♥ Hiking in Torrey Pines, California ♥

Granted, my outfit wasn't really hiking-appropriate, but we went to the beach afterwards so I kind of got my priorities sorted.

The first time I discovered to the Torrey Pines Natural Reserve, my boyfriend's mum took us there for a hike. I didn't take my camera with me and just wanted to enjoy our little walk, but when I saw the place I promptly asked that we come back again. A couple days later, in the middle of a heatwave, apparently (didn't feel that hot though, Paris in the heat feels far worse) we were there again to walk one of the numerous trails and enjoy some beach time. 

The first thing you see when you arrive there is the beach, but don't stay there. The more you walk, the better the views get and I highly recommend you climb the paths leading to the hiking trails. It's a bit of a steep walk, especially on warm days, but absolutely worth it. And you don't need to be a hike afficionado to do it. A pair of walking shoes and some water and you're ready to go.

From there the views are already great, but it's when you reach the hiking trails that it gets really exciting. They are very easy to follow and the paths are delimited by rope so as to avoid dangerous routes. Walk all the way to the top and you'll have an incredible view over the whole Reserve.

The bright blue of the sky clashes with the deep red of the rocks, reminding you that yes, this is a desert. This landscape is unlike any other I had ever seen before, and pictures fail to capture how beautiful and colourful the whole place is.

Resuming our walk, we took the path to the Yuca Viewpoint, which leads directly onto an extensive view of the Pacific. That part was my favourite, because walking along these trails allow you to see the whole area. If you're lucky, there won't be many people around and you'll have the place to yourself.

On one side, the red, sandy rocks, on the other, the sparkling blue ocean. Which one would be your favourite?

Still deciding on which one to choose. 
After admiring the view, it's time to get up close to that deep blue ocean. Just follow the sign...

A few steps down, and you are rewarded for all the hiking by a wonderful, almost empty part of the beach, hidden by the cliffs. We put our towels down and enjoyed the light breeze, hoping in the water and looking for sand crabs. 

My boyfriend got some pretty, colourful stones from the ocean that I am going to bring back to my mum. He then proceeded, on my request, to try and take photos of me in water, but that didn't turn out so well. However there's one that sums up quite well my feeling and the constant facial expression I had that day.

A happy bunny.
Oh, and I've finally made my choice between the sea and the rocks.

... I pick his silly face over it all. 

Do you like hiking? Or do you prefer a lazy afternoon on the beach?


♥ June in Paris ♥

I'm back in Paris and with a very original (*cough*) post with never-seen-before (*cough cough*) places. No macarons involved.

I said goodbye to my little home of Northampton a couple weeks ago and came back where my French heart belong: Paris! If we set aside the horrendous heatwave that's been going on this past week, I'm glad to be there again and I've made the most of it by meeting up with friends and walking around my favourite parts of the city.
And yes, my favourite places happen to be full of tourists all year round. I can't help it though, it's so pretty!

Fun fact: I almost didn't post this photo because it's such a tourist shot haha. (Not that I have anything against tourists, it's just that you'd think that after all the time I've spent there, I would have gotten over the whole Notre Dame thing. Well, I haven't.)

These days in Paris have been glorious, the weather is beautiful and it's the perfect time to walk around the banks of the river and have an iced coffee. Until the heatwave hit us and the thirty-seven degrees made it impossible to breathe at all. 

From Notre Dame, it is an easy walk to the Louvre, my top favourite. I haven't had time to go inside yet this year, but I am definitely planning to go later in the summer. Cross the Seine, walk towards Châtelet and the never-ending Rue de Rivoli... And you'll find yourself in front of the infamous pyramid and the beautiful neo-classical buildings that surround it. You'll easily guess which one I'm more fond of!

When I'm on my own, I love sitting in a corner of the museum and read a book. Even though it's quite a crowded area, it's so vast that you don't find yourself stepping on other people or feeling too bothered by the noise. Just a charming place to hang out, really! 

On a side note, my friends and I went to the Olympic Games events held around the Seine last Friday, and it was rather cool. Swimmers dived in the river from the Alexandre III bridge, our new President played tennis and there was a giant colouring wall where you could colour the images of olympic sports and leave silly messages, because of course we'd do that. We are against LA for the organisation of the 2024 Olympic Games, and let me tell you: our event was awesome. Paris for 2024!

