The "Stay At Home" Checklist: Find New Ideas of Things To Do From Home

by - May 09, 2020

Things to do at home to stay entertained, fun ideas

Tired of baking banana bread every other day? This post is for you.

Whether you are still in lockdown in your country, working from home, or simply looking for new ideas to spend your weekend, I've made a list of activities you can do from the comforts of home, with the idea that no matter you are in lockdown or not, it is still very important at this stage that we practise social distancing. Here are some activities I love doing myself, and that may inspire you:

○ Wake up without an alarm
○ Cook your favourite brunch foods and save $$, because you know that avocado toast is overpriced anyway.
○ Do a pampering session (face, body and hair care)
○ Watch an episode (or 5) of your current show (my current favourite is The Good Place!)
Exercise and break a sweat on good music (dance parties count!)
○ Read a book in bed for a calm break during the day
○ Change up the decoration of your room, there are lots of easy seasonal DIYs online
○ Challenge yourself to something creative: drawing, painting, writing
○ Spring clean or declutter, get some old stuff ready for donation
○ Do an inventory of your beauty products - do you *really* need fifteen red lipsticks?
○ Learn a random fun fact to impress your friends at your next Zoom party
○ Call a friend or family member: it's important to check on your loved ones!
Remember to be grateful for having a roof over your head, wifi, and food in your fridge ♥

Want to tick the stuff you've done today? Head over to my Instagram (@julia_ds25) for an InstaStory template version of this list! You can also DM me your ideas of fun activities to do from home, and I'll add them to this list!
Additionally now is the time to care better of yourself, so you should read my tips (and access free resources) to improve your self-care habits.
In the meantime, pin the checklist for later:

Fun checklist of home activities ideas

What are some of the things you enjoyed doing at home? Let's share more ideas in the comments!

Lots of love,
Julia x

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