How To Be More Fashion-Conscious Without Breaking the Bank

Promote ethical choices through your wardrobe.

Recently I've been thinking more and more about sustainable fashion and how to make the most of my fashion choices while limiting my impact on the planet and the people working at making the clothes. There are more and more brands deemed sustainable that offer an alternative to fast fashion. Over the past few weeks I've enjoyed reading Deborah's posts on the matter over at Coffee, Clothes & Pretty Clothes - she goes straight to the point and addresses several relevant issues on the topic of sustainable fashion. As I have been thinking about my own consumption, I have found that I am at a tricky standpoint - between wanting to make an impact, but also not ready to invest in more expensive clothes.
Personally, I am very strict in my budget and where I put my money, and at this moment clothing is still not a priority when it comes to spending more. There are many reasons for that, one of them being that I am not sure which clothes I would like to invest in (Am I still gonna like that dress in two years' time?) So instead buying - just yet - in sustainable brands, I found some ways in which I, in my own little way, can be more fashion-conscious. If you would like to make a change at your own level too, please read on!

1. Stop buying new clothes every season.
Let's start with the obvious, shall we? The more you buy, the more you tell the industry "make new clothes, I'll buy them all". Sounds silly, but the big brands that produce fast fashion answer a demand that keeps growing, in an era where people buy loads to display their style on social media and keep refreshing their wardrobe to keep up with the trends. There is no need to buy a new coat every winter, or a new swimsuit to add to your collection every year, or to go to the shops every month or so just to see what's in. Check out your wardrobe: everything you need is there. Nowadays, I almost only shop when I need to replace something, or to buy an item that has a purpose, i.e. i need a pair of trousers for work. Instead of buying pieces from a thousand different trends, curate a style that looks like you, with a selection of clothes that you will keep throughout the years. Which leads me to... 

2. Shop your wardrobe.
Although it's always fun to experiment with different styles and trends, it's also great to grow into your own style and have your signature outfits. For that, nothing better than shopping your wardrobe - keep rummaging through your clothes, and I guarantee you that you'll find some that you have never worn before, or rarely so. There are plenty of fashion challenges that you can take, to style what you own in lots of different ways. And if you're looking for a *new* outfit, why don't you shop another friend's wardrobe? (With their consent, of course.)

3. Take good care of what you already own.
Another obvious one, but if you don't take care of your clothes, the turnover will be high and you'll have to rebuy staples every so often. Avoid synthetic fabrics and cheap materials, especially for shoes and bags, and always make sure you wash and store your items carefully. No matter whether it's fast fashion or high end, really: I've got some clothes from New Look and Forever 21 that have lasted me years (not kidding, some stuff in my wardrobe dates back to when I was in high school seven years ago!).

4. Shop second hand.
I know second-hand shopping is not always accessible, but there are more and more of charity shops everywhere, where you can browse and find some good deals. There are plenty of websites too, like Depop to only name one, where you can buy clothes for less. A lot of people use second hand as a way to avoid fast fashion and to stop giving money to those big firms and brands. An ethical choice to make a statement!

5. ... Unfollow those excessive buyer bloggers.
Harsh maybe, but you need to surround yourself with those who will inspire you in your personal choices. We always say unfollow whoever makes you unhappy, right? Same thing applies here - I still see so many bloggers and social media creators who keep on buying, buying, and promoting new products all the time, and although there was a time in my life where I totally loved this content, I've grown out of it now and I get very tired of bloggers-turned-advertising boards, especially because it pushes you to buy more, or makes you feel like you'll be so happy and sophisticated if you buy this and that. Thinking forward, I think our society needs to slow down in these tendencies to buy and consume more than we actually need. So once and for all, be the change you want to see - and get away from those who don't promote the values you're after. 

Are you becoming more fashion conscious? How do you shop responsibly?


  1. Shopping your wardrobe is such good advice. Once we purchase something, we often forget entirely about it at the back of our wardrobes and so sometimes, leafing though and picking out a few things to wear again can be so much fun!! :)

    aglassofice.com x

    1. Exactly, it can be super fun rearranging and restyling what you already own! xx

  2. I try to be more conscious through my Capsule Wardrobe experiment, and define my style so I can buy high quality investment pieces. For my work wardrobe that already happened, and I am very happy with my choices.
    Also second hand shopping is huge for me, and just in general buy less. Which isn´t that hard for me when it comes to clothes, I struggle much more in terms of skincare. And lipsticks...

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Having a capsule wardrobe definitely helps! We all have areas where we buy more than others - for me it's not even beauty or clothes anymore, it's cake and coffee haha. Funny how your spending habits can change sometimes! xx

  3. Such a great post Julia!! I really love second hand shopping but don't talk about it on my blog much, compared to how often I feature products from ASOS or other big fashion stores. I would love to talk about means of shopping sustainable fashion a lot more and ways of rediscovering the amazing clothes we have forgotten in our wardrobes! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. I would love to read about your second-hand shopping and see your finds, I am sure your wardrobe has lots of beautiful picks! xx

  4. It is a good idea for those who can afford to pay to the stylist but those who cannot, can try to understand how they can recognize and develop their personal fashionable style.

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  5. All your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Loving them and it's pictures like this which make me want to pack my bag and go! :)

    Layla x


  6. oh yes! i'm really tired of clothes that get too thin or change color one year after having bought them. I am switching to quality even though quantity is still tempting. And second hand shops as well - I also did one market this winter where I sold my stuff and it went beyond my expectation!(:

    Cate ღ 35mm in Style

    1. We should share our favourite places to shop for long-lasting clothes! Personally I have some clothes from brands like H&M and Forever 21 that are in amazing shape even though I've had them for years... Where do you shop at the moment? I'd love to know! xx

  7. Yes to this post! I'm feeling more ready to invest in more expensive clothes, and to keep my clothes around for longer. I definitely agree with unfollowing those who promote excessive buying, as it always has me wanting to buy more eventually!

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Exactly, we are often influenced by others without even realising it! xx