BEAUTY | Review: Live Colour XXL Hair Dye by Schwarzkopf

I dye my hair at home, and for the best result I always look for the most intense and red colour that I can find. When I saw this Live Colour XXL by Schwarzkopf in Boots, I instantly thought it would be perfect: it claimed to give an 'HD' colour, vibrant and shiny. Obviously, I tried it out immediately!

This range is made of extravagant colours like red, pink or purple. I chose one of the most vivid reds, the 33 Scandalous Red. I'm going to skip the whole process, as it's completely detailed in the box: you mix the products in the bottle, you shake it, you apply the product on the hair (on the roots first, then on the lengths).You have to leave it on for about thirty minutes, but as usual I left it for an hour because in my mind I feel like it changes something to have the product longer on the hair. :P

I love the result: the colour is quite vivid (of course it's not a "Little Mermaid red", because my hair is not bleached and my natural colour quite dark) but the red is still really vibrant. The colour is homogenous and has nice highlights under the sun. I just love it! I also noticed that the dye seems to stay on longer than with other products that I've tried, the red fades less quickly. In short, this hair dye is of really good quality, and for a good price - less than £6!
Do you dye your hair? If so, what's your favourite range to use?

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