FASHION | The Red Summer Dress

This post features two of my favourite summer fashion staples. I'm excited.

A lot of people don't like dressing in the summer. Too hot, can't be bothered to wear anything at all, annoyed at the idea of sweating in your pretty clothes every time you move your little finger... I get all that. However, I do find that dressing in the summer is so easy: a pair of shorts and a top, or a floaty dress, and I'm good to go. May not be the most stylish combo ever, but it works.
Take this dress for example: I love wearing it and would do so every day if it was hygienically acceptable. It is a little New Look number, red with little white and black flowers on it. I got it a month or so ago, but you can find similar dresses in a variety of shops.

In the summer, going for light and floaty materials is the key to keeping cool. Dresses are particularly easy, but you could also do with a cute shorts and top coord, which we see a lot of at the moment.
Another easy piece to have in your wardrobe is a good pair of trainers. A few years ago I would swear that I would never wear trainers, and yet here I am, reaching for them most days - especially my trusty old pair of Adidas Stan Smiths... But recently I got these Lacoste beauties. There are all white, with the famous embroidered crocodile logo on each side. They are super comfy and can be worn with literally anything - my only worry is that they won't stay that white forever... Any tips for keeping trainers white? I'll take any ideas!

Because my boyfriend recently arrived from California, I've been out and about in Bath a lot, exploring new paths and places. Every adventure makes me love this city a little more... I will have to leave it soon but I already know that one day, I'll be back. 

What is your go-to outfit in the summer?


LIFESTYLE | How To Get Your Life Together

It is never too late to start again.

Sometimes in life, you reach a stage when everyday life becomes a chore. Your motivation levels are low, you are bored of doing the same things over and over again, you are unsatisfied with yourself... This can only mean one thing: you need to start again. To find purpose in a new, exciting mindset. You need to put everything on the table and light your fire. Blow on those little weak sparks and turn them into growing flames. 
Take it from someone who has been there, done that. I have sat down, thought about what I could do to improve my static mood, static routine and static life, and here is my advice. Read this post, think about it, then get up and go kick butt to restart the exciting life you deserve to be living. Because ain't nobody got time to spend a boring time on the planet.

Step 1: Pin Down The Problem

To know where to start, you have to put into words what is wrong with your current situation. Do you feel that your everyday routine is not satisfying anymore? Do you want to inject more creativity in your life? Start new projects? Change up an unhealthy lifestyle? Redirect your professional career? Sit down, grab a pen, and think hard about what is wrong with where you currently are. What is the thing (or the things) in your life that don't give use the happiness and drive that you used to have. Write it down, big and clear, so you can put into words the ideas that, in your brain, must feel like a big bag of confusing thoughts. Writing in town really makes a difference, because brain-dumping will allow you to get those ideas off your mind and allow you to breathe a little.
Once you've written down the problem(s), don't feel stuck. It will be resolved if you give it time. Which leads on to our second step...

Step 2: 'What Do I Really Want?': Figure Out What You Want To Do

Once you have figured out the issue, think about what would make it better. Now, this can be a bit daunting as if you feel really lost and uninspired, you may not have a straight answer for that. For this reason, don't put too much pressure on yourself and just think about this: what, right now, is making you really happy? What activity do you still really enjoy doing even with your low levels of motivation? What is the one thing that keeps you going? Who are the three people you'd text right this moment, because you feel drawn to reaching out to them? If you could do one thing there and now, no matter how unattainable, what would it be?
Think about your answer to these questions. Write them down, take a step back, and think about what this is saying about you. It could be a hobby that you love, it could be a friend you haven't talked to in ages but feel like connecting with again, it could be a professional path you've had in the back of your mind for ages but left it behind because of life circumstances, but which is now creeping back at the forefront of your thoughts... This will be your goal. You could have a big goal, or a few smaller goals that altogether would make you change your life for the better.
Write them down in big, bold red letters. Your goal has to be short, concise and correspond to what you exactly want.

Taking my hobby to the next step.
Switching careers and start a professional course.
Embracing a healthy lifestyle.
Letting go of negativity in my life.

Your goal will be your motto. Stick it on your wall, on the desk. Put it as the wallpaper of your laptop. Keep reminders that you will be strong and keep to it until you achieve. Set your mindset ready for success!

Step 3: The Everyday Plan (find a plan to improve something every day)

No matter how big or small your target is, to make it achievable and successful you need to break it down in smaller chunks. Think about something you can do every single day to reach towards your goal. It may be doing a little of a new hobby every day, or teaching yourself a new skill for work at the weekend, or creating yourself a meal plan or a workout calendar if your aim is to switch up your lifestyle. One step, two step, three steps; achievable, realistic, motivating. Make it things that you will enjoy doing, that will bring you joy, positivity and pride the journey you're undertaking.
I would advise you to have some sort of planner or diary where you can trace, day by day or week by week, the new little things you are bringing into your life to make it take the right turn.When you've got those things down in your planner, stick to them. Every day, take a tiny step forward. Celebrate each new accomplishment that gets you on your way to your goal. Keep track of your progress and work your butt off to see the changes you are making in your own life. As I said, and I will say again: this is a journey.

Step 4: Find Support and Inspiration

Even though this is a personal journey, do not feel like you have to do it on your own! In fact, embarking your family and/or friends on this will only make the whole process richer. Talk to your loved ones, seek advice, create memories along the way, and know who you want to have by your side to start on this new path you're taking. It may be that your fresh start has to do with getting rid of some toxic people in your life, or going through a breakup (whether for love or friendship,) or taking your distances with a work environment where the people have made you lose your flame. People are important, they can support you in the changes you are making in your life. They can inspire you, if they have felt the same things as you, done the same things as you - trust me, you are not the only one who's ever felt that way. Reach out, connect with people and speak up about what you are doing. You could in turn be helping out others more that you'd think...

Step 5: Keep Reminders Of Your Goals

Even if your goal seems scary, too big for your little shoulders, fear not: you can do it. You can't give up before you start, and no matter how far you go, every step will bring you something new, and you should be proud to even just have started your journey. It is not about how long it takes, or how other people compare to you, it is about yourself. Sometimes, we have to be selfish and put ourselves first.

Have you ever felt the need to start everything again? What do you do to refresh your life?