Easy Sustainable Habits To Help The Planet Every Day

by - June 01, 2019

This planet is the only one we have. Let's make an effort to keep it.

Recently, and as I am becoming more aware of the world around me (it was about time, I should say!) I have been noticing how badly we are treating our planet. There are many articles and documentaries that can educate you about pollution and how it affects the fauna, flora and ecosystem around us. Did you ever realise that every day thousands of q-tips are thrown in the sewers and end up in the stomach of fish and other sea animals? Yep, me either. That was until I started really looking into this matter, because I decided, almost overnight, that I could make some changes in my lifestyle to leave a less damaging imprint on the planet. 
I am far from perfect and I still have a lot of wasteful habits, some of them that I cannot change just yet. However, even the smallest things can help a great deal - and this is why I have written this post, so you can join me in these efforts. We can accomplish great things with these little steps.


- Use washable cloths instead of paper napkins at the dinner table.
- Don't use cotton rounds for makeup and skincare, instead cut out rounds of fabric in an old t-shirt to create reusable rounds.
- Use solid soap instead of shower gel and liquid hand soap.
- When recycling at home, always check you are disposing of your items in the right way. Not all plastic is recyclable!


- Say no to straws in cafés, or bring your own metallic straw with you.
- Always bring a reusable water bottle and/or coffee mug on your errands.
- Bring a little set of cutlery to avoid using plastic cutlery in cafés.
- Always have a tote bag with you in case you go shopping. That way you won't have to use the shops' paper or plastic bags.
- Whenever you can, buy fruit and vegetables without packaging.
- Use public transport instead of the car as much as possible. Saves you the pain of finding parking too!

What are the little things you do to help the planet?

Lots of love,
Julia x

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    14 commentaires

    1. Similar ones: I have a metal straw, I bring my own bags when shopping, I go by bike/train whenever possible, I try to recycle, bring my own mug for a hot beverage on the go... But there is still so much more to do.

      Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

      1. I'm always so happy to see others doing these little things - if we put it all together, it makes a big difference! xx

    2. The steel water is a great idea and something i can definitely see myself taking up sometime soon! Hope you're having a lovely week so far babe :)

      aglassofice.com x

      1. It would make such a big change in your daily life, trust me! And spare you the purchase of so many plastic water bottles. Have a great weekend Gabrielle! xx

    3. I can't believe that people are still doing things like not recycling or using plastic straws or not using a steel water bottle. Like our planet is really dying at an alarming rate and its insanely important that we all start to take action now!

      Love the post, and hope you have a great weekend :)
      Amy x Wandering Everywhere

      1. I know right? It's so easy to make these swaps. These days more than ever we can see and feel all the bad changes the planet is going through, so it's definitely time to act. I'm glad you're aware of these issues Amy! xx

    4. These are such helpful tips! I think we all need to be more environmentally friendly. Thank you for sharing!
      Carissa | http://carissalam.com/

      1. It's our duty to the planet! Thank you Carissa xx

    5. Hello Julia,
      Thanks for showing Up one more time the awareness of being ecofriendly. Totally agree with your tips, and I'd add the 3 Rs:reuse, reduce, recicle
      María José

      1. Thanks Maria José, and I'm totally with you on the Rs! xx

    6. Every eco-friendly choice you take makes a difference. Well done!

      Some of the most damaging sectors to the environment are fashion and food. So, I'm mostly dairy free (and vegetarian for 11 years). Also, I buy only clothes I actually need and plan to wear for many years.

      1. Thank you Anca! It is indeed true that the food and fashion industries are causing a lot of damage. Like you I will only buy clothes that I will wear for ever and ever - and I am hoping one day to reach a stage in my health journey where I feel comfortable to leave out most animal products consistently. Well done to you too! xx

    7. i am trying to buy the less plastic I can, plus a metal water bottle now is my best friend. But it is so difficult, anyhow i'll try to contribute in my little. also I am trying to only swap clothes or buy used one. I can't stand fast fashion anymore for the bad quality.

      Cate ღ 35mm in Style

      1. It's hard of course, but it's all about doing little things do help. Thanks Cate! xx


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