos: 

Sharing the love: my favourite self-care posts from other bloggers: 
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Recently, I have been LOVING creating new content to share on this blog. Designing just makes me happy, and it means I can create exactly what I have in mind and put it into paper. I know these self-care resources can help you, because I have created them with my audience in mind. What would help you the most? What materials can my readers use to improve your self-care habits? And after a long brainstorm, I came up with three resources that you and I can use on the daily to improve our days - so easily, too! Use the form below to download the resources. They include:
- A weekly self-care calendar, where you can write, for every single day of the week, the little (or big) self-care things you absolutely want to make time for in your busy schedules.
- A 10-minute self-care ideas list, giving you a whole bunch of short self-care practices you can do when you just don't have the time.
- A fun self-care wheel! (I almost called it the self-care pizza, haha.) You can use this wheel in so many different ways: cut up a slice whenever you do one of the activities suggested, close your eyes and point at one part of the wheel at random to decide what self-care practice you'll do today... I let you come up with all the fun ways to use it - and share it with others in the comments!

How do you practise self-care? Share your favourite tips below!

Lots of love,
Julia x

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