Four Tips To Drink More Water

by - May 18, 2020

This post includes gifted items.

Water is power.

I will preface this post by saying: I generally don't struggle with drinking water. My water intake comes and goes, depending on how busy I am at a particular time - but I am pretty good at drinking water because I love it in the first place, and I understand how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated - good for your health, your skin, your energy levels... I could go on. 
However I know that drinking enough water throughout the day can be difficult, so here are my four main tips to help you drink more water!

And I mean this quite literally. Reusable water bottles are great because unlike plastic bottles, you will not absent-mindedly throw away your bottle once you've drunk all the water in it. You'll refill it again, and even this smallest action encourages you to drink more. (Also, plastic bottles are crap for the environment, and we should all work on being more sustainable in our daily habits!)
I highly suggest that you take your reusable bottle wherever you go: at work, on days out, even if you're just going to a couple shops for a bit of shopping - taking your water with you will encourage you to drink more, instead of waiting until you get back home and feeling uncomfortably thirsty the whole time. At work, always have your water with you. As a teacher, my water bottle is always sitting on my desk, and when I leave in the afternoon I make sure to fill it up before my commute - and I take sips of water regularly. 

I know, some people don't like this at all - but if you want to stay hydrated, drink often. Don't spend the whole morning without drinking water and thinking "I'll just recharge during lunch" - nope! Like everything else, the more consistent you are with your water intake, the better you'll stick to actually drinking more water and noticing the changes in your health. If you're not thirsty, have a sip from time to time. Especially if you're feelign peckish, although you just had some food. If you feel tired or have a headache, drink water - even though you're not actually feeling the sensation of thirst. If you wait until you're very thirsty, especially on warm days, it means you haven't been drinking enough water in the first place. By drinking even when you're not thirsty (water, that is..!) you prevent the feeling of thirst and lack of water that could arise later and remind you that "crap, I haven't drunk enough water today!"

Luckily I don't have a problem with this, but I know so many people who do get a lot of fluids in throughout the day, but not water at all. Even as a coffee-lover, I know that my body can't live on lattes all the time - even though, yes, there is some water in my coffee, I know. The main issue is that we can easily swap fizzy drinks, sugary drinks, etc. for water, especially during meals. While it is perfectly fine to have a bottle of Coca-Cola or Sprite on occasion, it is always best to limit our consumption of these products which have more sugar and additives that actual water in them. And trust me, I love Coca-Cola. So I get why it could be hard to swap a daily can of coke for a full bottle of water. However, there are some ways you can make drinking water more fun, if you like a little flavour in your drinks. And here is how!

I was contacted by Waterdrop to try out their microdrinks. I was intrigued by the concept, and loved the idea that the company promotes the idea of drinking water, simply. I hear that so many people don't like the taste of water, and Waterdrop has come up with a great solution for the people who have that issue.
Waterdrop also sells gorgeous reusable water bottles. Their glass bottles are the most beautiful because they come with different prints and colours, however I did go for a steel option (the Pastel Olive colour in 0,5L) because I am too clumsy to risk it. The bottle is of course gorgeous and keeps my water cool for hours. I love the textured material on the outside, which makes it easy to grip. It's also not too narrow, easier to wash: I always struggle so much with my other water bottle because it's narrower, and doesn't allow for an easy cleaning process.
Along with the bottle I was sent three boxes of microdrinks to try out: Boost (blackcurrent, elderflower and açai)Zen (star fruit, white tea, lemongrass) and Youth (peach, ginger, ginseng, dandelion). Microdrinks are little cubes that dissolve in the water, made out of flavouring (sugar-free, however you do have sweetener in its stead), natural extracts and added vitamins. The vitamins differ depending on the microdrink, but you get vitamin C, biotin (vitamin B8), vitamin B3, folic acid...
As an example, one drop of the ZEN microdrink, dissolved in 400mL of water, contains 24mg of Vitamic C, 70g of folic acid, and 22,5g of biotin. Each cube has to be dissolved in 400-600mL of water - which makes it perfect for a 0,5L bottle. I love the concept of having a vitamin-packed water, and considering that one full bottle of water with one microdrink has 24mg of Vitamic C, one can easily take a good dose of vitamin by drinking only three bottles a day - which makes 1,5L which to me sound like a good amount of water for the day.

The microdrinks have a subtle taste, they are not too overpowering which is great because it doesn't taste like a sugary drink either. My favourite flavour is ZEN, as the white tea has a wonderful flavour that I very much enjoy drinking this spring. The microdrinks don't make the water fizzy, so if you're looking for a way to turn water into sparkling water, that won't do - but you should definitely try out a flavour or two of Waterdrops because it's actually quite fun to drink!
Each pack somes with 12 cubes, individually-packaged because they would otherwise dissolve in contact with the air (as they include no preservatives.) I've been using microdrinks in my water almost every day and I love it! And the fact that I'm upping my vitamins is a big yes for me too. 
If you've tried out the brand, let me know in the comments below!

What are your tips to drink enough water throughout the day?

Lots of love,
Julia x

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