BEAUTY | The Manicure Moment: Dark Glitter

For some people, glitter nail polish is only reserved for festive periods and nights out, but I don't agree at all - for me, every day is glitter day! Adding a touch of glitter is also a super easy way to make a manicure look more sophisticated and fun. Today I want to share with you a simple way to wear glitter during the winter time!
As many of you I'm sure, I tend to wear darker shades around this time of year. It just matches the weather I guess! I love this shade by Chanel, it is the n°509 Paradoxal. I've had this for a few years now, and the formula of Chanel nail polishes wasn't the best then - it chips very quickly, which annoys me a lot because the colour is beautiful and I love having it on my nails. However I think they've changed their formula now and I've read many great reviews of new nail polishes, so I'll have to try out a new one to see if they've done a good job. This colour is very hard to describe, I see it as a deep purple with a grey undertone, and tiny tiny shimmer in it, that you can barely see. I'm not a fan of purple nail polish for some reason, so muted tones like this one are my favourite.
On my ring finger I am wearing the OPI All Sparkly and Gold, which is one of the most beautiful nail polishes that I own! It is pure gold glitter, that sparkles under the light and looks simply gorgeous. I put two coats on, and it dries very quickly and stays on forever.

I think the gold enhances the dark nail polish and adds a little something - dark and light, plain and glitter! Also because the main colour is dark, I find that it looks quite chic and minimalist as well.

Do you like wearing glitter on your nails? What is your typical winter manicure?


  1. "Everyday is a glitter day"... I kinda agree with that! I don't only wear them during the festive season, it adds some prettiness to nails :) I mostly use the glitters like you do or if I have time try to do something different with them. Chanel shade is a stunner, I don't have anything like that.


    1. Yes, glitter just adds a little something to a basic manicure! Thanks xx

  2. I love to wear glitter all year around, especially in the dull months. I think it really adds a bit of glitz and glamour to the day! I love the manicure by the way, the gold glitter really compliments the deep purple. xx


    1. I think the two colours compliment each other too, and the gold makes the purple pop :D xx