BEAUTY | The Manicure Moment: Six Autumn Nail Polishes

As we get into September, autumn will arrive shortly and soon the leaves will start falling, the days will get shorter, and we are going to take back our jumpers and thick tights from our wardrobes to protect ourselves from the cold. And of course, we will start wearing darker, more neutral colours on our nails - it is time for my autumn nail polishes! 
I picked six, three warm-toned, and three cold-toned ones. Let's see what they are:

~ Essie, 'In Stitches': I love pink nail polishes, and I wear them no matter what season we are in. In the autumn, I go for nude pinks, or 'dirty' pinks just as this one. Essie nail polishes are great, the brush is quite big so you don't have to take ages to do each nail. This shade is quite opaque, so two coats are enough to have an even colour. An autumn staple colour for me!
~ Kiko, n°317: This colour is more on the purple side. I like the fact that it's not too dark, it goes with all skin tones and again, I think this is quite appropriate for autumn. Kiko nail polishes are amazing quality for money so go and have a try!
~ Kiko, n°371: With almost half of my nail polish collection being from Kiko, don't be surprised that another one of their polishes is featured here! This is a brownish colour, that I'd say in a sort of 'dark nude' colour. It has very subtle gold shimmer and looks super neat and pretty.
~ Barry M, Gelly Hi-Shine in 'Watermelon': I got this beautiful peacock blue last autumn, and I will continue wearing it this year! The colour is gorgeous, and I love the formula of Barry M nail polishes. It is opaque in two coats, and it has a wonderful, shiny finish.
~ Mavala, 'Khaki Vintage': Now, I don't know if you can find the brand Mavala in other countries than in France, but their cute little nail polishes are quite good, this one dries quickly and is easy to apply. But more than the brand, it is this pretty khaki that I wanted to suggest: isn't it the perfect autumn shade?
~ O.P.I., 'I Don't Give a Rotterdam': first of all, I just love the name of this nail polish! I am a sucker for bad puns, but let's keep that between you and me. The colour is quite hard to describe, a sort of greyish blue with tiny silver glitter in it. The colour is very sheer, so you'll need at least three coats to have an opaque result. However, it does dry quickly so it's okay. I like that colour for autumn because it is a light blue, but more toned down than a pastel blue, that we'd use more in the spring/summer.

Tell me what is your favourite nail polish from this selection! And also, what is your to-go nail polish for autumn?


  1. I love the colour of the barry m one! might have to invest in one :P

    1. They have so many different colours, you'll surely find one you like! xx

  2. Kiko polishes are some of my favourites and I love these ones you chose :)

    Sarah | sarahanne14.blogspot.com

  3. The Barry M one is such a stunning shade! Beautiful.
    My favourite for autumn is a nice deep dark wine-coloured nail polish.
    Lovely post.
    Much love

    1. Yes, and I find that you don't see this colour very much in the shops! Wine reds are really pretty shades indeed, and so chic too! xx

  4. I looove that Barry M nail polish- mind you, I love all the Barry M nail polishes! I'm so excited for autumn and I love that you've chosen an array of polishes to wear throughout the season :D
    I often go for a burgundy colour in autumn and my current favourite is Barry M 'Red Wine'
    Loved this post Julia!


    1. Barry M nail polishes are some of the best in the market I think! :D I just checked what 'Red Wine' looks like, it is a perfect autumn colour! xx

  5. Wow, I miss putting nail polish! Since school started we weren't allowed to go to school with manicure so I've only got the time to put some on long breaks. I love the colors that you picked! :)

    Have a nice day!


    1. Oh no it must be so hard not being able to wear nail polish! I think I would be so sad haha. Thanks for reading! xx