LIFESTYLE | Real Talk: Tips For A Productive Weekend

The art of getting stuff done even on your days off.

Some lucky people get to spend their weekends relaxing, maybe on a day out or having a crazy night at the club. Others, like me (teacher anyone?) have almost more work to get through during the weekend than they do during the week. But sometimes, making the most of the weekend is difficult, and come Monday, you realise that you haven't done half of what you had planned...
Over the last months, I've become a pro of organisation, and I am successfully managing to complete lots of work at the weekend. In this post, you will find all my tips (practical, straight-forward, simple) to make the most of your weekend if like me, you are drowning in piles of work most of the time because, well, that's how your life is. #busybee

Not only are to-do lists satisfying, but they also show the progress you've done throughout the day. Every night, I write up a to-do list for the next day, during the week as well as for the weekend. There are many ways to do this: on a daily planner, on sticky notes, on your phone - once you've found the way that works for you, it'll become a habit that will encourage you to be more productive. 
There are lots of apps you can download to create lists, however I am a fan of paper planners. I got this one in WH Smith, but there are plenty of beautiful designs in Paperchase, Typo, and other stationary shops.
The better you plan your tasks on Friday night (or Saturday morning), the clearer you will feel about what you have to get done over these two days. On Sunday night, you can review your progress, and see what remains to be done on Monday. No more excuses!

Routines and habits are what make you consistent in anything you do. Want to have a healthier lifestyle? Start by setting an exercise and meals routine. Want to start a blog? Start by planning post schedules, photography, publishing. 
Want to have a productive weekend? Set yourself a routine that you will stick to, but allow it to be somehow flexible so you don't feel stuck in it. Always wake up at the same time every weekend, and decide what the first thing you want to do is - I start with a nice hearty breakfast, coffee and a scroll through Instagram. Set up what your first task of the day is going to be. I find that mornings are my most productive moments of the day, so I plan lessons for school in the morning. If you are more productive in the evening, keep your most important tasks for that time of day, and take care of smaller chores in the morning - could be cleaning, laundry, food shopping and so on.
If your weekends are all over the place and you're not sure what time it is anymore, it is likely to mean that you won't get as much done as if you establish a routine aimed at making the most of your time.

In your weekend daily routine, make sure to include enjoyable breaks, that will give you time to refuel and break down your work. Between two tasks, get a thirty-minute coffee break, allow yourself to scroll down social media (you know you've been dying to for hours.) It is all about control: know when you have to go back to work, and don't fall in the spiral of procrastination. I always find that starting off the day in a good mood makes me ten times more productive, so make sure your morning routine sets you up for the day and that once you get on to your first task, you think 'yes, I can do this.' Have (healthy) snacks at hand, put on some motivating music (I use different Spotify playlists depending on my mood) and find something enjoyable in anything you do. Everything feels much easier when you're having fun!

Because weekends are also made to recharge your batteries and relax, remember to create for yourself an environment in which you'll feel inspired, positive, relaxed. Weeks are stressful enough, so make weekends your little bubble of escape. Yes, work's gotta be done, but do it in a more relaxed atmosphere. Fit it a workout session, go for a walk, put up a couple inspirational posters in your room/office area. For me, motivation also comes with being inspired by other people (bloggers, friends), by places (sitting in a cool coffee shop can do wonders for productivity) and just by acquiring that mindset that will motivate you to achieve things. We all have different ways of finding inspiration, so look into what inspires you to find that energy and drive that will help you destroy that to-do list.

How do you manage to be productive at the weekend?


  1. With a routine and a to do list that helps me prioritize. I am lucky that my day job doesn't need me to work the weekends, but my blog surely does.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

    1. Prioritising is also a great one! xx

  2. Making it fun is so important and can really help when trying to muster up some motivation to get work done haha! Very helpful post Julia, thank you :) I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    1. Exactly, you have to enjoy everything you do somehow - it makes life so much better! Thank you Gabrielle xx

  3. Yes yes yes to writing it down! I currently have one main to-do list, and also another list with other little bits and bobs I can do in my spare time. It's so important to have the chance to visually check everything out, and it keeps a nice little order which is mega helpful.

    Have a great week!

    Amy; Wandering Everywhere

    1. Having separate to-do lists is something I do quite often to, it does help with bigger and smaller tasks depending on how your day goes! xx

  4. I totally agree with how list-making can help with being productive. I even think it can get a bit addictive haha :D Loved this post Julia!


    1. Thanks Georgia, it can definitely get addictive - I don't see myself living without lists now haha! xx

  5. This was such a helpful little post to read and so relatable too - I find lists super helpful in keeping me organised and it's always useful to stick to a routine too!

    Heather xoxo

    1. I'm glad this helped Heather - establishing a routine is one of the best thing to do for stress-free productivity! xx

  6. Aw this is so helpful, such great advice Julia! I really like the idea of getting creative with your work time, creating a relaxing environment where you can work and taking time to destress :D it's made me realise that working doesn't have to mean stressing to get things done! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

  7. Thanks a lot for the useful tips Julia! Really needed them :)