My Fashion Favourites For Autumn

by - November 10, 2019

Not dressing up as a pumpkin every day, don't you worry.

It's hard for me to pick a favourite season to dress, but I have to say I really like the cosy vibes and warm colours of autumns. I don't really pay much attention to trends anymore: I used to be all over magazines and fashion shows in high school, but now I'm more about trends that last over the years and that look both comfortable and pretty. I don't shop around much anymore, so I always buy items that I know I will always love and wear over and over again. So here are the 'trends' and items that I will be wearing all autumn and winter long!

Camel, brown and rusty colours
My winter coat of choice is a classic camel double-breasted number from Marks & Spencer, from a few years ago. I haven't grown tired of it yet, and don't think I ever will! I love camel and beige shades at this time of year, because I feel like they are the lighter colour options in this season - the autumn version of pastel pink for me, I guess!
Browns and beige colours also give off a vintage and retro vibe that I really like, very much inspired by British countryside style. This is why when I had to choose a blanket scarf, I went for the light brown/beige shade you can see in the picture above. But more on that later!

Black accessories
Shoes, belts, bags - I tend to stick with black accessories for all of my outfits around this time of year. It makes it much easier to style, as I tend to wear darker-coloured clothes in the autumn and winter. I even got a new pair of super comfortable trainers from Primark recently, my first pair of black trainers ever! I love white trainers (in the Adidas superstar style), but I find that black trainers will work better when I wear opaque black tights with a dress. 
I also do have two burgundy bags as burgundy is my colour of choice for autumn/winter bags - again because it's such a timeless colour and goes with everything. Can you see a theme here?

Smart coats & jackets
I am not a big coat person as I find them uncomfortable most of the time and I wish I didn't have to wear them at all, but I only have one stance when it comes to picking a style of coat: smart, usually double-breasted with fancy buttons, and fitted. I am not a fan of oversized coats as there is too much material there for me to feel comfy in them. I usually go up a size to fit jumpers underneath, which is why I keep it to fitted styles, so that they don't look too big. My favourite autum jacket is the military jacket below, which I got in Zara a couple years back - all my clothes are old, sorry! As I said I don't shop every season anymore, but hopefully this still gives you inspiration to find similar items in the shops now.

Statement print carves
Once the weather starts getting chilly, I get out my staple winter accessory - the scarf! I always feel like if I leave my throat uncovered in the cold, I'll get sick, so I tend to cover up my neck as soon as I feel the slightest hint of winter wind in the air. I love tartan scarves, I have a classic red tartan scarf but also a rusty orange tartan design too, and I switch them up whenever I feel like it. Recently my boyfriend got me a blanket scarf for my birthday, and I'm surprised I didn't fall for this trend before - blanket scarves are the most comfy thing! Wrap it over your transitional jacket to keep warm, and everywhere will feel like you're wrapped in a cosy blanket at home.

Jumpers & dresses
Something I didn't use to do at all until last year or so is layering up a jumper on top of my dresses. I'm a dresses addict, I wear dresses and skirts all year around, much more so than trousers. So when it gets cold, I've started to layer up cosy jumpers on top of the dresses. It keeps you much warmer than just wearing an open cardigan, which is what I used to do more.
Layering jumpers over dresses works with both loose jumpers and tighter ones, so long as you're feeling comfortable for the day. That is also a great way to wear your scratchy jumpers, if you own any (which I still hope you don't!). I have a camel jumper that I love wearing over my navy blue work dresses, and a grey, large-knit one I wear with my skater skirts for a preppy look. 

What are your favourite fashion items to wear in the autumn?

Lots of love,
Julia x

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    14 commentaires

    1. I don´t really have a favorite item per season, but one thing that I wear exclusively in fall and winter is my faux fur vest. Very warm and cozy!.

      1. Faux fur is awesome! I am yet to find a vest/coat that suits me though. When you find the one, wear it again and again! xx

    2. Dressing up as a pumpkin every day sounds kinda fun! But yes fully support investing in items you'll wear again and again. I love getting cosy in winter and wrapping up in big scarves

      The Quirky Environmentalist

    3. I also love scarves! I feel like they're an instant comforter in a chilly day. Beautiful pictures, Julia! :)


      1. I really agree with you there Shaira! Thanks! xx

    4. This extra large blanket scarf is such a fabulous accessory to have in your Autumnal wardrobe! I also love the neutral, light brown shade of the piece - I've been dying over neutrals lately haha :) Have a lovely week, Julia! x

      1. I also love neutrals especially in the autumn and winter, it's just cosy and warming! xx

    5. You scarf looks amazing, love those colours. I love scarfs and I have a few of those. They are so versatile. If is too warm, I can make a bow of the scarf on the handbag. If I'm cold I can wrap up better. I love them.

      1. Scarves are my best friend at this time of year! And as you said they can be super versatile, I like your idea of tying them around your handbag! xx

    6. This is so warm.and.nice

    7. I really like your outfit, but location for shooting is stunning. Nature is so amazing, thank you for sharing.

      New Post -

      1. It is a park in Paris called le parc de Belleville - really worth checking out! xx

    8. I wish I'd know of these before i went to Prague. I've been to some of these places, but your photos from all of them are just stunning <3 Thanks for a very lovely guide!



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