♥ Visiting England: Cambridge ♥

I love travelling so much. We discover so many things by going to new places, we learn about buildings, history, traditions, people... about pretty much everything. 
As I'm in England until June, I want to see as many places as possible, and I'll post sort of photo diaries of my day trips on the blog. I've already visited a few cities, and I keep the photos for some future posts. But last week (on Valentine's Day, although it wasn't a romantic escapade at all!) I went to Cambridge, and I wanted to share my photos with you.

Cambridge is such a beautiful city that it's hard to capture its essence in simple pictures... especially that the sky was grey, and makes the buildings look quite dull - when they truly aren't. Old cities are my favourite, and I never get tired of looking at buildings of the past centuries. We've walked around in the streets, and paid special attention to the colleges. I hope the people who go to the University know how lucky they are!
Oh, and there is this old competition between Cambridge and "The Other Place"... mmh, will I be killed if I say that, now that I've seen the two, I still prefer Oxford? *shots fired ;)*

Have you ever been to Cambridge? 

How cute is this café decoration?

"Remember Me Often"


  1. So pleased you liked Cambridge Julia! It's my nearest city so I have a bit of a soft spot for it.
    Can't comment on the Oxford rivalry though because *shock!* I've never actually been!
    Rachel xx

    1. Hello Rachel! Yes I loved Cambridge, it's such a nice and old city - everything I like! You should really go to Oxford if you have to chance to, you'll love it I'm sure! ;) xx

  2. I really like Oxford but I don't really know why I prefer Cambridge?
    Anyway, when I think about this day trip, I always remember that evening!