Food: Three Easy & Healthy Meal Ideas

by - July 17, 2020

You don't like to cook but you want to eat healthier? I've got you sorted.

Ever since I started looking after my health more conscientiously (i.e. working out, having an actual sleeping pattern and stopping to eat mindlessly) I've become much more aware of how much eating well is important. Over the last couple years, I've been improving my diet a lot, cutting out some things, adding in others, and I do think that today, I eat on the healthier side, and my body and mind definitely feel the difference.
However, if like me, you're not a fan of cooking, do not despair! Eating healthy without spending too much time in the kitchen or reading cookbooks is possible. I've gathered a few of my favourite easy (and cheap) light meals to share with you. These are perfect meal ideas for a quick lunch on a busy day, or as part of a bigger weekend brunch. Without further ado...


This is the only meal in this post that includes meat, as I simply couldn't resist when I saw the shredded ham in Lidl - it's the perfect summer time treat to have in your fridge whenever you feel like having a light meal. I love pairing it with the scrambled eggs and the rocket adds a little peppery taste that I really like. No need for mayonnaise or other fat fillings!

- a wholemeal bun, toasted in the oven
- two free-range eggs, scrambled (seasoned with black pepper)
- shredded ham (you can swap it for pulled pork too - yummy!)
- a few leaves of rocket in the sandwich
- a side of rocket and tomatoes

This sandwich literally feels like summer, and although it has both eggs and ham, it is not too filling at all - just the right quantity of protein to keep you full until your next meal.

VEGETARIAN 'BREAKFAST FOR LUNCH' (spinach, mushroom, veggie sausages)

As you will probably gather from this post, breakfast foods are my favourite. I could literally eat variations of breakfast foods all day every day. They also are really quick and easy to cook. This second meal is veggie and works for breakfast, lunch and dinner - so in my eyes, it is a winner!

- a slide of wholemeal bread, toasted
- two free range eggs, scrambled (seasoned with black pepper, thyme, red pepper flakes and a pinch of salt)
- two vegetarian sausages (you can of course make this meal non-vegetarian)
- sauteed red onion, red pepper and spinach (seasoned with garlic)

In this meal, you've got a balanced plate of protein, greens/vegetables, and carbs. Veggie sausages have less fat than pork sausages and are a lot healthier, and of course spinach has so many amazing properties - you could never eat enough of it!

HUEVOS RANCHEROS (SORT OF) (tortilla, eggs, avocado, tomatoes)

(Don't pay attention to that annoying egg that decided to do its own thing and break in the pan. Urgh egg.)
There are a lot of variations of the huevos rancheros recipe - some of them use scrambled eggs, some of them have black beans, but I went for a simple version with the stuff I had in my fridge. I mashed the avocado with some red onion and red pepper flakes, although you can't see it in the picture - it's under the eggs, and is of course delicious!

- a tortilla wrap, warmed up
- mashed avocado with red onion, red pepper flakes and pepper
- two free-range eggs, fried (seasoned with salt and black pepper)
- a handful of chopped baby tomatoes

You could swap the tortilla wrap for romaine leaves, which would cut down the carbs - but unless you are on a special diet, have the carbs. They're good for you.
The avocado is the best bit of this meal, especially with the red onion. You could go full-on guacamole mode and add finely chopped tomatoes and lime, for a more Mexican (waiting for the few Mexicans I know to cry over what I just said) version.

All the ingredients for these recipes were bought in Lidl - they have really good-quality fresh produce (you have to be there at the right times though, at least that's what I've noticed in my local store.) Easy meals are made with only a few ingredients, and always with whole foods. Avoiding unnecessary sugars and processed products is the best thing you can do if you want to start a change right here and now. If you try out any of these recipes let me know in the comments below, it would be super fun!

What are your go-to meal recipes?

Lots of love,
Julia x

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