My Fashion Essentials for Spring

by - April 08, 2020

White blouses and midi skirts

I promise there won't be any florals included in this post.

Spring is here, and I don't know about you, but recently around Paris we've had some gorgeous days filled with sunlight and blue skies. Granted, we are currently in self-isolation because of the epidemic-I-shall-not-name, but this doesn't mean we can't dress for the season and have a little fun with out outfits. For that reason, I've put together some of my favourite spring fashion items, ready to share with you today!
I am not including any links to buy anything, because the last thing I want right now is to encourage people to buy online if I am not sure that the delivery workers who get us our Asos orders (and the like) are safe. All the items featured here are old, and you may well have some similar ones in your own wardrobes! 
Let's spring (hehe) into it then...

Jeans can be worn any season, but I tend to avoid them in the summer. In spring, I like pairing denim with a variety of tops to create versatile looks: jeans look good with boots as well as with trainers or open shoes, they can be paired with knitted jumpers but also lighter spring tops... They just work. My favourite pair is from H&M, I've had them for almost two years now and they're as good as new. I enjoy stretchy jeans because they are more comfortable, but if you want a pair that lasts, make sure it has some sort of toughness - so that the material doesn't stretch too much in the wash, or lose its shape. You can also invest in a good pair of Levi's - I hear they can last you decades!

Even though the sun's out, doesn't mean that it's always warmer... So you should always have a nice knitted jumper for the colder spring days. My new obsession is wearing knitted cardigans as jumpers - every time I see someone do it, I love the look. This is what I'm doing here with my leopard print cardigan from & Other Stories. The balloon sleeves also make a great statement with an otherwise simple look.

My favourite jeans for spring in the garden
Chunky knit jumper

This is my favourite jacket - military style, from Zara a couple years ago. Around this time of year we put our winter coats back in the closet, and it's the best time for me to wear a structured jacket like this. Navy blue is a colour that will marry itself well with most of my wardrobe, but a nude or beige jacket would have been great too. If you're looking for a new staple jacket for spring, look at your wardrobe to find what would be weareable with a lot of items you already own. Pastel jackets are also great at this time of year, so unlike me, don't be afraid to go lighter!

Navy blue jacket and staple jeans
Navy blue military jacket

I love the Victoriana style (though I could write a whole essay about the fact that we are using the wrong terminology, but that's a topic for another time!) and I have quite a few old-timey pieces in my wardrobe, which I love wearing most during spring. The pink top I am wearing below is from Asos, and reminds me of 18th century bodices in its shape and lace details. My favourite colour for vintage-inspired tops is white though, especially in spring, it somehow makes them every more delicate and reminds me of vintage postcards. 

Vintage-inspired outfit
Spring countryside look white blouse and pink midi skirt

The white top I am wearing above is from Zara, and looks very much peasant-style (although I hate this term!) with the pleats on the bosom and the light, sheer fabric. White tops give so much light to the silhouette, hence why they appear here in my spring staples.

Victoriana pink top and skirt
Victoriana pink top lace

What are your favourite clothes to wear in the spring?

Lots of love,
Julia x

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