FASHION | The High Neck

Top: H&M (similar)
Cardigan: New Look (similar)
Jeggings: New Look
Boots: New Look
Necklace: New Look

This is as 70s as I could ever get! For some reason I find this outfit slightly 70s-ish, you'll tell me if you see it too or if I'm just wrong - after all, I wasn't born in the 70s so I might be completely missing the point! I think it's the high neck that makes me say that. I used to wear high necks in secondary school (how long ago that was!) and after that I hated them. They've been coming back into fashion these past years, and although I thought I would never get to like them... I ended up getting one recently. You'll find similar tops in a lot of high street shops, but I have to say this one is particularly comfy. The material is light and soft, it feels like you're wearing nothing, which is super comfortable. However it is very tight on the body, that's how it's supposed to look so it shows the outlines of my bra. Not really classy you'll agree, but who cares after all!
I love tucking my tops into my jeggings and skirts, and I do it most of the time when I'm wearing light material tops or shirts. I think it gives the whole look an even more old-fashioned vibe. My blue tassels and coins necklace adds a bit of colour, and could you believe it was my first time wearing it although I bought it in April last year? It took me a while haha, but I'm not used to long necklaces. 

In short this outfit was a big try out of new things, this top is very different from my usual style but it's nice to change things up once in a while! 

So. Does this outfit look even a bit 70s to you? Are you a fan of high necks?


  1. I love that outfit and especially the cardigan!


  2. I"m a big fan of turtle neck tops and I like the color of yours. I'm planning to collect all the neutral colors in my closet :)

    SHAIRA // My Own Fairytale

    1. Neutral colours are great because they can be styled in so many different ways! xx

  3. I love your style. You look great. :)


  4. This is a cute outfit ! I love the color combo :)


    1. Thanks Ana Maria, you have a lovely name by the way! xx