Having a Versatile Fashion Style (+ FemmeLuxeFinery Review!)

by - June 19, 2020

When your fashion style is 50% princess, 50% comfort.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by FemmeLuxeFinery to try out some of their clothes. I checked out their collection and picked four items that I knew I would love. Two are loungewear, and two are fancy tops. Talk about different styles here! 
The four items arrived quickly and looked great. They all fit me well too, which is always something that worries me when I order online. Through this post, along with my review of the FemmeLuxeFinery items I picked, I will share with you my thoughts about personal style - and why it's ok to have versatile tastes!

During lockdown, I've been wearing mostly loungewear, comfortable clothes in which I could feel relaxed, yet not spend the day in my pyjamas. I quickly found myself wearing the same things over and over again, since I dont have the biggest wardrobe, so I ordered the Deanna set in grey and in khaki green. Both sets are very soft and great to wear around the house, but I would also wear them outside! The tops are veeery cropped though, and not everyone is comfortable with that - I thought it must be obvious from the photos but I just wanted to reinforce that. I love loungewear, but the fact that the outfits look nice are a big factor too - there's a little more motivation to do things at home when I dress nicely. If you feel the same, let me know in the comments!
However my style can't be defined by one single word. Although these sets are probably as far as I go with 'streetwear'! I typically go for more put together outfits and trends - midi skirts, lace tops, pastel colours... I find it very hard to stick to one style, and like to mix and match different influences. 

This is why the other two items from FemmeLuxeFinery that I got are very different from the loungewear sets! 

The website has a lot of crop tops, which are sometimes very daring but I've always loved crop tops because they look put together and yet they are super comfy to wear with high-waisted bottoms, which is what I wear most. 
Before I ordered the velvet top with sheer polka dot puffed sleeves (what a mouthful!) I had been looking for a similar top for months. I tried out a few options but the sleeves were always way too big. On this top, sure the sleeves are still big, but the elasticated part at the elbow pulls it together much more nicely. 

As for the last top, it was a bit of a crazy choice! I saw this peach metallic crop top and it caught my eye because it looked like something a princess or mermaid could wear, but I first thought "I will never be able to pull that off!". And yet, I took the plunge and ordered it! The fabric is quite thin and flimsy, I've got to be honest here - it looks a little like costume-like material, but the cut itself is fine and the top fits well. I always knew it would look great for a staged, Instagram picture - do you think I was right? Please let me know!
This would be a great top to wear for a costume party, or to the nightclub - but it is unlikely that I will wear it out! It will be a fun one to have when I need to dress a little extra for photos.

Are you more of a loungewear or a fancy style person?

Lots of love,
Julia x

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