BEAUTY | My Autumn Makeup Tutorial

We all know that during the autumn, our makeup habits shift quite a lot from the summer months. Because the light gets dimmer, we tend to go for darker, warmer shades in general. I've seen many autumn tutorials before, and it has made me want to show you my own. This look is my go-to autumn makeup look, with my beloved Dark Side lipstick - but more about that later. This post might be long because of the whole tutorial process, but I hope you'll read 'til the end and like it of course!

| The Tutorial - Face |

STEP 1 | I apply my foundation, the L'Oréal Infallibe 24h-Matte, with a beauty sponge (I'd say Beauty Blender, but I'm actually just using a very good dupe). I don't apply my foundation any other way, the sponge creates a very natural look, and you don't need a lot of foundation to cover your whole face.
STEP 2 | I add concealer to the areas where I need it most: under my eyes (I can never get rid of dark circles, do you know any good dark circles eraser that could work for me?), on scars and spots. My concealer is the Lasting Perfection by Collection, I don't need to tell you how good it is because you must have heard about it!
STEP 3 | Having oily skin, powder is a necessary step for me. If you have dry skin and want to go for a glowy look, you can skip powder, but otherwise it is highly recommended. I use the Stay Matte powder by Rimmel, which has been a favourite of mine for years now.

STEP 4 | Finally, I add a warm pink blusher with gold shimmer and undertones, because warm tones are perfect for autumn to me. My blusher is the n°3 Upper East Side by Beauty UK, and it is very nice and pigmented enough - you can find the brand in Superdrug. I added a very light touch of bronzer, which is something I don't usually do. I used a sample of Givenchy bronzer that I love because it is very warm toned and has very nice, glowy shimmer in it. I apply it under my cheekbones and on my temples, to warm up the skin and give it a glow.

| The Tutorial - Eyes |

STEP 1 | Using an eyeshadow quad from Sephora which I got from the shop as a birthday present, I take the darkest shade, 'It Bag' (the one in the middle of the photo), and I apply it all over the lid. It is nicely pigmented and I'm quite surprised of the quality, considering it is a present! It is a warm brown shade, that comes out almost orange in the photos but it does look browner in real life. I also use this shade in my waterline.
STEP 2 | I use the brown shade on the right ('Be on the A-list') on my crease, to create a shadow and a gradient effect. I'm so annoyed that this doesn't show really well in the photos, but I liked using the lighter brown on the crease instead of the darker brown, it adds a sort of highlight to the side of the eyes as it is a cool-toned shimmery brown shade.
STEP 3 | I use 'Movie Popcorn', the light gold eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eyes and on the first third of my waterline, to add light and open up the eyes. This shade is really pretty, and works really well as a highlighting eyeshadow, it is very pigmented and shiny.
STEP 4 | I use my Vibrant Eye Pencil from Kiko n°603 as an eyeliner. It is again a cool-toned brown, very creamy and easy to apply and work with. I prefer not to add black eyeliner to this look, as I'll be wearing a dark lipstick I want the eyes to stay quite simple - actually, I could have put brown mascara instead of black too! only I don't have one :P .

STEP 5 | My last step is of course mascara! I'm using the They're Real by Benefit, it gives volume to my lashes, and length too. I do find that the more you use it, the more it tends to dry quicker, and it can be hard to work with sometimes, I struggle to apply two coats without making my lashes look clumpy. However I managed quite well here, I'm happy!

| The Tutorial - Lips & Finished Look |

On my lips, I always use a lip balm before applying my lipstick. I'm using the Carmex lip balm, only a light touch because it is super glossy, I have to apply only a little of it, otherwise my lipstick doesn't stay on so long.
My lipstick is Dark Side by Mac. It is a dark burgundy shade (it is darker in real life than it is in the photos), with red undertones rather than purple and an amplified creme finish. I try to apply it in two or three coats, blotting my lips between each coat, so that it stays on for hours and hours. I've been reaching for this lipstick a lot these days, that means autumn is definitely here for me!

So this is the complete look! I tried to give you a very detailed tutorial, I hope this was helpful and gave you ideas to create your own autumn look.

Now tell me, what is your go-to makeup look for autumn? What colours and products do you use the most?


  1. This makeup looks lovely! I really like the eyeshadow and the lip shade is gorgeous ^-^

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. Love your makeup here! I have to get myself a brown eyeliner, I loved how soft and subtle it looks! Beautiful!
    And the lipstick is gorgeous! I might have to get that also. Haha!
    Love the whole look. My look doesn't change much between spring and autumn, but I do go for darker lips in autumn :D
    Much love,

    1. Brown liner is the best if you want to go for a natural look! And I'm sure the lipstick would look great with your skintone :D
      There's just something about dark lips in the autumn, we want our makeup to match our jumpers and stuff maybe :P xx

  3. Such a pretty makeup! I like the minimal eye makeup and berry lips.


    1. Thanks! It's always nice for a daytime makeup to keep either eyes or lips quite minimal, a 'statement' lipstick is what I mostly go for instead of nude lips and a smokey for example! xx

  4. i've been looking for make-up tutorial like this that's why I felt like it's meant for me to go to your blog. I like that shade of lipstick. <3

    Have a nice day!


    1. Thank you Shaira, I'm happy this tutorial can be helpful to you! :D xx