LIFESTYLE | Ten Things That Make Me Happy ♥

I look so cheesy in this photo that I had to use it for this post, don't you think?
This post is totally inspired by Rebecca Coco's post, that you can read here. As a naturally rather grumpy person, I like to feel happy and carefree whenever I can (that really sounds as if I have to make an effort haha but don't worry I'm not desperately grumpy either!). 
A lot of little things add a bit of happiness to my everyday life, and I thought I would share them with you! It's nice to remind ourselves that life isn't as bad as we think it is sometimes, and that thinking positively can make a big difference in how we live and how we behave. 
We should always choose to be happy! 

And here are a few of the things that make me happy...

~ Looking through the window in my room, because the view I have on the lake is amazing. When I can see little squirrels running around, it is even better.

Hello, I live in a forest.
~ Staying in bed with a book for hours. There's nothing better than reading a good book to get some rest on lazy days in. 

~ When I randomly see cats outside. Yes, I am one of those people. 

~ Good hair days make me feel super happy and confident. 

~ The positive vibe I feel after working out. Am I the only one to feel proud once I'm done with my pilates?

~ Looking back at old photos. I often do that, and then I tell myself that there will be plenty of such times in the future as well!

That day last summer when I walked through narrow pathways to find a waterfall.  

~ Singing along to Disney songs. This is something everybody does, but never admits to. Come on, we all love a good ol' Disney song! What's your favourite? ;)

~ Having glitter nail polish on. I love glitter, especially on my nails. A nude nail with pink glitter is my to-go princess manicure!

~ Baking cakes. I love baking for my roommates or my family. It's nice to do something that makes people smile. And of course, you get to eat stuff that you've made yourself so you can be proud of that :P

~ Wearing a pretty dress. I wear dresses or skirts most days, but I just have a few that I always feel super feminine and princess-y in no matter what. I don't wear them a lot for some reason, but when I do, I feel happy :')

What are the things that make YOU happy?
I want to know all about it! 


  1. Good hair days are just the best. I also love looking at old pictures. Great post.


    1. Thank you Leja! The best to join these two happy things is to take photos on good hair days then :P xx

  2. I completely agree with you about glitter nail polish- it's the little things in life : ) Also, the view from your room is absolutely stunning! I would never be away from the window haha, such a lovely post as always xx


    1. Thank your Georgia! Love the view yes, it makes me in such a happy and motivated mood when I wake up with the sun :D xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Sara, it's very sweet of you!! xx

  4. The view from your room is amazing! I love forests xx

    ☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

    1. Thanks Georgie! It is pretty cool yeah, not sure if it can actually be considered a forest in the end but it does really look like one haha :P xx