PS: I'm leaving for California in two days. Reunited with my boyfriend after being apart for six months. I'm all heart eyes emojis. This also means a lot of brand-new content for the blog - you've probably seen enough of Paris already. This is going to make quite a change!

What are your plans for the summer?


♥ How Much Is My Face Worth? ♥

The moment I realised that my money doesn't just disappear: it's all on my face.

I think I've seen this type of post around the blogosphere in the past, and I've recently decided to give it a go! Let's figure out how much money's worth of products I generally apply on my face. I decided to do the test with my everyday makeup, and purposely only used products that are in my daily routine. There's a mix of drugstore and high-end makeup, that I'll list below.
Let's jump in and count the £££...

For my everyday looks, I tend to go for simple makeup, warm pink tones and, as usual, no contouring or bronzer and all that. All the products I use have stood the test of time and I'd highly recommend them.


Since February I have been using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation all over my face. It is great at covering imperfections and gives a very natural finish. (read my review of the foundation here) I am sure this foundation would suit most skins, dry as well as combination or oily. Under my eyes, I used a tiny bit of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, which has a great coverage - even though my current shade is way too dark for me! To set it, I use the Rimmer Stay Matte powder, which has been a firm favourite for years now. Cheap and cheerful!
On my cheeks, I've used a sparkly coral blusher from Beauty UKBlush & Brush in the shade n.3 Upper East Side. That's my go-to shade for warm looks. Under my brows and on my cheekbones, I added some highlight, using a Sephora eyeshadow. It came in a birthday present from the brand, and this shade is the perfect beige tone to use as highlighter, and it has a slight gold shimmer to it.

On my lips, I went for a light lip with MAC Fast Play. It's my favourite pinky nude shade in the amplified finish, and on a day-to-day basis I've been wearing a lot of more glossy finishes recently and steered away from my mattes a little.


I like a non-fussy eye look, and the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay is my spring and summer favourite. For this look, I've used two eyeshadows: Trick on the whole mobile lid, and Darkside in the outer corners. In the middle of the lid, I've put a touch of golden bronze eyeshadow from Nocibé, which was a present from the brand. To line my eyes, I used the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil in shade Underground, which is a cool-toned shimmery brown. I use it as eyeliner very often, and use it under the eyes as well to add to complete the look.
My mascara is the amazing Roller Lash by Benefit, which is perfect for length and separated lashes. My eyebrows are slightly brushed with my old Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline, as I don't fill in my eyebrows. An old mascara's just great to make them look fuller and keep them in place.

And that is my typical everyday look complete!

Now, as I am writing this I have no idea how much this makeup look is worth. I've got my calculator ready, and for reference I'll be using prices in pounds, and take the price information from the websites of the brands as often as I can for accuracy. 

Charlotte Tilbury, Magic Foundation, £30
Urban Decay, Naked Skin Concealer, £19
Rimmel, Stay Matte Powder, £3.99
Beauty UK, Blush & Brush, £2.99
Sephora, Single Eyeshadow, present
MAC, Fast Play Lipstick, £16.50
Urban Decay, Naked 3 Palette, £39.50
Nocibé, Single Eyeshadow, present
Urban Decay, 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil, £15.50
Benefit, Roller Lash Mascara, £20.50
Maybelline, Lash Sensational Mascara, £8.99
TOTAL ............ £156.97

You know what, that's actually not as bad as I thought! Of course I'm only wearing a fraction of that value on my face, but it goes to show that investing in products that you love and trust enough to use on your skin everyday is essential.
I could have saved that money, I could have gone for cheaper options for a lot of these products, but in the long run, these are well worth the price. Sure, my wallet cried a little when I splurged on the Charlotte Tilbury foundation, but I've still got a good quantity of it left and I've enjoyed using it ever since. So yes, I don't think the money's worth of makeup I apply on my face almost every day is that bad - after all, that's one of my hobbies.

So there you go, the face on these photos is worth £156.97. Figuratively speaking, of course. I hope.

How much do you think your everyday makeup is worth?