LIFESTYLE | Five Things To Do In Spring

I know, spring has become more or less of a theme recently. But how can we speak about anything else when the sun is out, blue skies have made a comeback and birds are chirping all day long? Sounds very cliché, but fortunately for us (at least in France, and, from what I've seen on Instagram, in the UK too), all this is true! Spring is my favourite season, and I can't wait to see more and more flowers blossom. For now we only have pink buds here and there, some daffodils around as well, but I'm waiting for all. the. flowers! And for the weather to warm up a little, to finally be able to go around without a scarf and coat.
Anyways, I'm getting too excited here. Today's post is all about celebrating spring and changing up our habits now that we have an actual good reason to take a step outside! Here are my five things to do now that spring has arrived...

♥ Wake up earlier to follow the motion of the sun: I think it is really important to get up relatively early in the morning to have a fresh start to the day. Even on days off, I try not to wake up after 9.30am (which to some people will already sound pretty late!). Taking your time in the morning to stretch in bed, have a good breakfast and maybe even relax by reading a chapter of a good book, will have a massive effect on how you'll feel throughout the rest of the day. Getting up early is harder in the winter, because natural light comes in quite late, but now that the sun is rising earlier, it gets easier to wake up with the sun. It is such a nice feeling as well, seeing the sun as soon as you open the blinds can give a very much needed boost of happiness and motivation!

♥ Open the windows more: Now, don't get me wrong - we should always freshen up the air, no matter the time of year! But you'll agree with me that in the winter, the last thing you want to do is open your windows in the freezing cold air of December mornings. I know that I tend to open my windows less during the winter, preferring the warmth of the heating than getting actual fresh air. However this can affect our mood as well, at least I've noticed that it affects mine - I feel much healthier and comfortable around the house when there's some fresh air coming in. For that reason, spring is the perfect season to open the windows more - in winter it's freezing, in summer it's boiling, and in autumn it's raining. Not much of a choice, right?! :P

♥ Get all the pastel colours out: spring is the moment when we leave our dark, muted clothes to wear more colours and whites - I know it doesn't apply to everybody, but I've noticed that with my personal habits. Pastel colours are my favourite, they are just so sweet and pleasant to look at. So just wear dresses as blue as the sky and shirts as pink as cherry blossoms, and you'll be Spring personified! You'll always have pastel collections in high street shops around that time of year if you're looking to add new pieces to you spring wardrobe.

♥ Explore your town or city more: sometimes we just completely forget to enjoy the place we live in. Although I study in Paris, most of the time I'll have the same routine every day, every week, and it becomes a bit of a chore to go to the city - especially during the winter, because it's so cold that you don't want to think about anything besides hurrying to get warm at home. This time of year is when we start thinking about holidays, and whether we are lucky enough to be able to get away or not, we all dream of new places and of basically anywhere that's not where we are. In truth, there are so many things about the areas where we live that we don't actually see on a daily basis, and exploring our surroundings could lead us to beautiful discoveries! I am sure there is always a little park hidden behind a street, a nice café or restaurant that we've never stepped into, or a museum or historical place that we haven't thought about visiting, right next to us. Spring gives us the warmer weather we needed to get explorin' and dare to get away from our comforting routine to try more exciting things again! And all that without going too far away.

♥ Get spring cleaning done: although there shouldn't be any specific time of year to do a big house cleaning, it seems spring is the best time for it. Because we're putting away all the winter stuff (clothes, throws and cushions, forgotten Christmas decorations...), it is the perfect moment to start afresh and declutter everything. Time to get rid of the five similar flower print dresses that you've accumulated from past seasonal shopping, of all the spring makeup items you haven't used for ages but still keep 'just in case, for next spring', of all the magazines piled up on the coffee table... Open your windows, put on some music and let the whole clearing process begin!

What are the things you love most about spring? What are you looking forward to doing more this season?


  1. I adore spring too, but it has yet to come to northern Sweden. It's been snowing all day long today.
    My favourite thing about spring is the spring cleaning. I just love to put away the heavy and thick clothes, and bring out the nice and sheer ones. I love to do a thorough cleaning and going through the entire apartment and just getting rid of stuff, start afresh!
    Lovely photos in this post - looks so beautiful.
    Much love,

    1. Snow in March sounds so funny and unusual to me, but up North the weather must take some time before it starts blossoming and warming up, it's true! Yes, spring cleaning is just like a fresh start - don't you agree that the real beginning of the year, with all the motivation and plans that come with it, only really start around spring time? That's when we get excited for the warmer weather and months ahead I think! :D xx

  2. I can't get over how beautiful your pictures are! xx


    1. Thanks Lou, I enjoy taking these photos to share over here! xx

  3. Lovely post as always, Julia. Also, those are some of the most BEAUTIFUL photographs! xx