My Christmas 2015 Essentials (Home, Beauty, Food)

by - December 06, 2015

My first Christmas post has finally arrived! Although I've been in my excited Christmas mood for a good few weeks already, I had lost track with planning my posts... But anyways, I'll be posting Christmas related stuff all month, yay! I'm starting with my essentials for the season. These are quite random and I picked different types of items, but all are my best allies for this time of year!

~ Santa Duvet Cover Set, Primark: when I saw they had Christmas-themed duvet sets in Primark, I knew I'd get one at some point! This set is the cutest thing ever, with a cute print of one side and little red snowflakes on the other. It was only 18€, which is quite a bargain! 
~ Christmas Tree Socks, New Look: along with Christmas jumpers, I love buying festive socks every December, the shops always come up with cute designs. These Christmas tree socks are my favourite so far! I don't think you can do more festive than that :P
~ Kinder Eggs: this may seem completely random, but these eggs are among my favourite chocolates! I tend to eat more chocolate at this time of year, and of course I have an advent calendar too - generally a Kinder one too!
~ Christmas candles: who doesn't love a good candle to warm up a room during the winter months? I love cinnamon scented candles for Christmas, just like this big three wick candle from Candlelite (Candlelite is an amazing brand, they do jars that look very much like Yankee Candles and they are a lot cheaper!) or the Yankee Candles Christmas Memories. I love sweet scents, and Sugar Apple smells so so good - I love it so much that I don't want to burn it haha.
~ Santa mug, Primark: every year, Primark brings out the most amazing Christmas items! I bought this mug for a couple pounds last year, but I spotted a penguin one that looked quite similar this year. This is the perfect mug to drink a hot chocolate!
~ Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter, Hema: for Christmas I'm planning to bake cinnamon and vanilla cookies, instead of the cupcakes I made last year. Along with the cookie cutters, I love getting golden cake decorations too, baking is so much fun with all these!

~ Sparkly nail polishes: Christmas manicures always have to involve glitter! The silver one is Graphite by Chanel, and the gold one is the All Sparkly and Gold by OPI. I use these a lot for Christmas and the New Year. I'll actually be sharing a post about my Christmas manicures soon! ;)

What are your Christmas essentials? Do any of mine feature in your list?

Lots of love,
Julia x

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  1. I love the duvet cover Julia! I have a christmassy one too and it's just so lovely to get into a festive cosy bed!
    Emma Xx

    1. Yes it just adds to the Christmas magic :D xx

  2. These goodies look so nice. Christmas essentials for me is a christmas jumper, an advent calendar (preferably Kinder ;D ) and some scented candles.
    Much love,

    1. Of course, Christmas jumpers are also essentials at this type of year! I hope to see one in an outfit on your blog then :P xx

  3. Oh all of these are perfect! I love the duvet cover and the candles :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  4. great list! thanks for sharing it

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thanks Lyosha! I'm going to check out your blog ;) xx

  5. seriously digging the duvet set :)

  6. That Santa mug is adorable!

  7. Lovely items! xo

  8. That santa mug is adorable!!
    -Morgna x
    My blog:

  9. omg the duvet set is amazing.. I want Christmas-y sheets so badly ! Also - Kinder eggs are a Christmas must for me too :)

  10. I love your duvet set! It's soo adorable! I love the mug as well! I believe America used to have Kinder eggs because I remember getting them when I was little but I haven't seen them in years! I used to love them and they were always so good! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for them!

    Shannon Sage


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