LIFESTYLE | My Favourite Workout Videos #1

I'm not a sporty person, and I was the girl that usually avoided gym classes in high school by finding excuses not to get involved - have you ever faked a twisted ankle to escape the running class? well, I have. But for some reason, a few years ago I started to think about what being fit meant. I am not fat. I only have, like many people do, areas on my body where most of my fat seems to be concentrated: my thighs, mostly, and my belly too. So I decided to start slowly working out, on my own, at my own pace, through pilates video. My goal is to have a stronger core and body, to (hopefully) lose some fat and stimulate my muscles in some specific areas of my body.
In these past years, I have tried so many different videos and pilates/fitness YouTube channels, and I have now an idea of what I like and what I don't like, what works and work doesn't. So I thought it would be nice to share my favourite workout videos with you, in case you're in the same boat as me, and you want to exercise without diving in the scary world of sports and gym classes! 

Today I will share the videos I do to work on the specific parts of my body that I want to slim down. I'll class my videos by 'body part' workouts if that makes sense, so here we go!

| The Abs |

My ultimate goal would be to have a flat belly, and to achieve that means getting rid of the fat stocked there and to work on the strength of the abs. I love challenging videos that make my abs hurt a lot, because otherwise I feel like it is not working. However, my advice would be to be very careful when you do abs videos not to hurt your back. If you feel like your back hurts, stop immediately and think over how you're doing the movement!

Extreme Abs 2, Blogilates: you'll mostly see Cassie's videos in this post, because I just love her! She is so energetic and friendly, and when you work out to her videos it's like she's in the room with you. She addresses you during the whole video, and I like that because I listen to her and it helps me not to think too much about the pain and about how much I want to stop the move! This video is really intense, and will make your entire core work, from the lower to the upper abs. If you're beginning, this video is not for you because it is quite intense, but if you're used to do abs exercises you should check this one out!

5 Best Exercises to Flatten the Lower Belly, Blogilates: this video is all about lower abs, and it is useful to work on them because it is one of the areas where fat tends to get concentrated the most. This video is not a difficult one, it makes the abs work without being too much of a challenge if you're not used to working out. If you do this one, I'd recommand you do another abs video to complete it!

Abs & Flat Belly in 5 Minutes, Bodytime: this video has become my favourite abs video. It is from a French channel, but don't worry you don't need to understand what is said to do it! You just have to follow the exercises, you might want to watch the video once to see what it's about, and then actually do it yourself. This video is only five minutes, but trust me, it is hard! It is composed of five moves, and every fifteen seconds you switch exercises. That way, the body doesn't get accustomed to the move and it makes it work more. Honestly, this one can be hard to finish the first time, but it does work. You have to do it between three and six times a week, and during the summer when I had time to do this video five or six times per week, I could really see a difference after a few weeks' training. Don't be afraid of the French and just try it, it is amazing!

| Butt and Thighs |

This is the second area of my body that I like to work on. I try to focus on making my thighs thinner and lifting up my butt (that sounds reaaally weird, but you know, we all love a full round bum!). I find that thigh fat is really difficult to get rid of and I'm still struggling on that side, so I would say if you can you should first of all go swimming because it can really help for that (rather than running, which can make your thigh muscles bigger and is not the best way to achieve slim thighs - if that's what you want of course). Here are the videos that I use the most for butt and thighs:

What Makes You Bootyful Butt Challenge, Blogilates: another video from Cassie! But this is my favourite butt workout video. It lasts less than four minutes (well, just the time of the song) and it composed of a single move, but towards the end you can feel it burn! You might think you look ridiculous while doing this (and you probably do), but this works so well! You can do it once every day or, if you have time and are feeling motivated, twice a day - you'll see results, trust me! (and you'll work out to One Direction, and that is something I never thought I'd do!)

Drive By Inner Thighs Challenge, Blogilates: this video is from the same series as the one above, you'll work out to that famous song by Train in a single movement that will really help to get your thighs thinner. You basically do the scissors exercise during the whole video, and my tip would be to do the video two times, not necessarily every day but when you do it, make sure you do it two times in a row for more efficiency. This is the first pilates video I did, and I was amazed at how quickly I saw results. My thighs are a lot slimmer in their inner side than they were before, and I still do this video years later, to keep them in shape.

Pop Pilates Inner Thigh Insanity: another video for the thighs (but the first move does make your butt work too). This video is a hard one, especially when it gets towards the end... the last move will surely work your thighs! I love how the video is built because it gets more and more intense as you go and you really feel that you're working. It's an old video but a good one, if you want to work quite intensely on the thighs to have results quickly!

Do you work out? If so, what are your workout top tips or the YouTube channels you follow? I'd love to have your advice too!


  1. I mostly search for but and thigh exercises so thanks for sharing these, I will definitely use them :) As I am trying to get in shape before the wedding haha :)


    1. There are many butt and thigh videos around, especially because these body parts are linked so you can work both at the same time! I hope you'll like the videos if you try them :) And congratulations on your wedding! xx